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Chapter 2: Soul 2: Seal!

Noah cocked his head to the side and spoke sharply. "Haven't you ever wondered how I'm able to pay for a two-story house, pay for amenities, and groceries every single month?" Noah tsked with his tongue. "Let me be frank with you Ali, I'm no better than Amon" Noah said circling around Alibaba like a blood starved shark. Alibaba felt a surge of darkness, not that of the inconceivable black that surrounded him but that of his brother's own intentions. it brought a chill to heart and shook him to the core.

"Unfortunately two great evils cause a great Unbalance of the universe, that's where you come in" His glare a beam of daggers through Alibaba's heart.

"N--Noah If this about that fight we had earlier I--I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you like that" Alibaba spoke in a morose tone as tears slid down his cheeks.

"Younger brother, as sweet as Chocolate and as delicate as glass" Noah shook his head as his fingers rummaged through what little stubble the man had. "I'm not going to lay a finger on a single hair on your head, I'm just here to train you that's all"

"Why?! so I can become like you!"

"No so you can kill me one day!" Noah's words cut through Alibaba like a knife.

"Brother w--what are you saying"

A hand was brought down across Alibaba's face, Noah recalled his hand and glared, his eyes seemingly bringing Alibaba to his senses. "I don't enjoy what I do, but the payout is to good to just abandon" He grabbed Alibaba's arm and placed it against his chest. "Knowing if I died now, you'd be nothing more than food for the Ravens, I simply want to give you a fighting chance in this crazy world" Noah slowly applied increasing pressure to his brother's arm. "The world will fight back, you had better be prepared for that lest you decease" He looked dead center into Alibaba's eyes overwhelming the young man with a wave of dread and fear.

"Do. You. Understand?" He asked point blank and bluntly. Noah's dark intentions show through the Ark like a powerful shockwave, it tore through the Ark's floor and left craters of stone, wood, and salt wherever the shockwave passed. Alibaba felt a terrible indescribable fear one he had never felt in his life course through his entire being, every cell flinched in anticipation, his soul grimaced and his brain urged to act. Yet despite all that he didn't move, all he did was sit there and cry. A second shockwave different in composition to the first composed solely of Noah's internal hatred and malice shot through the air. It roared like thunder as it tore through the Ark. Alibaba was brought to his knees. all of his organs shaken, he gagged, choked, and wheezed. He continued to cough and wheeze, suddenly he vomited a large quantity of blood. Alibaba felt cold, his body going limp his eyes slowly closing, and all of his other senses slowing down. Alibaba crumpled to the ground.

"As I promised I didn't lay a finger on you"

a loud thick accented voice cut through the silence.

"Excalibur doesn't choose weak kings, Stand up lad!" the blade tucked under Alibaba's coat appeared. It was a typical European styled saber, with no clear distinguishing features. except the blade. the Blade darker than the shadows that engulfed the room, it seemed to slice the inferior darkness in two with nothing but its shimmer. Noah turned his attention to the floating saber.

"Peculiar peculiar indeed" Noah spoke as the shadows in the surrounding area were drained away. being pulled ever closer to Alibaba's unconscious body. "I should have known it was you slippery little Tokage" Noah snapped his fingers and two giant streams of water rushed at the saber. "But unfortunately I won't let you impede my brother's training!" Noah shouted extending his hand towards the saber's handle. Alibaba stood up an aura of shadowy rage surrounding him like demonic black flames.

He grabbed Tokage's handle and swung the saber forward a purifying beam of light shot from the blade's tip and lit up the entire area with a bright yellow godly light.

"Teach me!" Alibaba spoke dropping his arm letting the weight of the blade carry his arm to his side.

"You have passed trial one little brother" Noah spoke throwing his brother a towel wadded up with a change of clothing. "get your rest, training starts at 5 AM" Noah spoke stepping deeper into the illuminated hall.

"Well lad you're alive" Tokage spoke with an air of cocky attitude. "know this I can't save you always, you must save yourself" The blade spoke trying its best to show a shrug without the use of arms.

"What exactly are you?" Alibaba asked.

"I'm Shiro Tokisada, or at least I think I am at least honestly my memory hasn't been the same since I was sealed in this damn sword"

"so you weren't always a sword"

"of course I wasn't always a sword, all I remember from my time as a human is meeting a Djinn named Merlin, that's about it though" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_49338194516301014">!_49338194516301014</a> for visiting.


"Yeah, Merlin you know King Arthur's trusty advisor and grand wizard??" The sword questioned.

"This is all too much for me to understand" Alibaba admitted defeat with a sigh holding his head and sitting down. "I don't even know what a Djinn is"

"Let's see what would be the best way to describe it, a Djinn is kinda like a demon but from a different plane of existence"

"That makes even less sense!" Alibaba shouted. "Lemme guess they come from hell"


"I was being rhetorical you stupid sword"

"Look the only thing you need to know is that I am not your enemy, you can trust me"

"That's really convincing coming from the talking sword"

"put a sock in it, I didn't choose this godforsaken form" Tokage slowly descended. "I'm all tuckered out"

"But you're a sword, sword's don't sleep"

"I'm sealed inside the sword ya moron, I ain't the sword" Tokage's tone belied the anger in his voice, he was cranky and wasn't afraid to show it. however, a certain ecstatic joy came from finding someone like him. A worthy user. there was a sense of ease between the two. Like they didn't have to worry about putting on a facade around one another. despite meeting for no longer than an hour, they felt a sense of deep security in one another. the same security a swordsman would feel with his trusted blade. slowly the ever working hands of Sandman caught up to Alibaba. his eyes drifted and he fell promptly to sleep.


"Noah, a top-level threat to my reign, scour all of Japan, eliminate his brother if you have to" Amon spoke staring at a window that gazed upon an endless skyline. He had his arms folded behind his back with a sovereign god-like aura to his very presence. he turned his head looking over his shoulder at the subordinates he commanded. They all saluted before giving a verbal confirmation.

"Yes sir! right away sir!" the subordinates echoed.

"Dismissed" Amon waved his hand never stopping to turn and face his subordinates. When he was alone he turned and gazed around his office. he began to grind his teeth together.

"There can only be one great evil" He said to himself in a rather angry tone. He clenched his fists before just as quickly unclenching them. "I mustn't lose composure" Amon clenched his fists again. a small orb of fire appeared in his mouth. He opened his maw and a beam of pure firey rage exited. it burned through the ceiling and melted the building's internal structure. hotter than the sun and more deadly than a flamethrower this was Amon's rage. A rage so firey, so demonic that even hell disowned it. Amon closed his mouth, straightened his tie, and took a deep breath.

"I will bring balance through unbalance"

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