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90.47% Sugary Goodness (Book 3) / Chapter 38: 38. Having Backup

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Chapter 38: 38. Having Backup

"Father, don't do this. We talked about this already...." His voice traveled before he was even in the room. He was walking into the room like he owned the place, he looked different from the last time I saw him, as an easy going fellow. He seemed powerful and sure of himself, while he look at father and tapped his shoulder, like he would to a kid.


He was with his two guards that I saw previously. They were taking father's guards guns away, then stand there silently while they watch the situation and waited for Aldin.

"Dude, what the hell? I was trigger happy seconds ago." Max asked me, when he saw Aldin came into the room and stop his Texas show down.

Max actually looked disappointed that he didn't get to play with his toys.

Crazy fucking mob guy.

"Just wait up Max. You might please your Barbie today." I told him to back down, he finally relent when he heard me mentioned his wife's nick name.

Then Aldin came my way and hugged me. "Brother, I'm sorry about crashing your wedding. He got eyes, but so have I. So, why don't I took father away from you yeah? Don't worry I got him, he won't bother you again. You're good brother, we will be in touch, sorry I can't stay, I got to take father back and make things happen. Give my regards to Megan and congratulation to you both."

Aldin said his goodbye and nodded to Max. He took his father's arm as he whispered something in his ear. He looked a bit startled but went with Aldin, while his guards were ushered out of the room by Aldin's.

"Shit! I was actually getting all excited about this wedding just now." Max muttered as he open his phone, then move himself to the other side of the room and conversed again to the other line in Russian.

"Gary?..." Megan called me out as she look at me, then quickly hug me, then move away from me.

"Wait...I still want to hug you..." I chuckled and pulled her back in my arms.

"I was checking for bullet holes, with Max around, it's bound to happen. He always like to show them off..." She didn't get to finish her words as Olga, Emilie and Nikolai walked into the room.

"Awww....come on! Can we get the wedding started already? Luka is going to get here any minute now and he's bringing in the cake! Oh... you got to love the cake,the little old lady that made them had the wildest and most vivid imagination ever! It's my wedding gift to you!" She came in between us, then pushed me to Max, while she took Megan with Emilie to the other room.

"You wait there Gary, we're going to prep your bride. Give us an hour!" She smiled wickedly at Megan and me, then she grab her hand and took her to the other room.

"Why don't you relax and take a seat, when Olga said an hour, she meant two, so it'll be awhile till you see Megan. My sister could be very persistent when she wants something." Nikolai told me.

" know, you will deal with us if you hurt her right?" He said to me as he took a seat on the other side of the sofa. Max took his seat beside me and tapped my shoulder, confirming the same thing.

"I won't." I told him bluntly.

"Look I know you have a history with her...."

"Hey, as long as she's happy. I'm good, it was my mistake in the first place. I could never forgive myself for that. She's a wonderful, beautiful woman. So, when you hurt her and she come running back to me, I will never let her go again." He threatened me, making me fists my knuckles. 

But then Max, jumped in and changes the subject, when he started asking about Aldin. So, I told them about our meet yesterday, and about my fucked up family.

"I think your half brother is good with his words. And he got nothing to lose but more to gain. Just hang on and trust him." Max told me and Nikolai nodded to his words.

Then Luka came with the cake. He was grinning from ear to ear, we were looking at him, then he gestured us to look at the cake.

Then we all laughed loudly when we saw a very large penis shaped cake, with manicured fingers fisting it, with the wording stated below 'To have and to hold'

The girls must've heard our laughter, as they got out of the room. But I quickly tuned out everything around me, when I saw Megan. She was dressed in a white wedding dress, it was simple yet sexy that showed off her body perfectly. Her hair and make up was done in a simple way, making her look younger and more beautiful.

"You can close your mouth and thanked me now Gary." Olga said as she gave Megan's hand to mine.

I quickly thanked her making her laughed, then she moved to her husband's side.

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"You look beautiful baby." I caressed her cheek making her smiled at me.

"Awww Megan..." Emilie looked at us with teary eyes.

"Come here Barbie, let us take a seat so the ceremony can begin. Hey, did I tell you that I pulled my gun and didn't get to use it earlier? You promise me, that we would have our kinky ones every time I didn't pull the trigger after I took out my gun....." I smiled as I heard Max told her about his earlier encounter with my father, and guided his wife to take a seat.

The ceremony ended in less then an hour, then followed by the cake cutting, which made all the guys winced making the girls laughed. Then we continue on by having an early dinner and drinks, then they finally let us go back to our suite.

"Damn baby, they seriously will not let you off the hook so easily won't they?" I carried her to passed the doorway, then straight to our bedroom.

"My wife," I kissed her deeply with each words. She moaned my name in no time.

She let me undress her, as I find the sheer lace underwear making me groaned. She giggled as I licked my lips, looking at her like a delicacy.

"You have to thanked Emilie for this, she said this things made her produce their little minions." She moaned her last words when I latched and sucked her nipples eagerly. Then my other hand trailed down her lace thong and squeezed her ass.

"We better test her theory then. I would love to have those minions with you, if you wanted to...." I slid my fingers inside hers, she was already wet.


"Gary, just fuck me already." She breathed her words sexily.

I went down on her and gave her licks after licks, taking her higher until she grab my hair and tugged me closer between her legs. She came minutes later, then pouted at me adorably.

"Husband, you're still fully dress. I need you naked for those minions." She sat up then started unbuttoning my shirt and trailed her kisses from my neck down to my chest where she bit and licked my nipples making my dick hard. I was all naked seconds later, as she stroked my hardness and whispered her dirty words in my ear.

Then she told me to close my eyes, saying she had a surprise for me. Minutes later my wrists were cuffed above my head, my eyes were blindfolded. I know I was standing tall down there. Then I bucked my hip as she started licking me.

"Fucking hell baby!" My other senses suddenly became sharper. I was feeling her hot breath on my dick, her dainty fingers stroking me hard and fast, but then slow and gentle seconds later. She had master my body and played me to my maximum edge of release.

Then she was on top and slid herself in me, she took off my blindfold. I was groaning as I saw her in all her nakedness, and cupped my face then kissed me with all her love, making me moaned her name louder.

I was feeling her warmth and wetness as she ride me hard. "Megan...fuck! This is please harder, you need to let the cuff go, let me fuck you hard baby, let me be rough with you." That did it for her, as she let the cuff off and let me flip her, giving me her sexy ass for my view.

I hold up her waist and hold her shoulder down with my other hand, then pushed deeper inside her and started pounding her fast and rough with each thrust. "Scream my name baby, louder! so fucking tight...damn baby!" 

She was squirming under me, then she climax hard clenching my dick tighter. I kept on trusting in her until I came hard, gripping her body close to mine.

"Love you wife..." I said trailing her back with my kisses, then slumped beside her, pulling her to my chest.

"Love you too husband..." She said kissing my chest.

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