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5.88% Sunset / Chapter 2: Father

Father - Sunset - Chapter 2 by NuiXiel full book limited free

Chapter 2: Father

"Oh! so you're Mr. Gu's daughter aren't you?" A woman asked me.

"I am the head of this University so that means I am the Dean, I am Mrs. Anne Vila, Nice meeting you Ms.?" She introduced herself at the same time she held her hand.

"Dawn... Dawn Yash Gu." I flatly answered then reached out her hand.

"So, Your Dad and I talked already about your matter and here's your schedule."

I just nodded and I finally left, I had not gone far yet she called me again.

"Ms. Gu?"

I turned to her and waited for what she would say next.

"You won't take the key to your future dorm?" I am planning on renting a dorm outside this university, but no worries because there is a dorm already in here.

I approached her and grabbed the key then turned my back at her.

"Thanks?" She said sarcastically so I turned to her and answered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Your welcome!" I replied sarcastically too.

I am currently looking for the door with the number '23' and I did not have trouble walking because the road is wide, But in my search, I met two people laughing, a woman and a gay I guess?

I was a little surprised when the woman looked at me so I just averted my gaze and finally I was in front of the door of my dorm,

I looked at them again and the woman no longer looked at me

"Tsk! sooner or late it'll end" -I just smirked of what I just whispered! did I just meddle on someone's business? Tsk! As if I care.

When I entered the room a simple accommodation opened up for me, I wandered around and it was really simple and clean, There was a bed... I was wondering about, The dorm had two to three students and it looked like I had no one else with it because it's small, Only one bed is here and the other equipment is just one person.

It looks like dad conspired with Dean for this, Tsk! For what? To make Dean look like he owns a company? Tsk! anyways, Why would I care again.

I was currently arranging my belongings when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

And when I opened it, The woman together with the gay appeared, They're whom I saw earlier

"hi! I am Alexander Tompi and I suggest just call me 'Aelex' and this girl is my best of friend Loisa Peter, Nice meeting you Ms -?" - he held out his hand now while smiling widely, And the one he pointed which is Loisa was just holding Aelex's arm but also smiling.

I just looked at his outstretched hand and looked back into his eyes while frowning.

What do they want to convey? Why would they meet me?

Aelex lowered his hand and his whole smile disappeared, and it was replaced by a fake.

"a-hmmm, sorry, hmmm we are just here because we heard we have a new roommate in this place and we just want to greet you with 'welcome'..." - After Loisa said that, They left so I just closed the door and proceeded to arrange my things.

It took me a while to wake up so I immediately prepared for the first time I entered this university, And since I did not know how to cook I just opened biscuits and that is what I ate while walking down the corridor and looking for the room I will enter, I did not have much difficulty because Dean gave me a map.

The door is closed, so I guess the class is starting.

I turned my gaze to someone who touched me and I saw a mestiza woman who was probably in her mid 30's.

She sneezed and looked at the door and there I realized I was blocking, So I turned around and she was about to turn the doorknob when she turned to me again.

"You're the new student right?" - She asked me seriously and I just nodded in response.

"what's your name?"


"Dawn what?"

"Dawn Yash Gu, Ma'am." - She nodded and finally opened the door, But before she entered she said something.

"Ah, By the way, Don't block there and enter as well, Because in this university, Professors enter the room and students do not move around the room, So if I am you, Go in and introduce yourself to your classmate and so that you can sit down as well "-She sarcastically instructed me.

Actually? Why does this professor seem to be cursing me earlier?

When she entered, She first greeted the students and the students also greeted her back and then she called me, I immediately went in and immediately looked for a seat.

"Ah Ms.? would you mind introducing yourself first?" - The Prof said when I was about to go to an empty seat.

I just stared at my classmates whose silently waiting for my introduction.

Is it really necessary for them to know my name? tsk!

I started to hear whispers.

'how long'

'hey don't be shy'

Whoa! shy? Me? tsk, They're still trying to whisper when their voices are too loud.. tsk! Pathetic.

"Maybe she's Deaf.. guys please understand those disabled." - A woman loudly laughed while saying those words at the same time holding a red cuticles.

Everyone laughed, tsk! As if I care.

I went straight to the back, I have no other choice, It's just that no one is sitting in this part and it's okay because it's just near the window.

"She's Dawn Yash Gu" -Ma'am introduced me to the class and started teaching.

I feel like eyes are looking at me so I wandered my eyes and I'm right, There is a pair of demonic eyes staring at me now, She is the woman who was shouting earlier while carrying cuticles.

What is she staring at?

She wants me to put cuticles on her eyes?

I just didn't care and turned my attention back to our teacher lecturing in front.

It's lunchtime and I don't want to huddle in the canteen so I thought of taking a walk first to get around.

"Oh! Hi deaf" - The cuticles girl greeted me sarcastically.

I don't know if she is teasing me or what, But I don't care.

"If I'm you, I wouldn't dare just pass someone like me!" - She threatened, Tsk! As if I care.

"MY FATHER IS THE MANAGER OF THE GUNG COMPANY and my enemy is my dad's enemy, SO IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD KNEEL AND BEG FOR MERCY," She shouted that cause me to turn around and smile because of what she said, Is she challenging me?

I approached her, and I went closer to her.

"A manager! huh? well, my father is~~"

"The janitor? Pftttt Pathetic."

I was bored not because he told my father is the janitor or because I don't know if they insulted him, Otherwise, I was annoyed because she cut me off from speaking.

"My. Father. Is. The. OWNER. Of. That. Company. You're. Talking. About. So if you don't want your father to be jobless, Shut the fuck up" -I told her fiercely while still looking into its challenging eyes now weakening.

Tsk! Where are the brave eyes I saw earlier?

She tried to hide her trembling, but it was still obvious, and I saw that the students of this university were gossiping.

"B-but still, You're just a beginner -----" - I immediately cut off the litany she would have been because her voice was already shaking.

"I can buy this school in just a snap -----"

"I'm afraid you can't" Wait~! Did someone just cut me off?

I turned to the cold voice I heard behind me and a very handsome creature came up to me.

"I might melt" -Proudly he said coldly

Tsk! Yes, He is handsome but he is too full of himself? And what? He might melt? Who does he think he is? And like duh... I am not staring at him deeply.

The murmurs began to grow louder when this arrogant man came, And he thinks? Oppress me? and even if he side his girlfriend I can also challenge him.

"Why do you say so?" - I also challenged him.

But he didn't answer me and just passed me by and I also saw that he just passed the cuticles girl coldly, So does it mean? They're not dating?

"And my father is the OWNER of the VILANOR COMPANY, Your company's rival" -Serious voice again saluted so I looked at it but I don't know who she is, Cause I don't care.

I saw the cuticle girl approach her,

So it only means one thing,

She is defending her friend the cuticle girl

And since I did not know anything I just left the place

NuiXiel NuiXiel

Thank you for reading and i highly appreciates criticism *send loves

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