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Super Gene Optimization Fluid

Super Gene Optimization Fluid

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Author: 9 lightyears per second


4.07 (431 ratings)

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Due to an unexpected turn of events, Xia Fei consumed a Super Gene Optimization Fluid that bore no brand, expiry date, instructions or stated its place of origin.
Our story begins here...

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    LV 12 Badge

    A gene novel with no synopsis... I think ive found the one....

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    Someone like or respond to this comment when this book has an actial review

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    5 stars. From the synopsis, I can already tell that it's a great novel.

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    Alright so if non existent summary wasn't enough heres my impression after 9 chapters. Dude got kidnapped by some intergalactic space secret police because of a pendant that looked like the one this random highly wanted assassin had. His golden finger is two fold 1) he got compensated with a perfect gene serum that opened his potential and 2) the phantom guy (assassin) was like in the pendant or something and now is like "pocket grandpa" except young. Earth is considered a .5 star civilization, but on earth there is some understanding of supernatural powers and the people who hold them, but obviously not at a high level. Its a cultivation novel I guess now, but is pretty boring up to this point because I don't get the main characters motivation. He likes being lazy, has no obvious enemies, and generally has no real extrinsic reason to want to be strong. Its prose is pretty good but the story is boring, maybe someone with even more free time then I will soldier on and write a more complete review but for now its give or take - all depends if this sounds like your cup of tea.

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    dumbass villain dumbass MC dumbass cliche plot dumbass Author Anyways you'll frequently face palming while reading this novel

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    The Good thing about this novel is how well done the translation is. Beides a few minor troubles with the right vocabulary, but that might be because the original uses very hard to translate concepts, there is noting to complain. This is sadly not the case for the rest. Besides the stupid and illogical way the whole power/special ability system is presented, the whole story feels fractured. The flow is broken every few chapters to introduce new characters or motivations to destroy any kind of character impressions you had of the MC. It is literally a transformation from normal 9 to 5 worker, cowardly and meek, to a cutthroat assasin/businessman who enjoys killing, to a zealous cultivator, to a completely brain dead and high on power fool, to a lovestruck ape, to a responsible family guy, adopting useless baggage and carrying her trough supposedly life and death trials, and of course the always important nationalist. After reading more than 40 chapters I have seen many cliches, very few new ideas and there is still not a single positive or negative thing I can say about the MC. Worldbuilding/Background is one of the worst I have ever seen. There are literally thousands of other planets and possible alien races, but despite participating in a solar system wide event there is not a single description of an alien race. In general the reader has to imagine 90% because the author does not describe the places or people. The power system is even more flawed, just an example: Every being across multiple galaxies has the same brain structure and path of advancement, which means they are all human and have grown in the same environment, which explains a lot about this book, Not! According to the author there are different races, and planets which have developed 100s of times longer and use technology thousands of years in the future. Evolution or just the advancements brought by interstellar technology are just not a thing in this novel. Feels like if the British who used their technology to conquer dozens of nations and looked down on the aborigines are suddenly totally overrun and outgunned by a single village idiot who happens to gain the friendship and support of a deserter. At the same time there are many superfluous scenes, which increase word count and boredom in equal measures. To conclude, this novel is incomplete and needs to be reworked extensively before it can be called literature. The concept has potential, but the execution is rushed and majorly flawed. My Summary: An average guy gets lucky and optains the potential and resources to become powerful. Watch how he stumbles his way from an backwards nation into the middle of an intergalactic conflict. Follow him on his path of adventure, learning and personal growth.

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    Hey WebNovel, how about finishing all the existing stories you picked up earlier, before you start translating new novels. In the last year you dropped like 5 or 6 popular novels which were completed for 50-70% Seriously, whats the point for me to buy premium for this novel or other, if in the end you are going to drop it midway? I'd much more prefer if I can get 6 chapters daily from one novel, instead of 2 chapters from 3 novels. I'd even pay some money since its that what you are after, but like don't even think about getting a dolla from me before you pick up the novels you dropped and finished the existing translations. But if you still try to take new novels, at least pick up something good. Or else you will loose majority of your readers. You will not get any profit like this, c'mon, WebNovel dawg, you can get 1 dollar from 100000 average readers or 10 dollars from 100 rich readers, its obvious which is more profitable. You get my idea, right? Guys please like this comment so that webnovel will hopefully see it and finish the existing translations ASAP before switching to new books.

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    Hi, I'm the translator for this trial novel, hope everyone enjoys the read! Given how lacking the synopsis is (and seeing some of your responses to it), let me help and give you something more comprehensive. MC from Earth, China, gets mistaken for an Assassin that had killed some VIP (not known who or why yet), manages to negotiate himself some compensation for the mistake and requests the Gene Optimization Fluid, something that unlocks the 7th region of human's brain in this universe that already has an intergalactic human community, giving him a 'special ability'. Personally, I think the MC is the usual CN fare who will work really hard to cultivate/train, crafty because he isn't strong, but powerful when actually fighting. What's great about the novel is the author's attempt at world building, throwing in certain aspects of normal events, and adding additional complications or a twist to the resolution. The 60 chapters so far has him confined to Earth, but after, the story will start doing space travel, so no need to worry about inconsistencies with local geography. Of course, I won't say I'm great at translating, but I think I did a fairly good job here, and the pace of story progression do not feel too forced and will span over years. Almost a year goes by after the first 60 chapters, so that should more or less set the stage for expectations, with around 2 mini and 2 major arcs. TL;DR: An enjoyable read with an MC that won't be too OP, but will grow at OP rates, given how much the world will eventually expand. As a completed novel with almost 1600 chapters in tow, there will be no lack of content if this gets picked up.

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    Nosensical trash, it looked promising but theres just so much stuff that dont make sense. Dont waste your time on this novel.

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    LV 14 Badge

    Authors pedophilia kicks in around the mid 30 chapters. Can't recommend reading. MC pretty much gets everything handed to him on a silver platter, doesn't have to work for anything. As of chapter 30 MC can already run over 600km/hour attacking people however everyone can react and defend themselves in milliseconds regardless of what their abilities/perceptions/strengths are. Power scaling and rankings already seem pointless.

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    China Nationalism strikes again baby!!! Insulting other cultures is just an everyday thing for these Chinese authors. I don't know why a book filled with racism get to be translated tbh.

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    LV 6 Badge

    It is dropped. There is no reason to translate dropped books. Just finish already started books first. Enough rant just writing for expexpexp

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    Short Title:SGOS Alternate Title:超级基因优化液 / Super Gene Optimization Solution Status:Dropped Author:Nine Light Years Per Second Country:China Type:Web Novel Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci-fi chaptes:1680 Weekly Rank:#216Monthly Rank:#219All Time Rank:#471 FUCKKKK YOUUUUU QIDIAN😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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    Novel Summary (copied) Xia Fei took a bottle of Siwu Gene Optimization Solution with no trademark, no date, no description, and no place of origin. Our story starts here… - Description from qidian Details Short Title : SGOS Alternate Title : 超级基因优化液 Status : Completed (1680 chapters) Author : Nine Light Years Per Second Country : China Type : Web Novel Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

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    The story is all right, and has some potential. Since it’s an intergalactic story, the world has a lot of room for development, and the “space cultivation” genre is always kind of interesting. That said, I don’t think the story is that well written, the characters have a bit of humor but that’s it. The conversations feel slightly awkward to read, and the plot is generally kinda mediocre. Since there are other better novels out there, I’ll put of reading the rest of the story for now and try to come back to it later on if it gets chosen and accumulates more chapters.

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    there is too much fake review, let me give you the real review it's a really boring novel, I tried to read it till 140 chapters, I even started to skip but it's too trash to read. by the way I read mtl of martial God space to 1800 chapter and that crappy google translation entertained me more than this novel. the MC is too fake, his speed talent and assasin path which where unique were lost as chapters progressed. he was gone for creating spaceship and speed racing, robot making in like first 150 chapters I voted for this novel because of authors other novel, if you want to read a space adventure go and read galactic dark net it's a good one

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    At first I thought this wasn't going to be that great of a LN. After reading the first several chapters I really wasn't all that into it due to some lame parts of the story. HOWEVER after chapter 40 it became much much better and became a LN that keeps me wanting more to read. It really did change into a much better story from chapter 40 up to the current translated chapter 75. I really do suggest to give it a good read.

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    trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash

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    LV 10 Badge

    to counter those fake ratings. I rate it harsher than usual. First off the author doesn't really how to write with believable setting and characters. Moreover this novel full of nonsensical scientific and cultural issue. biggest downside outright racism and spreading false information (or more like lying) about our humanity's history and culture.

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    Brainless author sending a 12 yr old naive chinese girl who is still drinking milk in a killing trials. The girls family gives her a gift like a fking normal knife and some chinese poison and there opponent has advance tech good luck with ur so called chinese poison. Oh w8 ur chinese plot armor is thicker than ur great china wall i guess this chinese poison of urs is gonna massacre the advance aliens and gods in it. and out of all countries in the world only 2 participants joined in this killing trial The MC and the little girl who are both fking chinese! Talk about patriotism i guess other countries are trash cuz they dont even have a single representative while our fking chinese sends a 12 yr old girl with her chinese poison. This is why im disgusted with chinese novel that has modern tags cuz they always patrionize their own country while they make others bad. Why dont you send ur own daughter to a war battlefield author a give her ur so called chinese poison maybe ur daughter can kill them all lets see if u can have common sense if u send a naive girl to a battlefield.

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    Author 9 lightyears per second