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The start of it all - Surviving the Genocidal Zombie Apocalypse with a Combat System - Chapter 1 by ReverentMoonRabbit full book limited free

Chapter 1: The start of it all

With his sloppy eyes remains fixated on his phone, Alexandre Lee is unable to take his eyes away from it, almost like he is addicted to the internet.

'It's been quite a while, huh.' He thought.

He paused for a sec before continuing, 'Since I've last logged onto Royal Road Legends. How long ago was it?' He asked himself a question, before long, he began to shook his head in slight disappointment, but at the same time, he is also intrigued as well.

Alexandre Lee then started to reminiscent on the past, of the good old time he spend reading and writing on Royal Road Legends, as a newly born writer and a long time reader.

'And so many of my favourite novels have either been dropped, or just have been never-ending long time hiatuses.' He thought.

Alexandre Lee then said to himself, "It's quite a pity."

And after some time of finding nothing good worth reading, his attention is then shifted, and his pair of eyes slowly drifted away from the phone screen. It wandered seeminglessly around the entire classroom, until by chance, it ended up with him staring at the white ceiling above him, aimlessly, like a daydreamer.

'Things sure has changed a lot since I was in my first years (Yr 7), and now I am in my final years (Yr 11), as an upperclassman. I only have until my final exams to finish off my remaining year left of high school.' He thought to himself.

"Five years. It's already been five years, but it definitely felt that it's been that much longer than that." Alexandre Lee said.

He then heaves a sigh of relief, taking in a deep breath and exhaling outwards, trying his best to express this inexpressible feeling that he's been feeling.

Alexandre Lee then sighs once again, benign to his own feelings of not knowing whether to feel happy or sad at this moment. He soon began to thought about the remaining time he has left, before drifting off elsewhere in his head.

Lazying around behind his own seated workstation, Alexandre Lee then leans back against his computer chair's head rest.

His greasy messy long black hair then slowly sifted to the side, thereby revealing his ordinary pair of amber coloured brown eyes. He has no noticeable discerning facial features, apart from the obvious small black spot under his left eye.

Alexandre Lee then smiled helplessly at himself, knowing full well that he would sort of miss this simple ordinary easy going lifestyle when he completely finishes high school. As it would only start to get harder from there, having the need to go to college, until you are 18, and then you can legally get a full time job, etc.

After some time, Alexandre Lee was busy preoccupied with surfing around on the internet, on his little old android smartphone.

When all of a sudden, without any prior knowledge beforehand, his own smartphone began to ring. It then played the ring tone of the 12th Bleach anime opening - Change, on full blast for all the surrounding people to hear.

And it was quite an embarrassing experiencing to bear, as he was thereby to accidentally have been forced into a situation where he would unknowingly become the centre of attention.

'Damn it! I've forgotten to set my damn phone on to vibrate.' He thought.

It definitely caught him off-guard, as he then looks around himself, embarrassingly. And then immediately, he notices the numerous eyes that were all glaring (staring) in his particular direction. It was quite unnerving.

'Damnit!' Alexandre Lee at curses himself, underneath his breathe, at his own foolishness.

"I'm sorry for the disruption, everyone." He decided to apologize and get it over with, rather than prolonging the inevitable, and steadily making it unbearable.

And after having said all of that, Alexandre Lee's cheeks then go all red, turning slightly into red tomato, because of embarrassment.

Alexandre Lee was now having a nerve wreck, as the more longer the prolonged silence that he's been experiencing, the more unbearable the situation has become. As he is quite a quiet child, who does not like being the centre of attention, and rarely talks to people outside of his friend group, unless it was necessary.

"If you want to answer your phone call, Alex. You can leave the classroom." Mr Davies said so towards Alexandre Lee.

He then continues lecturing him, "But if this were actually during a class period, then I would certainly have to reprimand and confiscate your phone, for disrupting the class. Alex. Do you understand." Mr Davies lectures him, said so with a stern look on his face.

"However, if the phone call was an emergency, or was from either of your parents or guardian, then it would be a totally understandable situation." Mr Davies said, as he was only doing his job as a teacher and member of staff to remind the kids to not used their phones or leave it on during class.

"I understand, Mr Davies." Alexandre Lee said so apologetically, before continuing, "I will turn off my phone, next time, when it is time for class."

Alexandre then picks up his phone, and was just about to head out of the classroom door in order to answer his phone call, but he was suddenly interrupted mid-sequence as the door was still half open.

So; unexpectedly, Peter Georgia then pauses his game, turning his computer chair around to face Alexandre's direction, who was standing on the opposite side of the computer ICT classroom.

Peter Georgia was a rather tall, full on black Nigerian descent, with a semi medium to large black afro.

He shouted rather enthusiastically across the room, over towards Alexandre's location. "That was one of the openings in Bleach, right. My boy, Alex watches Bleach as well."

Peter Georgia then proceeded to give Alexandre Lee a thumbs up, showcasing that they are booth Bleach anime enthusiast, and they definitely have good taste in music.

Peter Georgia was previously playing on a game called Super Smash Flash Bros, which has begun to become popular in recent years, with a friend. They were both sharing the same keyboard, but one was using the W.A.S.D keyboards, while the other was using the arrow keys. It thereby allowed them to play multi-player games on one computer.

Trequan was seated right next beside him, as he was the one that personally introduced him to Super Flash Smash Bros, and was currently playing and sharing a computer with him.

Trequan was extremely big for his age, a semi round rotund body, much comparable sumo wrestler as a good comparison.

Despite being extremely big, he is kind of a bit overweight, but nevertheless, he is still quite athletic considering he is the current captain of the year 11 high school basketball team.

Trequan lightly smiles, as he simply gave Alexandre Lee a wave with his left hand.

And when you compare Trequan to Peter Georgia, on the other hand, he is extremely laid back. He doesn't quite often participate in anime discussions, but nevertheless still watches numerous mainstream animes.

"Yeah. I will be going now. I've got a phone call to answer, it's from an important friend of mine." Alexandre Lee said so, with a slight smile plastered on his face.

Alexandre then gave a short wave back at the two, just before leaving the classroom, as he has his own business to run to.

He then immediately slide his thumb across the answer call button on the phone screen, as the lime-green coloured circular green dot then slid across the phone screen, thereby answering the phone call.

And on the phone screen, it then displays the caller name if has already been register on the smartphone, and their own phone number. All in white bold texts on the phone screen.

The caller on the opposite end of Alexandre's Lee phone call is name Johnny, as he answered the phone call. He then places the phone right up to his right ear to listen.

"What's up, John? Why are you calling me at this time, during lunch break, since you could just have head up to the ICT room on the second floor." Alexandre Lee said. He spoke rather honestly, speaking what was on his mind, trying to gauge out his friend's intentions for phoning him when they could just meet in person.

"I'm sure that Mr Davies won't mind so long as you're not being loud..." Alexandre Lee didn't get the chance to finish his sentence before the other caller then interrupted him.

"Waaagh! Alex...*Sniffle!* *Sniffle!*" John then cried out, on the other end of the phone, like a huge baby.

However, the response that he got from the other end, was by no means what he had expected, and therefore it definitely caught him off guard. It almost caused him to scream out 'What the Fuck!' over the phone, but he somehow manages to hold it in.

'Why the fuck is he crying? And what the heck is going on?' It was Alexandre's first thought, after hearing John's cry over the phone.

Alexandre then raises his voice, as he spoke out in a calm manner, in order to calm his friend down, and discern their current situation and the safety of their wellbeing. "John, are you there? Stay calm! And tell me what is going on here, and why you are crying?"

"Did someone hurt you? Were you being bullied by someone?" Alexandre Lee was being careful with words, and chooses words wisely.

John then cried out to him, "Alex... *Hiccup!* My girlfriend just recently broke up with me, and I just found out that she has been cheating me with someone else."

Alexandre Lee then frowns, with a slightly annoyed expression plastered on his face, and he said. "That's it..."

You could hear the slight annoyance, given off by the tone of his voice, and the way he speaks to John. Alexandre thought that it was a very serious matter, like if someone in his family was hurt, or recently one of his relatives has passed away or something. Not breaking up with a girlfriend he hardly even knew about.

"Your crying over your girlfriend breaking up with you! You made it sounded quite serious and urgent, like I almost believed you." Alexandre said, with a growing sense of annoyance.

Alexandre tried to calm himself down. With his tensed up left hand, he tried massage both side of his temples, in order to keep his head cool, before he might outright lose it and says something that might be more hurtful towards John's feelings by accident.

"But Alex!" John then cried out again.

"This girl, I've been dating for ages, roughly 2 years now. We have formed a sort of inseparable bond for each other, but she just up and suddenly wanted to broke up with me for another guy." John then cried out in tears once again, but nevertheless, he asked Alexandre an important question.

"Don't you know how that must have felt." He said to Alexandre on the other end of the phone call.

John then broke down into tears, having become too emotionally unstable to continue talking.

Alexandre Lee then sighs indefinitely, and breathing in a breathe of cold air, as his mood suddenly begins to get more sour.

He coldly responded John, telling him the honest truth, and showing him an ounce of mercy. He didn't give John a chance to taunt back at him. "No, I haven't. I wouldn't have understood what it's like to have a girlfriend anyways, as I've never had a girlfriend to begin with." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What would I know about breaking up with a girl since I've never once dated a girl?" Alexandre Lee said, asking a rhetorical question.

"And isn't it normally the girl who ends up crying and becoming too emotional the moment you broke up with them, and not the other way around." And Alexandre Lee just said, completely stomps John, and he quickly began to fell silent.

"You're properly just overreacting over it, it's only just one girl, and not the love of your life. We're only sixteen. So it's not a big deal. Get over it." Alexandre Lee's words were harsh, but nevertheless, it was the cold hard truth.

"But Alex, she has been with me for years. It was strange she suddenly..." John tried to come up with a reason to explain the whole situation, but Alexandre then immediately shuts him down.

"No, buts. Just forget about her." Alexandre Lee said.

"If she chooses to dump you for someone else or better. It just means that she isn't fit for you, do you understand. There are plenty more fishes in the sea. So there are plenty of more girls who like you for the way you are. Do you understand, John?" Alexandre berated John leaving him with no chance to talk back.

However, John was not angry about it at all, as he is quite happy to have a friend who is quite worried and shows care for his wellbeing. John immediately gave in, as he understands Alex's nature the best. If he doesn't let it go, he wouldn't hear the last of it from him, or the others when they heard it from him.

"Alex...*Sigh*, " John called out his name but failed to finish off his sentence, as he sighs in his defeat.

Alex has grown a bit hot-headed over the situation, has finally begun to calm down, as he took a breather. "So where are you now? Are you still on the school premise?" He asked with a calm reassuring voice.

"I'm inside the boy's restroom on the ground floor. It's near the stairs that lead to the second floor where you are currently at." John said so, as he wipes his tears away, with his own sleeves.

"I'm on it. I will be on my way. It won't take me long to get there." Alex said as he hung up on the phone on John.

Alex sighs, as he sieves through his greasy hair with his fingers, looking up at the empty corridor ceiling. "Stupid John. It's only a girl. So there is no need to get so worked up about it." Alex said so to himself, as he walks towards the stairs, that is leading down to the ground floor.

What is done is done? John finally let it out of his system, though he won't be able to date another girl, for some time, until he can become emotionally stable to stand on his own two feet.

Alex walked out of the second-floor corridors, as he stepped onto the L shaped stairs that go down and up, forming a full square-shaped formation.

Alex took his time, walking down the stairs, as he stares out the window at the sky.

'What the heck is that? Am I seeing things? Am I hallucinating...' Alex asked himself a question, questioning what he is seeing.

It started out as little grey dots in the sky. Then it naturally began to grow bigger, congregating together, to form a large grey cloud.

The way it moves, and jiggles on about, made it seems more unnatural, almost like it has a mind of its own.

It's almost like a swarm of bees, as Alex watches it even more closely, clearly fascinated by it all.

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