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Chapter 67: Are You Missing Someone?

That morning in Susan's house.

Mike approached Catherine sitting in the lounge chair inside the gazebo, she was staring at the blooming flowers flourishing all around the garden, while holding baby Angel in her arms. Anna was playing with baby James's in the Bermuda grass surrounding the pool area.

"Lonely? Sad? Or are you missing someone?" Mike sat on the lounge chair opposite Catherine.

Sighing, Catherine shifted her attention to him. "Hi Mike," she smiled at him.

"When are you going to talk to your husband? Until when you will give him a cold shoulder. You're not even answering his calls and replying on his text messages, didn't you miss him at all?" Mike asked softly.

Catherine took a deep breath. "Just give me enough time, that's all I ask from you," she responded.

"Alright, just don't make it too long. My brother is very lonely and sad, he missed you and the children so much. Please, don't make him suffer any longer," he pleaded on behalf of his brother.

Catherine fell silent.

"How about your sister? When do you plan to see Caroline and talk to her so that you can reconcile your differences and leave everything behind? Life is short... don't nurture grudges in your heart. It's a waste of time and energy," Mike explained.

Catherine smiled. "Easy for you to say that, Mike. You were never in my position—so you have no idea of all the things that I've been through..."

Mike sighed. "Okay fine. I won't bring this matter anymore. You sisters are so fierce when it comes to quarrel, no one would surrender first. Caroline is so like you, you are indeed twins! Anyways, just think bout my brother, okay? He is the one innocent in all this. Deep inside your heart, you know that he loves you so much and he won't betray you. Just think about it. I hope you won't torture my brother for too long, Cath."

Catherine's brows snapped together. "Y-you already meet my sister?"

Mike nods his head. "Yeah. It's my little way of trying to help you and your sister reconcile. Unfortunately, your sister was also as stubborn as you, you are indeed twin sisters!" he smiled a little. He never expected that after getting obsessed with Catherine, he now becomes attracted to Caroline the twin.

Catherine stared at his face. She remembers that at one point in time Mike told her that he was interested to meet her sister. Now the two finally meet without her knowledge. She doesn't know what to think about it.

"Mike, no matter what happens between the two of you do not fall in love with my sister!" she warned him.


"B-because I don't trust my sister," Catherine confessed.

Mike's brows knitted together. Why is it that his brother John and now Catherine is warning him not to fall in love with Caroline? What's wrong with Caroline? She seems to be a fine woman to him. But he would not argue with Catherine anymore about this issue. It's his life and Caroline. It does not concern anyone. "Alright, I will remember your warning," he relented for her benefits.

Catherine released a deep sigh. "Can you please stop seeing my sister? Stop bugging her about reconciling with me. Our conflict already runs deeper. Only time can heal our wounds. I'm not ready to face her yet..."

"Okay. I promised I won't mention her name in your presence again. But I can't promise not seeing her again," Mike stated.

He stood up. "I'm going out. I will return this afternoon. See you later, Cath!"

He walked to where baby James was located, walking in the bermudagrass assisted by Anna. He planted a kiss on his nephew's head, left the garden and went upstairs to take a shower.


Eastwood Subdivision.

Mike drove the car near the entrance of the subdivision. Thelma and the maid Merle was already waiting near the entrance.

Mike parked the car nearby and exited the car, he waved at them. "Auntie Thelma, I'm here!"

Thelma smiled and they walked towards the vehicle.

Mike opened the car door and the women get inside in the passenger seat. He slid into the driver's seat. "Auntie, does Caroline knows that you're going to see Catherine today?" he asked.

Thelma shook her head. "No. I told her that Merle and I will go to the wet market to buy fresh fish for the dishes that I'm trying to prepare for tonight's dinner," she answered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/are-you-missing-someone_44449088556548166">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/are-you-missing-someone_44449088556548166</a> for visiting.

Mike smiled. "Okay. Let's go now so that you can see your daughter," he said.

Mike inserted the key and turn on the ignition. He was driving the car moving into the busy highway, heading home.

Thirty minutes later.

Mike arrived at the house. He ushered Thelma and Merle into the second floor and knocked at the door of Catherine's room.

Anna was the one who opened the door. "Auntie Thelma...Merle...?" she asked in shock. She opened the door wide for them to enter.

"Girls, go inside. I will come back later," Mike left and went to his room.

Thelma and the maid entered the room.

"Where is my daughter?" Thelma asked.

"She's inside the bathroom taking a shower," Anna answered.

Thelma went to the crib and planted a kiss on baby James's and Angel's cheeks. "Aww, my adorable grandchildren!" she picked up baby Angel and carries her lovingly in her arms.

A few minutes later.

Catherine exited the bathroom and her eyes widened upon seeing her mother's presence inside the room. "Mother! Why are you here?" she asked in puzzlement.

"Catherine, I'm here to visit you and the children," Thelma explained.

"Who brings you here?" Catherine asked.

"Mike brought me here. I asked him a favor to bring me here so that I can see you and the children," Thelma replied.

Catherine looked at the housemaids and motioned them to wait outside the room. "Girls, just wait outside. I need to talk with my mother," she ordered.

The maids exited the room.

"Are you okay here, daughter?" Thelma asked worriedly.

"Yes, we're doing fine here, Mother. No need to worry about us. I already told you about that during our phone conversation," Catherine said.

"Glad to know that you're doing fine. It's different when I see you with my own two eyes," Thelma sighed. "So, when are you going to go back to your husband? When are you planning to talk with your sister?" Thelma asked expectantly.

"I will let you know, Mother. For now, I just want to stay here a little bit longer. I still don't have specific plans yet. I will inform you when I'm ready to leave here," she uttered those words just to stop her mother from worrying too much. She doesn't want to go back to her husband's side, not yet.

Thelma stayed inside the room bonding with her grandchildren and at the same time conversing with her daughter.

One hour later, the mother and daughter finally bid goodbye to each other.

Mike returned to the room to get the girls out of the house.

On the way, Mike brought Thelma and Merle to the nearest wet market, he patiently waited for them while they buy fresh vegetables and fish, then he dropped them outside the Eastwood Subdivision.

"Thank you so much, Mike. And I'm sorry for troubling you," Thelma said shyly.

"Glad to be of any assistance, Auntie," Mike smiled. "I'm going now, take care..." he said and waved at them. He steered the car back to the busy highway.

"Bye Mike," Thelma waved back when the vehicle was moving away from the subdivision.

Thelma and Merle began walking, entering the subdivision.

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