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32.13% Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife / Chapter 98: Black Jar

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Chapter 98: Black Jar

Allison was swimming in her gorgeous swimming pool located at the back of her mansion together with her minions. Veralyn, a 23 years old lesbian and Owen the 24 years old bisexual guy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/black-jar_45032055741931416">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/black-jar_45032055741931416</a> for visiting.

They are children from the orphanage. Allison sponsored their studies from elementary until they graduated college. Her minions are loyal and devoted to her. After graduating from college, they become her slave who follows her every command and made up her entourage. They simply would lick her toes anytime by just a command of her fingers.

Their benefits?

They got to live with her in the mansion, enjoy good foods, free accommodations and they got monthly salary or allowance which is much higher than those who are working on an ordinary job.

Vera looked at her benefactress' brooding face sitting on one of the lounge chairs beside the pool. "Madam, what are you thinking? You can share to me your burden," she said.

Allison released a deep sigh. "I want to help my brothers, especially Lucas. I want to capture Caroline, she is like a bird that is roaming the sky, free, uncaring, refusing to see my dying brother. She is so selfish!" Her face contorted in anger.

Vera smiled and rubbed Allison's back to soothe her troubled mind. "Madam, I wanted to help you. I want to suggest something to you. You don't have to kidnap Caroline. There is another way to solve your problem with that woman. You can make Caroline visit your dying brother on her own accord..."

"Really—?" Allison looked at Vera with curiosity in her eyes. "How? Tell me!"

vera smiled. "I have known a person, a psychic who can perform rituals. He can make people do anything as long you will pay him. Just bring the photo of the woman and a photo of the guy. Then he will do chanting and ritual every night so that the person who is in question will do anything you wish him or her to do," Vera explained.

Allison rolled her eyes. "I don't believe in such a thing! That's hocus-pocus!" She dismissed Vera's suggestion as outrageous and fake, kind of trickery.

Vera insisted. "Madam, you have to believe it. I was there. My classmate and I went there because she had a huge crush on this guy who keeps rejecting her. Out of desperation, we went there and she paid the old man some money for the ritual and after just two days, the guy starts paying her attention and she was told by the guy that he keeps dreaming about her. So...obviously the ritual works!"

Allison doubted Vera's claimed. "I'm still not convinced!" she said.

"Madam, it's worth trying when nothing else works. It's just a small money. You can buy expensive bags and shoes without batting an eyelash, yet you are not going to spend on something that could help your brother?" said Vera.

Allison shoots daggers at the younger woman's eyes. "It's not that I won't spend money for my brother. I just don't want to spend my money and energy on something that's not going to work," she reasoned.

"Okay, Madam, as you say so. I won't force you. I'm just trying to help. There's nothing to lose, just some pennies," said Vera and went back to the swimming pool.

Allison watched as Vera and Owen started a friendly swimming competition in the pool. Their raucous laughter can be heard all over the pool area.

After sometimes...Allison can't get Vera's suggestion out of her mind.

Why not?

It's worth a try, nothing to lose.

Allison stood up. "Guys, leave the pool at once! Happy hour is over!" she yelled at them.

Immediately, Vera and Owen get out of the pool.

Allison addressed them. "I want you guys to get ready within thirty minutes. We will visit that psychic guy that Vera told me earlier," she said and entered the house through the backdoor.

Her minions followed Allison inside the house and went to their respective rooms to change clothes and get ready to accompany their Madam.


Forty-five minutes later, Allison's entourage was now boarding the vehicle driven by Owen towards Pasay City were the said physic was living.

After one hour of travel, they arrived at the place at the end of Orchids Street. It was a big ancestral house that needs repairs.

The car was allowed to enter the gate and parked near the front door. They exited the vehicle and were greeted by a middle-aged woman.

"Are you here for fortunetelling... palm reading or other purposes?" asked the woman.

"For other purposes, Ma'am." It was Vera who answered the question.

"Okay, here's your number," said the woman and handed Vera a laminated number.

The woman ushered them into a spacious living room filled with antique artifacts.

There were green ornamental plants in every corner, it gives the living room a combined ambiance of old age and outdoor effect.

Six more people were waiting inside for their turn to meet the psychic.

Vera's number was 7.

To pass time, Vera and Owen played mobile games on their phones while Allison watched a movie on her tablet.

Two hours later.

It's now their turn.

The middle-aged woman accompanied Allison into the ritual room.

Allison was given a clean slipper to change into. She went inside a dim room, littered with ancient relics, a combination of metal and woods arranged meticulously in the cabinet attached to the wall. They looked like different artifacts belonging from a different time. There are figures of horses, angels, mermaids, centaur, moon, stars, trees, and many others.

In the center, a man with white shoulder-length hair, white beard, wearing a black robe was sitting in the middle of the room, staring intensely at her.

He looks like an ancient magician to her.

The old man motioned for her to sit on the floor in front of him.

Allison obeyed and sat on the carpeted floor facing the old man.

"Why are you here for, lady?" the old man asked.

Allison took Caroline and Lucas photos from her shoulder bag ad handed it to the old man. "I'm here because I want this woman," she pointed at Caroline's photo, "... to visit my dying brother here," she pointed at Lucas photo.

"I see... they're ex-lovers?" the old man asked.

"Yes," Allison confirmed. "This woman is my brother's, first love. My brother is dying of terminal illness and got only a few months to live. His dying wish is for this woman to visit him before he passes away, but she's not showing any indication that she's going to visit him anytime soon," she explained further.

"I what do you want me to do?" the old man asked after a few seconds of silence.

"What can you do—?" she asked him back.

The old man smiled. "I can do many things. For example, I can make her nose bleed tree times a day, make her tummy bloated, make rashes appears all over her body. I can make her hallucinates and see not so ordinary things. I can make her dream of your brother every night until she will visit him. Which is which?"

Allison smiled at the last suggestion of the old man. "I want her to dream of my brother very night until she decided to visit him. That's what I want," she said.

"Alright, I will make a ritual for three days and wait for the result," the old man said. "Just leave their photos here. You may go now and leave your donation in that black jar near the door. The bigger your donation, the more effective and extreme the dreams will be," he said, smirking.

Allison turned around and rolled her eyes. She suddenly began doubting the old man's skill after he mentioned a bigger donation.

"Do not doubt my capabilities, lady, or else your eyes will keep rolling forever!" the old man warned in a cold voice.

Allison's eyes widened. Huh? How did the old man know that she was rolling her eyes and doubting his skill?

Does he have a third eye?

"I'm sorry," that's all she can say to the old man. She grabbed the money from her shoulder bag and dropped the PHP 10,000 inside the jar on the way to the door and exited the room in a hurry.

While changing into her shoes, she looked at the closed door, she can still feel the old man's gaze burning at her back.

Dammit, he can read minds!

That old man was creepy!

Allison hurriedly went back to the living room and motioned her minions to follow her outside.

They went inside the car and Owen inserted the key to the ignition.

"What happened inside the ritual room, Madam?" asked Vera.

"That old man is creepy! You'd better be sure he's not fake or else, I will deduct money from your monthly salary based on the amount that I dropped on that black jar!" She throws venom at the younger woman.

"H-how much did you drop in the black jar, Madam?" Vera asked quickly.

"It's a PHP 10,000. You are going to pay for it if that old man fails to produce any good result!" Allison said.

"Oh shiit!" Owen snickered, amused.

Vera whacked Owen's head with her hand. "Shut up!"

"Ouch!" Owen winced in pain.

"Children behaved!" Allison reprimanded them. "Drive now, Owen! Let's get out of her!" she barked her order.

Owen started the car, exiting the gate and driving into the busy highway back to Madam's house.

Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

Thanks for reading!


Take care everyone!

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