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Chapter 85: Clean Yourself!

Alex arrived at his mansion. He parked his car in the driveway not bothering to park it in the garage area. He doesn't want to awaken any of his housemaids and personal driver.

He went upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door.

He went to the table where his laptop was located, he powers it on and inserted the USB. He began deleting the photo of Caroline with his sister's minions and leave the rest of her solo photos.

There she was...Caroline in all her naked glory.

Her naked sexiness filled the entire 17-inch screen of his laptop. He stared at her beautiful face and her curvaceous body, damn! He can almost touch and smell her!

She is as pretty as her sister Catherine who is already married and got two children.

They look so alike. They are indeed identical twins!

He looked up at the ceiling of his room.

When his sister Allison sent him the lewd photos a while ago, he goes ballistic! He was afraid that her psycho sister would go the extra mile to have Caroline sexually violated by her minions.

He shifted his attention back to Caroline's nakedness and smirked.

A few minutes later, not contented just seeing her arousing nakedness. He strips all his clothes and lies down in the bed in his birthday suit.

The more he watched her naked body, the more he was aroused.

He indeed up masturbating in front of Caroline's naked photo.

In his erotic fantasy, only two people were actively banging each other, Caroline and him.

It was a satisfying fantasy!

After pleasing himself and feeling sated, he covered his body with a blanket and fall asleep soundly wearing a satisfied smile on his lips.


The next day.

He has no plans to report to his office that morning. He called his secretary to inform him that he will arrive in his office later in the afternoon.

He went down into the basement of his mansion.

He descended into the stairs.

"How is he?" he asked Rudy the guardian of his brother the moment his feet landed on the floor.

"He is eating regularly now, but always asking and demanding for the key so that he can unlock the chain that we put around his feet," answered Rudy.

"No matter what happened do not give him the key, Rudy," he reminded him. "He is no longer allowed to go out of this room or else we would have a hard time finding him again," he sighed.

Rudy nodded his head. "I won't, Sir."

"Good!" he said. Now that things are turning for the worst for his brother, he had to resort to imprisoning him in the room of the basement for his good.

Things are not getting better for his brother, things are turning for the worst.

He was about to go inside the room and see him but he can't bring himself to see his pathetic brother inside. It broke his heart into a million pieces.

He lowered himself on the sofa and looked around the basement. The basement only contains one room and a living room. In the living room, it has a 25 inches TV and a portable boombox stereo placed on the cabinet. There was also a sofa bed in the corner where Rudy sleeps every night. A bathroom was located inside the room.

The bedroom where his brother was imprisoned was bare, it only got one furniture, a single bed. The stainless steel chain was long enough so that his brother can move freely inside the room and can go to the bathroom on his own without assistance. Previously, there was a table and chair inside but his brother broke the furniture, so he no longer bothered replacing the broken furniture. He was afraid he might harm himself again.

"Get me out of hereeeeeeee!" A screaming voice can be heard from the inside of the room.

"Anybody there? the door! Opennnn the fucking doorrrrrrr!" the voice continuous screaming and shouting at the top of his lungs.

"Opennnnn the doorrr!"


Alex closed his eyes and massage his temple. He was happy after finding his brother at last! But he never expected that his brother would bring a lot of problems into his life more than Allison did. The supposed to be a happy reunion between them was full of nightmares.

He rose to his feet, he can no longer stomach his brother's constant screaming.

"Rudy, I'm leaving now. Take care of my brother. Call me right away if he refused to eat," he said. "And don't forget his medicines," he reminded him.

"Yes Boss," Rudy responded.

"Is there anything you needed? Tell me," he said.

Rudy shook his head. "Nothing so far, Boss. I got everything I needed here. Just my salary, I want it to be sent to my wife every month-end," he requested.

"No problem. I will have my secretary take care of it, I will give you the receipt after sending the money. Anything else?" he asked.

"That's all for today, Boss," Rudy answered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/clean-yourself!_44731506278591094">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/clean-yourself!_44731506278591094</a> for visiting.

Alex looked at the closed door, finally, his brother already stopped shouting and screaming.

He rose to his feet, he took one last look at the closed door and moved towards the stairs. "Take care of my brother, Rudy," he instructed.

"Yes Boss," Rudy answered.

Alex climb the stairs and went to the living room and was surprised to see her sitting on the sofa.

"Honeyyyyyyyyy!" a sugar-coated voice echoed in the air as the owner of the voice lunged at him.

The woman was latching at his body like a snake. "Why you didn't come to my place last night? I've been waiting for you until wee hours of the morning!" her red lips pouted.

"Why are you here, Brenda?" he asked impatiently not liking to see her in his house.

"I miss you!" she said and planted a wet kiss on his lips and palmed his shaft through his short, she encircled his rod with her fingers moving his shaft up and down to stir his desire, giving him a stimulating handjob in the middle of the living room.

Alex groaned, fuck, she purposefully awakened his arousal. "Not here, let's go upstairs," he said.

The woman followed him into the stairs, giggling.

They come at the top of the stairs and went inside the guest room which is the first room near the stairs.

Alex shoved her face down in the bed while he pulled her mini skirt and lacy thong down her legs, then he freed his erect shaft from his shorts, entered her center in one swift motion and pounded on her softness nonstop.

The woman was moaning in ecstasy him...'ahhh...mmm...ahhh'... her eyes dilated her body convulsed in mind-shattering bliss.

Beads of sweats erupted on Alex's forehead as he was nearing orgasm. With one last thrust inside her, he withdrew his manhood swiftly and ejaculated on her legs.

He slapped her bottom. "Go now to the bathroom and clean yourself and I want you to get out of my house within fifteen minutes," he ordered.

Brenda pouted. "Why can't I just live here with you?" she insisted.

"No way! It's not part of our arrangement. Go back to your place now before I will get angry," he said coldly and left the room.

He entered his room, went to the bathroom and took a shower.

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