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Chapter 102: Come Back To Me!

The following day in Daniel's office located in a 10-story building owned by the Lopez family. A partnership company consists of three owners who are siblings. The Chairman was the older brother of his deceased adoptive father. The chairman was currently living in Switzerland enjoying his life together with his family. The second owner was Daniel's adopted deceased father. And the third owner was the sister, a single woman who was involved in charitable causes in the remote place somewhere in Africa.

Lopez's family have businesses in different sector... such as in transportation, real estate, agriculture, advertising, cosmetics, security, and manufacturing services. Aside from the businesses in the country, Daniel's deceased adopted father also had a few businesses of his own, mainly a partnership with other foreign businessmen originated outside the country.

Daniel is the current CEO of the Lopez Group Of Companies.

As of the moment, the sole management of the Lopez Group of Companies falls on Daniel's lap. He was lucky that people under him are competent enough and can run the business with little supervision from him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/come-back-to-me!_45062613092059444">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/come-back-to-me!_45062613092059444</a> for visiting.

Daniel was reviewing the current proposal of their Chief Marketing Officer to invest in a new manufacturing business that produces liquid and gel hand sanitizers as well as antiseptic alcohol and other health-related products... when the door suddenly opens.

Brenda barged into the door unannounced followed by Nora, the secretary.

"Sir, I'm sorry. I told Miss Brenda that she is no longer allowed in your office but she still forces herself in and I wasn't able to block her," Nora said in a worried tone, she quickly apologized to her employer for her incompetence.

Daniel sighed and addressed his terrified two months old secretary. "It's okay, Nora. You can go back to your table now. I will take care of the visitor. Lock the door when you go out," he ordered.

"Yes...Sir," said Nora.

The relived looking secretary exited the room quickly and locked the door behind her.

Brenda sat on the sofa looking at Daniel adoringly.

Daniel throws his visitors a death glare. "I told you, we're over, Brenda. Why are you here?"

Brenda's red lips pouted. "What can I do? I miss you so much! I keep thinking about you," she said teary-eyed.

Daniel sighed. "What do you want?"

"I miss you! I just want to see you!" she stated.

"Is that all? Now that you see me, please leave my office and don't come back anymore," he said in a detached voice.

"No, I won't leave your office unless you come back to me!" Brenda insisted.

Daniel was getting annoyed because of the woman's boldness and stubbornness.

"Get out of here on your own accord or I will throw you out! Which is which?" he was threatening her.

Brenda held her ground and didn't leave the room.

Daniel rose from the swivel chair and approached the woman sitting on the sofa. He grabbed Brenda's right hand wanting to throw her out of his office, but Brenda resisted him, instead, she grabbed his manhood and squeezed it nicely, moving up and down, intending to stimulate his sexual appetite.

Daniel froze.

As much as he disliked seeing Brenda in his office but the way she pleasures him, damn, it's so pleasurable! His lower body was liking what Brenda was doing down there and he was powerless to stop her now.

Brenda smirked when Daniel didn't do anything to stop her, she continues performing handjob on his now erect manhood. Not yet satisfied, she immediately unzipped his trousers and pulled his underwear down his legs. His stiff arousal comes into full view. Brenda licked the tip of his manhood as if she was licking a lollipop. To stimulate him further she opened her mouth bigger and swallowed his entire erection and continue licking it with her tongue inside her mouth.

Daniel groaned in pleasure. Damn woman!

Brenda was lost in her world busy pleasuring the manhood of the guy she loves so much.

Daniel reached out for Brenda's noticeable breast encased in a plunging body fit black blouse, he began fondling her breast while Brenda continues giving him a blow job, he was now sexually aroused to the fever pitch and love to bang, someone!

Daniel ejected his manhood from Brenda's mouth and put back his underwear and pants in place, he then grabbed Brenda's hand and pulled her along with him inside the bathroom.

They continue their hot steamy activity inside the bathroom.

Brenda and Daniel were both naked and groping each other's bodies.

Daniel grabbed Brenda's bottom and he swiftly thrust his erect manhood into her core while his hands busy fondling her twin peaks...Brenda's eyes dilated experiencing multiple orgasms due to Daniel's repeated banging of her core, as moans of pleasure coming out from her mouth.

Daniel was nearing orgasm, as soon he felt he was going to ejaculate he pulled his manhood out and sprayed his semen on her legs.

Brenda turned around facing Daniel wanting to engage him in a lip-lock but he avoided her effort. "I just want to kiss you," she said softly.

Daniel stared at her face coldly. "We're done here, you got what you wanted. Now go home!"

He ordered her with a voice devoid of emotion while cleaning his manhood with the running water. He donned his clothes back on his body and left the bathroom.

Brenda was left inside the bathroom fuming. She thought that after they will engage in sex he would be willing to welcome her back in his life, but she was wrong!

After cleaning herself and donning back her clothes, she exited the bathroom and faced him, ready to beg for his attention.

"D-Daniel...let's talk please..." she begged. Brenda put her most pitiful expression on her face, wanting to evoke pity from him.

But Daniel didn't even look at her face, instead, he reached for his wallet and took some money and placed it on her hand. "Here's the payment for your services. Go now or I will call for the guard to drag you out of my office and out of the building!" he threatened her again.

Brenda accepted the money in silence and placed it on her shoulder bag, sadness engulfed her eyes.

She walked slowly towards the door and was out of Daniel's office within seconds. She entered the elevator and reached the ground floor. Brenda walked towards the lounge area in the lobby of the building and sat down on one of the sofas, trying to calm her chaotic nerves.

Her biggest mistake was falling in love with Daniel. Their relationship started for sexual pleasure only, then gradually turned into a relationship, then deteriorated when Caroline comes into Daniel's life. She just can't accept that Daniel would throw away their amazing relationship just because of that woman?

How can Daniel be so cruel to her!?

This is unfair!

Just when she thought he was about to fall in love with her, that's when a new woman comes into the picture obliterating her chance to become the next wife of Daniel Lopez.

Brenda continues to sulk in the lobby of the building not wanting to go home yet.


Back in Daniel's office.

Daniel runs his fingers through his hair and was shaking his head in disgust. "Dammit! Some women just don't know how to quit!"

What bothered Daniel the most was when he was banging Brenda inside the bathroom, he was imagining Caroline's face. Was he fantasizing that it was Caroline he was banging from behind? He did! Fuck! Something is wrong with his head.

He breathed deeply and closed his eyes, trying to drive away Caroline's face from his mind.

He went to the cabinet in the corner, opened the drawer and took some clothes and a towel, and went inside the bathroom to take a quick shower. Maybe, under the cold shower, he can finally push away Caroline's face out of his head.

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