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23.27% Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife / Chapter 71: Correction!

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Chapter 71: Correction!

The following day.

Early morning, Mike received a text message from his brother informing him that he will arrive at 9:00 in the morning to talk to his wife.

He was thinking what can he do to help his brother?

Usually, after breakfast, Catherine will send the babies to the garden while she takes a bath. Hmm, that's it! He will let his brother in the room while Catherine was taking a bath. Then it's up to his brother what he will do next to convince his wife to come back home with him.

Brilliant idea!

Mike rose from the bed and went inside the bathroom.

A moment later, he exited his room and ambled towards Catherine's room.

He knocked thee times on the door. "Cath, let's eat breakfast together!" he announced.

The door opened, Catherine and Merle exited the room carrying the babies in their arms.

The housemaids took the babies and bring them to the living room while Mike and Catherine proceed to the dining room.

Susan can be seen walking down the stairs leading to the dining room.

In the dining room.

Mike, Susan, and Catherine were eating breakfast dishes which consist of fried Tilapia fish, eggplant omelet, sunny side up egg, bacon, steamed rice, sliced bread, and hot coffee.

Susan keenly observes her daughter-in-law's face. "Catherine..."

Catherine raised her head and looked at her mother-in-law. "Yes, Mother?"

"Have you not decided yet when to talk to your husband?" asked Susan feeling hopeful that the situation between the couple will improve in the coming days even though she knows that Catherine was still giving her son a cold shoulder by not answering his calls and replying to his text messages.

Catherine released a deep sigh. "Can I stay here for another week, Mother?" she ignored her mother-in-law's question, instead, she threw her a question of her own to sidetrack John's mother.

Susan and Mike stared at each other and sighed.

The mother and son realized that Catherine still has no plans to reconcile with her husband.

Catherine saw Susan and Mike sighing. She felt uncomfortable, she quickly finished the foods in her plates so that she can finally leave the dining room.

A moment later.

Catherine finished devouring the foods on her plate, she stood up. "Mother, I will go now upstairs," she informed her companion around the table.

Susan smiled and nods her head, Mike did the same.

Catherine left the dining room and went to the living room. She instructed the maids to bring the babies to the garden because she will take a bath first before joining them. The maids obeyed her instructions and left the living room with the babies.

Back in the dining room.

Susan and Mike resumed eating breakfast.

A moment later.

Mike's phone signaled an incoming message. He retrieved his phone and checked the message, the text came from his brother waiting outside the gate. "Mom, bro's already here outside the gate," he told his mother.

Susan was done eating, she rose to her feet. "I'm done eating. Assist your brother anyway you can. I will spend time with my grandchildren in the garden," she said.

"Yes Mom," Mike answered and left the dining room.

Susan exited the house heading towards the garden to bond with her grandchildren.

In the gate.

John can be seen walking in the lawn while his car was parked outside.

Mike smiled at his brother. "You're too early, bro!" he commented.

"My patience is up, brother. I need to see and talk to my wife and bring them back home today," John said in a grim voice.

Mike nods his head in agreement. "By all means, I will escort you now upstairs. Just call my name if you need assistance. Good luck!" he grinned and patted his brother's shoulder.

"Thanks, bro! No matter what happens, even if Catherine will shout or scream, don't pay attention. I'm in charge, okay?" John said and winked.

Mike laughed. "Alright. Let's go now!"

The siblings entered the living room and climb the stairs.

John proceeds to the room that Catherine occupies. Wow! Lady Luck was on his side because the door was not locked.

He pushes it slowly and looked inside, then he gave his brother a thumbs-up sign and entered the room quietly.

Mike smiled and went to his room to start packing his clothes and other stuff in a traveling bag. He was looking forward to his flight with Caroline later, at 5:00.


Inside Catherine's room.

John sat on the bed while listening to the sounds of water inside the bathroom. His wife was taking a bath.

Hmm, John grinned naughtily and swiftly discarded his clothes except for his underwear. He lies down in the bed and waited for his wife to finish showering.

A few minutes later.

The door to the bathroom opened. Catherine emerged from the bathroom wearing a bathrobe but naked underneath. Her eyes widened upon seeing her husband inside the room. "What are you doing here and why you're naked!?" she shouted at his smirking face.

"I miss you! I miss my wife and my children," he grinned.

When Catherine attempted to walk towards the door, John grabbed his wife and settled her on his lap.

"Put me down! Get out of here!" she demanded.

John ignored her orders. "I'm here to talk. Let's have a serious talk," he said while holding her firmly in place.

"I'm angry at you because you touch my sister!" Catherine started her rants. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/correction!_44529861053708822">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/correction!_44529861053708822</a> for visiting.

She squirmed and wiggled wanting to escape his hold.

"Stop moving, wife, for God's sake!" he said. An expression of annoyance flashed in his face but it vanished instantly within seconds. "Give me time to explain my side, okay?" he begged.

"Make it quick! No matter what you say to me, you still touch my sister!" she snorted furiously.

John groaned and released a deep sigh. "Correction, I wasn't intentionally touching your sister because I wanted to. To be honest I won't touch your sister with a ten-foot pole. Just that she was in a great pain so I have to save her. I'm just saving her... no malice and bad intention on my part. I hope you understand that I have no desire to touch your sister, if I wanted to I should have done it a long time ago when you're still missing," he paused for a few seconds and took a deep breath then continue explaining. "I don't have any plan to get involved with any woman ever again. Having you and our children on my side is more than enough for me. I can't ask for more, please...Cath, I'm begging you...come back home with me today. I miss you and our children. Please stop torturing me," he pleaded, raw pain was flashing in his eyes.

Catherine pouted and continue giving her husband a cold shoulder.

Time for Plan B! John grinned and began tickling her sides.

Catherine doubled over in laughter. "Stop! Stop tickling my sides!" she shouted as peals of laughter escape her mouth.

John ignored her protest and continue tickling her sides. The room was now filled with John and Catherine's laughter.

A few minutes later, John ceased tickling her sides and their laughter subsided as silence was rapidly taking over the atmosphere of the room.

They were looking intensely at each other's eyes.

John managed to bring Catherine's body down in the bed and his weight was pressing down on her. "I miss you, wife!" he whispered huskily.

When he lowered his mouth and claimed her lips hungrily she did not object, they shared a passionate kiss filled with a deep longing for each other.

John's hands wandered all over her naked body in frenzy, as passion and desire sweep through Catherine's body awakening her need for intimate contact with her husband....her body was now feverish with arousal that only her husband's expertise in bed can satiate.

Soon enough, the couple was both naked with not a single piece of clothing left on their feverish body that's clamoring for release.

John's stiff rod entered his wife's silky mound and pounded her nonstop as Catherine was writhing in bliss in the bed...moans of pleasure dripping from her lips.

"ahhhh...ummm...ahhh..." she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

"I love you, wife," John whispered in her ears lovingly and claimed her lips again for an earth-shattering kiss.

A few seconds later they reached the pinnacle of their steamy romping, reaching nirvana within just a few minutes of John's no holds barred pounding into his wife's center.

A few minutes later, the deed was done, they lie down side by side spent and sated, while John was hugging his wife from behind, spooning her.

"Wife, come home with me today, please?" John begged again.

Catherine faced her husband and smiled. "Fine..." she said.

John's face broke into a dazzling smile. "You're no longer angry at me?" he asked feeling happy.

"I still have... a little..." she responded and pouted like a petulant child.

John smiled and hugged his wife tightly. "Don't worry, as soon you come back home with me... all your anger will vanish away. I will make sure of that," he promised.

Catherine smiled a little. She did miss her husband! She can't stay hating him for a long time. He did have a point... if he wanted to touch her sister he could have done it a long time ago when she was still missing but he never did.

John was smiling happily while cuddling his wife. He was feeling grateful that his wife didn't give him a hard time.

The couple rested in the next few minutes, luxuriating on each other's embrace.

A moment later, after resting, they went inside the bathroom to shower together.

The couple emerges from the shower, fifteen minutes later.

John and Catherine exited the room wearing a pleasant smile on their faces, they were holding the hands of each other, heading towards the garden to see the children.

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