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Chapter 101: Devils Loves To Hide

Alex woke up to a beautiful day.

So beautiful was his mood that the smile never leaves his face even after entering and getting out of the bathroom.

He reached for his phone and read Caroline's message last night, over and over again.


She finally made up her mind to visit Lucas!

Due to his happiness, he sent Caroline's message to Allison.

And his sister replied with a single word...' SUCCESS!'

After eating breakfast, Alex went down to the basement to bring the good news to his brother.

His feet landed on the basement floor and instructed Rudy. "Untie my brother's chain. From now on, he will live with me in the house," he said.

"That's good news, Boss!" Rudy said happily.

Alex and Rudy went inside the room, and Rudy starts taking the chain away from Lucas's ankle.

Done, Rudy carries the chains in his hands and left the room.

Lucas's face brightened after seeing his ankles already free from the chains. "What's this brother?"

A smile appeared on Alex's face. "Starting from today, you are now free to live with me in the big house. You will no longer live here in the basement, providing that you won't flee again, okay?"

Lucas nodded his head and beamed. "Yes, brother! Thank you. I promise you that I will never leave again," he said.

"That's good! And I have one more good news for you," Alex said.

"What is it?" Lucas eyed his brother's face excitedly.

"Finally, Caroline texted me last night, informing me that she was now willing to see you again," blurted Alex.

Instantly, Lucas's face produced a megawatt smile that brightens the whole room. "OMG! That's great! I'm so happy today. Thank you, brother, for telling me this good news. I'm so excited to see Caroline again!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Lucas shouted for joy over and over again.

Alex wrapped his arms around his brother. "Let's go outside and celebrate!"

The brothers exited the basement and went upstairs.

Alex instructed Rudy to bring all Lucas's things in the room next to his on the second floor of the house. "And Rudy you will be occupying the guest room next to Lucas's room and inform the cook to prepare a feast for lunch and dinner because we're going to have a whole day celebration," he said.

"Yes, Boss!" Rudy replied.

Alex and Lucas proceed to the swimming pool shaded by trees and surrounded by green flowering plants, located outside the house.

They went into the gazebo and sat on the poolside lounge chair.

Alex went to the fridge in the corner of the gazebo and took two bottles of chilled drinks and handed one to his brother. He unlocks his phone and then typed a message informing his sister that they were having a barbecue party in the pool as of this moment, after sending the message, he placed the phone back in the table.

The brothers sipped their drinks while staring at the sparkling water in the pool.

A minute later, Rudy comes up in the pathway bringing some fresh towel and clothes for the brothers and placed them in the vacant chair.

Alex motioned him to come closer. "Tell the cook to prepare the meat for the barbecue. Lucas and I will have a barbecue party beside the pool today."

"Yes, Boss!" answered Rudy and retraced his steps going back to the house.

Alex perused his brother's happy face. "Do you want to swim with me in the pool, Lucas?" he asked.

"Yes, bro!" Lucas answered.

They changed into their swimming trunks and jumped into the pool.

Thirty minutes later.

The housemaid and Rudy were already preparing the barbecue meat in the electric grill. There were fish, chicken, and pork being cooked in the grill.

The maid went back inside the house to help the cook prepare other dishes in the kitchen while Rudy tended to the grilled meat.

The mouthwatering aroma of delicious grilled meat floated around the swimming pool area.

One hour later, the brothers have a visitor.

Allison arrived at the swimming pool area wanting to join the celebration. "I'm here now, guys!" she announced her presence and waved at her siblings having a fun time in the sparkling water.

She sat on the lounge chair and watched her brothers frolicking in the pool. It's nice to see Lucas enjoying the pool, he looks happy and energetic today. She feels happy as well after learning that Caroline had finally decided to visit their brother. She was convinced now that the old man, the psychic in that ancestral house had indeed delivered the goods they agreed upon resulting in Caroline's abrupt decision to visit Lucas.

She will know soon, she will tell her brother Alex to ask Caroline what made her decide to visit Lucas.

In the meantime, she won't show her face to Caroline yet. That woman must not know that she's connected to the brothers by blood.

Alex and Lucas finally get out of the pool and sat on the lounge chairs beside their sister.

"Having fun, brothers?" Allison asked, scanning their faces.

"Yes!" the men answered in unison.

Allison addressed her ill brother. "Lucas, I suggest that you must act sick in front of Caroline when she visits you here," she suggested.

Lucas brows knitted together. "Why? I'm already ill. Haven't I?" he asked bewildered by his sister's suggestion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/devils-loves-to-hide_45062589184528077">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/devils-loves-to-hide_45062589184528077</a> for visiting.

Allison explained. "If you want Caroline to feel for you, you must act like you can't get out of the bed on your own. Let her believe that you only have a few days to live. That way you will get her sympathy and she will visit you often. If she sees you today in your current condition she might think that you are not ill. What do you think of my suggestion, Alex?"

Alex nods his head. "That's what love can do," he commented on his brother's happy countenance. "Allison got a point, bro," he agreed.

"So, guys, can you give me any suggestion so that Caroline will pity me more?" Lucas solicited for their advice.

Alex stayed silent while Allison did the rest of the talking.

"We will buy you a wheelchair, Lucas. You must pretend that you can no longer stand on your own two feet without the help of a carer. Then, every time Caroline visits you, you will have to act that you are in great pain like you are gasping for air and you have a hard time breathing. These kinds of pitiful conditions will make her wants to visit you more," Allison concluded.

"But there's no guarantee that Caroline will keep visiting you, Lucas. So, don't raise your hopes high, or else you will only get disappointed. Remember, that she already had a boyfriend," Alex butt in. He reminded his brother of the possible opposite effect so that he won't feel disheartened if Caroline's visit is for one time only.

Lucas's face fell.

Allison glared at Alex. "Why do you have to be so negative?" she asked him.

Alex shrugged his shoulders. "Sister dear, there's nothing wrong with my statement. I'm just telling Lucas the truth," he replied.

"Guys, let's not start arguing, I feel happy today. I don't want to ruin the day," Lucas interjected to prevent his siblings from arguing. "I agree with the wheelchair. But I will only use it if Caroline will visit me," he said.

"Good! Nice to know that you value my advice, Lucas." Allison patted her brother's back affectionately. "By the way, I want you two to avoid talking about me in front of Caroline. She must not know that we are blood relative, okay?" she told them.

Lucas brows furrowed. "Why?"

"Because the devil loves to hide," Allison grinned.

Alex snorted at his sister. "Because you have something to hide..."

Lucas scanned his sibling's faces. "What is there to hide, sister? Did you hide something from me?" he asked her.

Allison throws Alex a death glare. "Nothing, Lucas. Nothing..."

The siblings engaged in a lively conversation while waiting for the food to be cooked.

Thirty minutes passed by.

Rudy and the cook began putting the grilled meat in serving plates together with other appetizing dishes and put them in the table. The siblings gathered around the table and started the celebration by feasting on delicious food in front of them.

Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

Thanks for reading!


Take care all.

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