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Chapter 75: Do I Know You?

Every inch of Caroline's body shuddered every time his fingers touches her skin. Why does his touch feel so right but so wrong? She can't understand why he was able to arouse her body this way? This is insane! He's a stranger with a questionable motive, she shouldn't come to his room and play with fire. This is all wrong!

She tried to stop his hands from getting into her underwear, trying to stop herself from opening up to him which is very hard because he already set her body to bliss and every inch of her wanting to get burn and explode. "Stop," she uttered in a low voice at first...but he wasn't listening to her protest and still groping her down there..."PLEASE STOPPPPPPP!"...she screamed into his face.

But the guy won't listen, she can only see dark passion residing in his eyes, so, she had to kick him hard several times before she can get her message across, then he falls in the bed. She took the chance and run towards the door and exited the room, she entered her room in a flash to hide and protect herself from the psycho guy.

She jumped into the bed and hide under the covers.

She was gasping for air in fear and nervousness, clutching her chest because she had difficulty breathing.

When she was about to close her eyes to sleep again...the door to her room suddenly opened and the guy went inside.


Shiit! Did she forget locking the door?

The guy advances towards the bed...Caroline screamed in panic and fear.

"Nooooooooooo!" she screamed when she felt his hands touches her legs and went up higher to her center, she twisted and squirmed in fright.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked around the room, he was nowhere to be found.

Damn! She was dreaming, she had a nightmare!

She was dreaming of that mysterious guy! What a weird scary dream!

She put her hands on her chest. She was gasping for breath again.

She breathed slowly trying to calm her nerves. Then she remembered the dream.

Wait...wait...why does her dream turn steamy?

Her throat feels dry, she reached for the bottle of water in the bedside table and opened the lid hastily and sipped from it.

She glances at the clock hanging on the wall, it's already past 2:00 in the early morning. That guy must have been waiting for her in his room and thinking of her all night.

Before she closes her eyes last night, she was thinking of him. That must be the reason why she dreamed of that annoying guy. She rises from the bed and took the card he gave her from her pouch bag and shredded them into tiny pieces and dumped the ruins in the trash bin located near the bathroom.

From now on she will not think of that guy, she will not look at him and will never entertain him.

Caroline went back to her bed and tried to sleep for the remainder of the night. She finally falls into a deep slumber and has a peaceful sleep.


The next day.

Caroline woke up late, the clock already strikes at 9:00 in the morning and the sun was already up in the sky, blazing hot.

Her phone rings, she immediately answered the call. "Hello...Mike," she murmured, rubbing her eyes.

"Do you have a hangover?" Mike joked.

"No of course not. I didn't drink any alcohol last night. You must be the one who had a hangover, not me," she responded.

"Not really. I was just wondering because you wake up late than me," he said.

"I just had a horrible dream last night and I had a difficultly sleeping after I wake up from the dream, that's why I sleep late and woke up late," she explained.

"Ah, I see. I will wait for you in the lounge area, okay? Let's have breakfast together then we shall go ahead and survey the land after lunch," he suggested.

"Alright, I will go now to the bathroom. See you in a little while..." she ended the call and placed back the phone in the bedside table.

She entered the bathroom and took a quick body clean up. She will take a bath later after eating breakfast.

Ten minutes later, Caroline exited the bathroom and change into a casual blue denim dress and applied light make up on her face, she tied her hair in a ponytail and slid her feet on the black flat shoes.

Satisfied with her appearance, she picked up her pouch bag and exited the room.

She securely locked the door behind her.

She strolled casually into the lounge area where the comfy sofas were located. She spotted mike having an animated conversation with someone. As she comes closer, her eyes grow saucer-like when she saw who was the person Mike was talking to.

Dang! Mike was talking to the annoying guy!

Of all people, it's the pervert guy in her dream last night!

Caroline shuts her eyes for a few seconds and composed herself. "Good morning guys..." she announced her presence to them.

Mike and the guy looked at her.

Caroline smiled sweetly for Mike's benefit but ignored the guy.

"Here she is, my Caroline, the apple of my eyes!" Mike said proudly. "Guys, you should introduce to each other," he added.

The guy smiled appreciatively at her. "Hello, Miss Caroline Ramirez. Nice to meet you, I'm Daniel Lopez," he extended his hand to her for a handshake.

Caroline showed him a fake smile and accepted his firm handshake. "Nice meeting you, Daniel," she said in a low voice. She's trying hard not to stare on his handsome face. The steamy details of her dream last night flashed in her mind. Dang! She's getting conscious all of a sudden.

"Okay, guys, let's head for breakfast together," Mike said.

Caroline's brows snapped together. WTF!?

Are they going to eat breakfast together, as in the three of them?

'Noooooo!' She furiously protested in her mind, but she has no choice 'coz Mike already made up his mind that they would eat breakfast together.

While they were walking down the stairs, she was wondering what Daniel was thinking in his mind when he gave her the card? What was that important thing he would like to tell her?

If they would be alone together, she must ask him why he handed her that card and why he invited her to come to his room in the wee hours of the night. It's kind of an indecent invitation that no woman in her right mind would accept.

They finally reached the restaurant and chose a three-seater table.

Caroline ordered Garlic Prawns, Fish Fillet, Pork Caldereta, rice and hot coffee for them all. "You guys approved my orders?" she looked at her companion's faces.

The men nodded their heads in agreement, surprisingly they did not object.

While waiting for their order, Mike and Daniel talked animatedly about business matters.

Caroline went silent mode while listening to their discussion. So...Daniel is a businessman? eh?

When the food arrived at their table they began eating in silence.

One hour later, Mike stood up and went to the bathroom.

Caroline and Daniel looked into each other's eyes.

"Why you didn't come to my room last night?" he suddenly asked her, his penetrating gaze bored into her eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/do-i-know-you_44587241279902086">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/do-i-know-you_44587241279902086</a> for visiting.

She blinked twice. "Why should I? Do I know you? Why should I trust you?" she asked him in a voice full of suspicion.

Daniel smiled showing even white teeth. "Well...I can't blame you if you didn't come to my room last night. How about this...can I formally invite you to dinner?"

"What for—? I'm not interested to know you," she said with finality in her voice.

Daniel sighed. "You will after I'll tell you why..."

"What is this important thing that you are going to tell me?" she asked the question that has been bothering her mind ever since he gave her the card.

"Accept my dinner invitation, so that you will know you everything," Daniel said.

"I won't accept the invitation if you won't tell me first!" she demanded.

Daniel ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "Okay...I will tell you..."

"Guys, I'm back! Are you done sipping your coffee?" Mike appeared suddenly in front of them.

"Yeah... we're done," Caroline replied shakily.

Daniel rose to his feet. "Guys, thank you for allowing me to share breakfast with you. I have to go somewhere for business matters. Looking forward to seeing you tonight. I will treat you guys," he said.

"Okay, take care dude," Mike said.

Daniel left the restaurant without looking at Caroline.

Caroline looked at Mike. "You like him?"

Mike's brows furrowed. "Huh? What kind of question is that? Are you jealous of him?" he asked chuckling.

"You and Daniel look like close friends considering that you only meet each other last night," she commented casually.

Mike chortled. "Nah. I'm just a friendly person. Come on, sweetie, don't be jealous. Between the two of you, I will choose you over him in a heartbeat," he finished with a serious tone.

Caroline shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever..."

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