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27.21% Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife / Chapter 83: Enjoying The Show?

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Chapter 83: Enjoying The Show?

Allison fished out her phone from her bag and began taking photos at the lewd spectacle on the floor. "Don't leave any mark on her body!" she warned them.

"Copy Madam!" the guy said while enjoying licking the tip of Caroline's nipple.

"Okay, group hug!" Allison ordered.

The guy and the lesbian hugged Caroline's naked body.


"Hands down!" Allison commanded.

The guy and the lesbian's hands roamed above Caroline's underwear.

Allison took pictures of Caroline from all angles with or without her minions. "Are you enjoying the show guys?" she asked her companion devilishly.

"Yes Madam!" they uttered in unison as they lustfully gazed at Caroline's naked body. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/enjoying-the-show_44706305004328006">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/enjoying-the-show_44706305004328006</a> for visiting.

"Can I insert my fingers inside her pussy, Madam? I just want to feel and smell her down there," the guy begged, so aroused already.

"Me too!" shouted the lesbian in glee.

Allison gave her minions a dark look.

"Enough! The show is over! Now, donned back your clothes and dressed her and put her back on the sofa. Hurry up!" Allison barked her orders. "Don't forget to wipe alcohol on her breast. I don't want her to smell your saliva on her tits!" she added.

"Copy Madam!" the lesbian girl said.

The minions carefully donned Caroline's clothes back on her body and placed her on the sofa in the same position she was lying earlier.

Allison watched the flurry of activity in front of her.

Feeling satisfied that the unconscious Caroline was now back on the sofa. Allison motioned her minions to leave the room. "Out! I will text you guys later if I needed assistance..."

"Yes Madam!" the minions responded in chorus.

After her minions left the room, Allison picked up the remaining bottle of soft drinks, went to the toilet located inside the room and emptied the contents into the bowl and flushed it down.

She went back to the sofa, placed the empty bottle in the tray and continues singing as if nothing happens.

A few hours later.

Caroline's fingers began moving and her eyes opened blinking a few times, she glances at Allison still singing karaoke. She found herself lying on the sofa...then she recalled that she feels drowsy and sleepy and the last thing she remembered she lay her body on the sofa wanting to sleep badly. "Oh my! Did I fall asleep?" she asked in disbelief.

"Yes. So I let you sleep for a few hours," Allison responded.

"OMG!" Caroline looked at the clock hanging on the wall, her eyes widened. Damn! It's already midnight! How did she fall asleep that long? "I needed to go home now!" she exclaimed in a hurry.

"Hey friend, relax! I will ask for the bill and we shall go home together, okay?" Allison said calmly.

Caroline nodded her head. "I'm sorry I fall asleep. I will pay our orders," she offered.

"No, it's okay, don't bother yourself about anything my dear... it's my treat tonight. You can treat me to lunch some other time. No worries," Allison smiled cheerfully.

The waiter comes inside and Allison settled the bills.

A few minutes later, the women were now standing outside the establishment.

"I will bring you to your home," Allison offered. "You will arrive home faster if you will get into my car. By the way, where are you residing?" she asked.

"In Eastwood Subdivision," Caroline replied.

"Nice, don't worry that is also the way to my home. I will just drop you by," Allison offered again.

"Okay, thanks!" Caroline finally relented.

The women went to the parking area and boarded Allison's Mercedez-Benz-E Class.

Caroline was deeply impressed by the classy interior of Allison's luxurious car.

Thirty minutes later, they finally entered the vicinity of the Eastwood Subdivision. Allison dropped Caroline outside her home.

"Thank you so much for sending me home," said Caroline.

"My pleasure. I will go now. Bye-bye," Allison said and drove her car away.

Merle opened the gate as well the door of the house and let Caroline in.

"Where is Mother?" Caroline asked the maid.

"Your mother is sleeping in your bedroom together with baby Cathy, Ma'am," Merle replied.

"Okay, go back to sleep now. Make sure you locked the door and the gate before you go back to sleep," Caroline reminded the maid and climb the stairs.

She went to her bedroom and saw her mother sleeping soundly in the bed while baby Cathy was sleeping in the crib.

"Mother, I'm already home," she wakes up her mother gently in the shoulder.

Thelma opened her eyes and looked at her daughter. "Where have you been? It's already midnight?" she asked in a sleepy voice glancing at the wall clock hanging on the wall.

"I went to a karaoke session with a lady friend," Caroline answered.

"Okay, I will go to my room now," Thelma said and get up from the bed, leaving the room still in a daze.

Caroline accompanied her mother into her room, she only left the bedroom after making sure her mother was already lying comfortably in her bed.

After changing into her pajama, she immediately lay her body down in the bed.

Caroline recalled what just happened in the bar earlier. Dang! She falls asleep! She might have drunk too much. She will have to remind herself not to drink more than one glass of Bloody Mary ever again.

Allison has been very kind to bring her home and pay all their bills in the bar.

On the other hand...she finally seen table #20 upstairs in the bar, it looks a decent and safe place to meet a stranger.

'It's safe to meet Daniel in that place,' her inner voice told her and she agreed.

She checked her messages on her phone, she got a few messages coming from Mike informing her that he misses her, they would go out tomorrow and he wishes her goodnight.

She typed a quick goodnight message and sends it to him. 'Better late then never,' she said to herself.

She put the phone back in the bedside table and prepared to sleep, she was planning to treat Allison some other day to compensate for her generosity.

Thirty minutes later, Caroline had finally fallen asleep soundly in her bed.


A few miles away.

In Allison's bedroom. She was scanning the photos of the naked Caroline that she had taken inside the bar together with her minions.

The provocative and steamy photos look great!

In the eyes of the perverted and lewd people, the steamy photos are heaven to look at, but an absolute horror if seen by many.

Hmm, this photo might be handy later on. But right now she had to transfer it to her laptop and USB files. She powers on her laptop and made a copy of the photos in her USB as well.

Now, she got both copies of the photos on her laptop and USB!


Before she deleted the steamy photos from her phone, she sends some of the photos to Mr. X. and smiled broadly accompanied by the simple bragging message...' I got her first! You're too slow!'

A moment later her phone rings loudly.

'Well, it didn't take so long. He calls finally!' she muses.

Allison grinned in triumph. When she answered the call, she was greeted with an angry voice.

"Where is She!? Leave her alone! What the fuck are you doing!? Are you crazy? Delete the photos now!" an angry male voice demanded on the phone.

"No, I won't! No, I won't. No, I won't," said Allison in a sing-song voice.

"Fuck!" Making the voice spouting profanities at the other end of the line. "Fine. I will come! I will delete it myself! And don't fucking touch her again!" the angry voice shouted more profanities over the phone.

Allison smiled in glee and shrugged her shoulders, she's already used to her brother's outburst every time he gets angry at her.

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