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Chapter 113: Everything Is Possible

Two days later.

Alex had finished showering and exited the bathroom when he received a text message from Caroline confirming that she's ready to face Lucas today after lunch.

Finally! A bright smile appeared on Alex's face. He's been waiting for this day and it's finally going to happen today!

He quickly replied...'Shall I fetch you from your house?'

Caroline responded...' No need. Just tell me the place we're going to meet. I will come to you.'

He typed...' Have you known the Lopez Group of Companies Building in Makati City? I have an office here, you can come here, it will be our meeting place.'

Caroline replied. 'Okay, I know that building. See you at 1:30 in the afternoon.'

Alex replied...' See you later. Thank you!'

A pleasant smile broke on Alex's face, he was happy for his brother Lucas, because he's been waiting for this day to come.

Alex donned clothes on his body and hurriedly exited the room to tell his brother the good news.

He saw Lucas sitting calmly in the lounge chair beside the swimming pool.

"Bro, good news for you!" Alex said smiling brightly.

Lucas raised his head. "What good news, brother?"

"Caroline is finally going to visit you this afternoon, after lunch!" said Alex, he patted his brother's shoulder affectionately.

Instantly, Lucas's face released a megawatt smile, his smile was blinding, the happiest he has ever been. Tears of happiness fell from his eyes. "OMG! I'm so happy today! Finally, my beloved Caroline is going to visit me today. I have to go back to the basement brother and pretend that I'm near to my dying days so that she will visit me more often," he suggested.

"Okay, no problem. You can tell Rudy to bring back some of the things down there so that the set up will be more believable. I will go now to report to my office, see you later, bro!" Alex said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/everything-is-possible_45242041508088011">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/everything-is-possible_45242041508088011</a> for visiting.

"Thanks, bro!" Lucas said in a grateful voice.

Alex smiled at his brother and walked away from the pool area going back to the house to get some stuff. When he arrived in his bedroom he typed a message on his phone and sent it to his sister Allison, the message indicates the good news about Caroline's impending visit to Lucas this afternoon.

After securing some of his stuff, he exited the bedroom, went downstairs, and boarded his car in the garage area and left the house going to his office in Makati City.


In Allison's mansion.

Allison was eating breakfast in the dining room of her mansion with her minions when she received the good news from his brother Alex.

"It's good news!" Allison announced to her minions.

"What is it, Madam?" the minions asked in unison.

"Caroline is finally going to visit Lucas this afternoon!" Allison shrieked in delight.

"Hooray! Finally, at last!" The minions clapped their hands in joy joining their Madam in her happiness.

"I'm going to visit my brother after I'm done breakfast," Allison said with a smile tugging in her lips.

"You want us to come with you, Madam?" Owen asked.

"No need. I will go there alone," Allison replied.

They resumed eating their breakfast.

Done in the dining room, Allison left the ground floor and went upstairs to take a quick shower.

A few minutes later, she was done with her bath and ready to go to her brother's mansion. She needs to warn the housemaids there not to mention her name to the visitor that will be arriving in the afternoon. She must continue the facade that she had started to avoid complications later on.

She went downstairs and proceeds to the garage area, choosing the other car that Caroline has not seen yet.

Fifteen minutes later, Allison was already driving her car away from her mansion going to Alex's place.

When she arrived in her brother's place a few minutes later, Alex was already on his way to his office. She asked the housemaids where is Lucas, they told her that he was back in the basement.

She went to the basement and found her brother Lucas settling comfortably back in the basement along with Rudy.

Allison addressed her brother's companion. "Rudy, you must not in any way mention my name to Caroline, okay?"

Rudy nodded his head. "Yes, Madam. I won't mention your name to the visitor," he assured her.

"Good, you may go now. I need to talk with my brother," Allison said.

Rudy exited the room.

Allison looked at her brother lying in the bed, a pleasant smile was plastered on Lucas's face.

She was amazed by the profound happiness radiating on his brother's face.

"How are you feeling today, brother?" Allison asked and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I'm feeling happy today, sister! I'm finally going to see my beloved Caroline again!" Lucas said in an excited voice.

"I'm happy for you too, brother," Allison said and stroked her brother's head affectionately. "Don't mention to Caroline about me, okay? Don't tell her that you had a sister named Allison," she said.

"Why?" Lucas's brows furrowed. "While we're still together in the province I told her that I had a brother and sister that I had never seen for a long time," he said.

"You can tell her that your sister passed away a long time and you are reunited with your brother recently," Allison suggested.

Lucas was silent for a moment. "Why I don't have to mention your name? Does Caroline know about you? Did you two already meet each other?" he questioned her.

Dang! Allison sighed. Why her brother is making things complicated now. "Okay, fine, you can mention my real name which is Danica, just use my real name, okay? And tell her that I'm currently living abroad," she concluded.

Lucas's nodded his head. "Okay, I will mention your real name. Caroline knows that my brother's name is Alex and my sister's name is Danica," he responded.

"Now that's settled...what is your plan this afternoon?" Allison asked.

"I will try my best to convince Caroline to visit me here more often. Much better if I can convince her to leave her boyfriend and live with me here in the basement. I want to be surrounded by her beautiful presence every day, it will make my dying days more bearable," he said wistfully.

Allison released a deep sigh.

"Sister, I want to marry Caroline! I want her to become my wife before I die!" Lucas demanded.

Allison breathed deeply. "Bro, you have to remember that Caroline already had a boyfriend. You can't expect her to visit you regularly. If his boyfriend will know about you, he will surely not allow his girlfriend to have regular contact with her- ex," she explained.

A glimmer of dark light appeared on Lucas's eyes. "If her boyfriend will die, maybe, she will visit me more often? What do you think, sister?"

Allison's brows snapped together. "Huh? You want Caroline's current boyfriend dead?"

Lucas nodded his head. "Yes!" he said with finality in his voice. An intense devilish look flickered in his eyes.

Allison locked eyes with her brother.

"At this time, as long as you have money, you can hire someone to kill somebody and get away with it. Am I right, sister?" he said.

Allison nodded her head. Everything is possible when you have lots of money at your disposal. She had done it before, kidnapping and hiding Catherine for nearly a year in a secluded place. Since she instructed her men to left no evidence, no one can point to her that she was the mastermind of the kidnapping incident. "You are right, brother, if you have lots of money everything is possible," she affirmed.

Lucas smiled devilishly. "C-can you do it for me, Sister? I will consider it as your gift before I die." he challenged her.

"What specifically you have in mind, brother?" Allison asked.

"Maybe you can arrange an accident for Caroline's boyfriend, something like a car accident, poisoning, kidnapping then murder, or accidental shooting, a lot of things can be done to end his life," he suggested excitedly.

Allison was silent for a moment.

"I will think about it, brother. Give me time, but I won't promise you anything. So, don't raise your hope high, okay?" said Allison.

"Alright," Lucas replied in a gloomy voice.

Allison rose to her feet. "I'm leaving now, see you later," she said and walked towards the door.

"Bye, sister. Please think about it," Lucas said aloud.

"Yeah, I will," Allison said and left the room.

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