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Chapter 122: Fasterrr!

After arriving in Davao International Airport, the couple boarded a shuttle service bus, and they were directly brought to the Mountain Hill Hotel where they would be staying during the duration of their stay in Davao City.

The moment they entered their suite, Mike called the owner of the land that they were intending to buy.

"Hello...Mr. Fernandez...we already arrived at Davao City and currently staying at Mountain Hill Hotel. We'll be seeing you tomorrow in your residence after lunch, would that be okay with you?" he asked.

"Yes...I will wait for your arrival at my residence tomorrow afternoon so that we can finalize the deal. See you tomorrow, Mike," Mr. Fernandez replied.

"Thank you, Mr. Fernandez," Mike said and ended the call.

He looked at his girlfriend busy unpacking her things and putting them in the cabinet. "Sweetie, are you okay that I only booked one hotel room for us?"

Caroline stopped what her doing and looked at Mike and shrugged her shoulders. "Well...spending the night with you in one room shouldn't be a problem. You can sleep on the floor or the sofa, there's no problem, right?" she grinned.

A grimace appeared on Mike's face. "Ouch! Sweetie, I don't want to sleep on the floor. I want to sleep beside you in the bed so that we can make babies!" he grumbled.

Caroline giggled and throws the pillow at him. "You are such a naughty and horny guy!"

Grinning, Mike catches the pillow and put it back in the bed then he lunged at his girlfriend and scooped her, depositing her body gently in the bed, then he shifted on top of her. "I miss you..." he said huskily.

Caroline buried her fingers on his hair for a few seconds then she pushed him off her body playfully. But Mike continues pressing his body on her, leaving her no room to escape.

"I wanna make love to you right now..." Mike groaned as lust and passion already turning his shaft hard and erect after it was perfectly pressed on her center. He rubbed his erection on her center vigorously... she was already soaking wet down there. Her softness and wetness fired his loins and drives his lust to the fever pitch.

He made some intense grinding on her center trying to arouse her while fondling on her ample breast with his right hand.

In just a matter of seconds, moans of pleasure escape Caroline's mouth.

Mike lowered his mouth and kissed her lips hungrily while he continues grinding on her core.

"...ahhh...hmmm..." Caroline moaned again.

Mike smirked and grinds faster on her center, he unzips his pants and lowered them down his legs and did the same to Caroline's pants. After discarding their lower garments, Mike continues pounding on her softness, his erect rod was now ready to enter her, he freed his turgid shaft and pulled her lacy panties down then entered her in one swift thrust.

"aahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Caroline let out a long pleasurable moan, she fastens her legs on his back..." more please!"... urging him to pummel on her softness deeper...."Fasterrrrrr! harderrrr...deeperrrr," she said breathlessly.

Mike deepens and quickens his thrust on her core...then slowly...gradually...he orgasm while still inside her...he looked at her face...she too feels the same's nice to see her face when she also reached her orgasm the same time with made him happy knowing he can make his future wife cum. He emptied his seeds inside her softness.

Then he collapsed on the bed beside her, reaching for the blanket and covered their naked body with it. He embraced her tired body and nuzzled her ears. "Happy...satisfied?" he whispered in her ear.

Caroline looked into his eyes and nods her head. "It was fast but was so good...I can't complain," she grinned.

"I love you, sweetie," he said softly.

"I love you too," she replied sweetly.

"Let's cuddle some more and rest, then afterward we will have our dinner in the hotel's restaurant," he said.

"Okay," she murmured and closed her eyes to rest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/fasterrr!_45314345420254851">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/fasterrr!_45314345420254851</a> for visiting.

The couple managed to squeeze two hours of sleep under the sheet and spent a good amount of time exploring and fondling their erogenous body parts.

Their lips meet again hungrily.

Mike was getting aroused as his lower body was poised again to enter her body.

But Caroline was no longer in the mood for another steamy session. "Enough for now...I am starving...don't worry...after dinner later we will have the whole night to explore each other's body until the wee hours of the morning," she promised him.

"Really? Are you up for whole night sex?" he teased her.

"Yeah, sure, why not?" she giggled and hides inside the covers.

Mike tickled her sides and Caroline was laughing hard.

"Stoppppppp... tickling me! I can no longer bear it!" she screamed while breaking down in peals of laughter.

Mike joined in her contagious laughter as they were rolling in the bed happily.

A few minutes later.

Caroline was about to enter the bathroom to have a quick shower.

"Let me join you, sweetie," he said.

"No. I would take a shower alone," she said and quickly closed the door behind her. She didn't agree that they would shower together in the bathroom because she knows what will happen inside if they are both naked together. It's easy to get aroused if they were both naked and so intimate with each other.

Mike waited outside the bathroom patiently.

Fifteen minutes later, Caroline exited the bathroom wearing a bathrobe but still naked inside.

"It's your turn," she smiled at him.

Mike went to her side and planted a kiss on her forehead then proceed to enter the bathroom to take a shower.

Caroline went to the cabinet and picked up blue jeans and a sexy V-neck ruffled short sleeve black blouse exposing a little bit of her cleavage. She donned the garments on her body, then began combing her hair, she applied a red light lipstick on her mouth in front of the mirror.

Liking what she saw on the mirror's reflection, she picked up her handbag and dumped her phone and wallet inside.

She's ready now to go outside.

So ready to eat lots of delicious dishes tonight because she was starving!

She power on the television to pass time while waiting for Mike to exit the bathroom and dress up.

Twenty minutes later, Mike finally exited the bathroom and went to the cabinet to pick some clothes. He chose casual blue jeans and matched it with a cotton short sleeve blue polo shirt. He donned the garments on his body and comb his hair.

Done dressing up, he glanced at his beautiful girlfriend and smiled fondly at her. "Ready for dinner?" he asked her.

"Yes, please! I'm starving!" Caroline turns off the television, placed the remote control in the center table, and stood up.

Mike put his wallet on the pocket of his jeans and holds his phone with his right hand. "Let's go, sweetie," he said.

The couple exited the hotel suite and went downstairs to the ground floor to have dinner.

They dined in the restaurant and afterward went to the bar area to chill and listen to the relaxing music while sipping their wines.

It was already 11:00 in the evening when they decided to go back upstairs in their suite and engaged in another mind-blowing romping inside the shower and finished the deed above the bed.

They were done with their tiring but pleasurable lovemaking at 2:00 in the morning.

Physically tired and sated they fall asleep immediately.

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