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Chapter 56: Here We Go Again!

The next day.

After breakfast, Susan and Catherine were having a serious conversation.

"What exactly happens, Cath?" Susan asked her daughter-in-law.

Catherine released a deep sigh. "I saw my husband carrying my sister in his arms, my jealousy exploded...I thought they were doing something wrong behind my back in the pool area, that was my first impression after seeing them together!" she explained in an agitated voice.

"But John told me that he was just helping your sister who was suffering a severe cramp during that time. They were not doing anything wrong to warrant your jealousy," Susan said softly, she's trying her hardest not to shout at her daughter-in-law because Catherine might flee from the house and go somewhere far. She'd rather want that Catherine and her grandchildren were inside her property at least she can protect and watch over them. She spent two hours talking with John on the phone last night before she went to sleep.

Catherine breathed deeply. "Mom, they have a history together. I mean...during my disappearance Caroline tried to seduce my husband wanting to become his wife. Thanks to God, I come back to my husband's side, alive. John resisted my slutty sister's advances," she gritted her teeth in anger, still furious with her sister.

"Ah, I see. Now that I heard it from your mouth that my son refused your sister's advances, you are ready now to talk to my son. My son is not the one who is the problem here. It's all about you and your sister's unresolved conflict with each other," Susan theorized.

"No! I don't want to see and talk to him yet. I'm still upset that he dared touch my sister! I can't accept it!" tears formed in her eyes.

Susan looked heavenward trying to calm her temper. "Daughter, my son John has no intention to take advantage of your sister, we talk about it last night. What happened in the pool area was just an accident and he was just trying to save your sister from possible drowning due to her severe cramps, please understand his side," she pleaded on her son's behalf.

"But he should just shout for help and not touch her directly! He still did it, even if he knows that I will get angry if he did so! He forgot that I would go crazy if I see them touching each other!" Catherine insisted.

Susan grinds her teeth. She can't understand why Catherine would still insist on making things more difficult. "For God's sake, Catherine! Your sister and your husband are not doing sex orgy in the pool area. There was an accident, someone has to save someone, please just focus on it and not on your jealousy. Please, daughter, don't destroy your lovely family because of this jealousy that you are feeling inside, it's not worth it!" Susan said in an exasperated sigh.

Catherine crosses her arms on her chest. She's still angry, totally pissed with her sister and husband! That particular incident in the pool area keeps playing in her head, aargh! she can't shake it off! It's making her more irritated inside.

"You still don't want to see and talk to my son?" Susan said after awhile.

"No! I'm not ready yet," Catherine answered flatly.

"If you don't want to see him yet, I respect your decision. Can you please allow my son to see his children?" Susan asked politely.

"No!" Catherine blurted out.

"But why-?" Susan's eyes widened looking at her daughter-in-law in disbelief, the more she's getting irritated and frustrated with her stubbornness, they were just going in circles without accomplishing anything. "John and his children have nothing to do about this issue. It's between you and John. Rather, it's between you and your sister. Please don't involve the children," she pleaded on behalf of her son.

"Mom, if you insist on this issue, I will pack my bags and leave your home. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to involve you in this problem. I seek your help first because you are the first person that comes in my mind to ask for help. But if you take your son's side then I might as well bring my children somewhere," she said, threatening to walk out.

WTF! Susan shut her eyes for a moment blocking her temper from exploding. She massaged her temple for a few seconds before talking again.

"Alright, no need to leave my house. I won't force you to do the things that you don't like. Just stay here inside my house because I can guarantee your safety. I just want to see my grandchildren safe and sound under my roof. From now on you and the babies are now my responsibility," Susan said with firm authority in her voice.

Susan bit her lip trying to control her temper. Her son's family needs saving from falling apart and if she's not careful with her words and temper she might lose control and say something stupid that would only make things worse than they already are. Times like this, she should not take sides but stay in the middle, as the referee. She doesn't know the extent of Catherine's anger but right now, respecting Catherine's decision is the best thing to do at this moment. "So, how many days are you going to separate the children from their father? Days, weeks, month or years?"

Catherine shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno, Mom," she replied honestly.

"Alright, let's talk this issue for another day," Susan said. "If you need anything, just tell Josefa, my housemaid. I assigned her to assist you and provide you anything you want," she said in a somber mood.

"Thank you, Mom," Catherine said.

"Don't mention it," Susan went to her grandchildren in the bed and enjoyed a few minutes of bonding with them.

Thirty minutes later, Susan left the room and meet her son Mike near the top of the stairway.

"Hey, Mom. Brother John is already in the living room waiting to see his babies," he said a bit loud.

"Shhh! Don't say it aloud, Catherine might hear you!" she reprimanded her son.

Mike pursed his mouth then open it again. "I will go to the room to fetch the children," he said.

"How are you gonna do that? Catherine doesn't want John to see the babies, she is very adamant about that issue," Susan explained.

Mike's eyes rolled and sighed. "Duh! Women! Why they always make things complicated?" he groaned.

Susan continued to go downstairs while Mike proceeds to the room where Catherine's entourage was occupying.

He arrived on the door and knocked three times. "Catherine my friend, open the door, please. I want to see the babies," he said.

The door opened revealing Catherine's face. "Hello Mike," she greeted him.

"Why are you hiding inside this room? Come on, let's go to the garden at the back of the house. The trees there provide soothing breeze and you can see the swimming pool's sparkling water. It's my favorite part of the house to relax and unwind," Mike suggested, he picked up baby James and carry him in his arms.

"Okay, I will just take a shower for a few minutes. You can go ahead and bring the babies downstairs, I will follow after I'm done bathing," she said and picked up the bathrobe and went inside the bathroom.

Awesome! Mike grinned, he looked at Anna. "Dear Anna, hurry up, picked up the precious baby Angel! Let's go downstairs to enjoy the garden view outside!" he said hurriedly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/here-we-go-again!_44332231623238037">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/here-we-go-again!_44332231623238037</a> for visiting.

"Yes, Sir!" Anna carries baby Angel in her arms, smiling.

Mike and Anna exited the room. They descended slowly down the stairs and John who was talking to her mother in the living room stood up after seeing his precious babies.

"Where is Catherine?" he asked looking at the stairs expecting her to come down at any given moment.

"She's taking a bath in the bathroom. I told her that I will bring the babies in the garden at the back of the house, so hurry up bro, spend a few minutes with baby Angel and baby James before your wife knows you're here!" Mike said urgently and handed baby James into his brother's arms.

"You go now to the garden, son!" Susan said. "I will try to distract Catherine for a while. I will send you a text message if I can no longer hold Catherine back," she added.

"Thank you Mom, thanks, bro!" John said while nuzzling baby Jame's arms. "How are you, son? I miss you so much!" he smiled brightly at his son while walking out of the living room heading to the garden.

Mike and Anna were following John from behind.

Mike took baby Angel from Anna's hold and carries her in his arms. "Hello, baby Angel, uncle here! Whoa, you're growing so fast!"

A moment later they finally arrived in the garden area.

There were two pool gazebo structures near the swimming pool area, fitted with a lounge chair, chairs, and tables. The trees surrounding the entire pool area provides a gentle breeze and protection from the hot rays of the sun. The garden is refreshing and the surrounding area filled with ornamental plants and blooming flowers.

John settled in the lounge chair with baby James's, after spending time with his son, he spent the remaining time to bond with his daughter.

Fifteen minutes later. His phone rang, he checked the message it was her mother informing him that she and Catherine were now going downstairs heading for the garden.

John immediately kissed his son and daughter's forehead and placed baby Angel in his brother's arms. Then he reluctantly left the garden going the opposite way to avoid being seen by his wife.

A few minutes later.

Wearing a grim expression on his face, he was walking towards the main gate after taking a glimpse of his mother and Catherine walking towards the garden.

Before he comes to the house, he instructed Ramon to park the car outside the gate so that his wife won't be alerted of his arrival. For now, he will play the waiting game for one week. Then he will talk to his wife and convince her to come back to their house. As much as he wanted to talk to his wife and settle their differences, sadly, now isn't the best time for that. For the time being, he will just respect her wishes for breathing space fearing that the more he will pester her to go home the more she will refuse and things might escalate to serious problems later on. He will just try to see his children every chance he got.

John released a deep sigh and exited the main gate walking towards the car with a slumped shoulders, feeling wretched inside.

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