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Chapter 52: How Dare You!

Catherine pushed the door open to the pool area. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/how-dare-you!_44202234489128887">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/how-dare-you!_44202234489128887</a> for visiting.



What she saw inside made her knees weak like jelly, her fingers closed into a tight ball, her face contorted in rage. She saw John getting out of the pool carrying Caroline in his arms. He slowly put Caroline down in the lounge chair.


How dare they touch each other!?

Her blood was already boiling and her anger shot through the roof.

"What's the meaning of this!?" Catherine stormed into their direction, her hands flew instantly slapping John and Caroline hard in the face.

John was stunned.

Caroline's eyes widened in shock.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly turns explosive like a bomb about to explode!

Catherine sent daggers into their eyes. "You are left alone for ten minutes and you can't stop touching each other! You slutty sister of mine, here's another for you!" she slapped Caroline viciously in the face again, not only once, but twice.

"Catherine stop it! Let me explain what happens!" John was trying to calm down his raging mad, ballistic wife. "It's not what you see..." he begged.

"Shut up!" tears were forming in her eyes. "I trusted you! Why are you touching my sister! Because she looks sexier now than me?" she spits venom into his eyes.

Caroline began sobbing. "Please listen to me, sis. I have a severe cramp in my legs, your husband saves me if he didn't come I might get drown in the pool," she said between tears and trembling voice.

"Bullshit! I don't believe you! You're always a liar! You didn't get my husband before now you are trying to seduce him again? How dare you! You have no shame! From now on I disown you! You are no longer my sister. Go to hell! Fuck you!" Catherine screamed in a thunderous voice, nostrils flaring.

She went to her sister's side and punched her in the face and kicked her in the stomach.

John was trying to grab his wife away from Caroline. "Stop it Catherine!" he shouted at her demonized wife.

Still, Catherine's hands were able to reach Caroline's hair and yanked it hard, resulting in Caroline falling into the floor, wincing in pain.

"Catherine, I said stop! Please calm down. Please stop hurting your sister! What she told you is right! We're not doing anything wrong!" John shouted into his wife's face trying his best to calm her down.

Catherine's hands move swiftly slapping John hard in the face. "I see...Fine! You care for my sister! Go on! Start fucking her! Go on, just fuck each other and go to hell!" She throws each of them a menacing look. She's looking like every inch a madwoman possessed by the devil. Fuming, she dashed towards the door and exited the room, slamming the door behind her.

In the living room, the slamming of the door was loudly heard.

The occupants in the living room fell silent the moment they heard the door slammed violently and saw Catherine's angry face coming towards them...she then took a u-turn walking towards the master bedroom and once she's inside, she slammed the door again.

Everyone in the living room looked at each other in confusion.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Grace asked Thelma.

Thelma carries baby Cathy in her arms and walked slowly toward the swimming pool to investigate what happened in there.

Grace was still shocked, thinking, what's going on?

The door of the master bedroom opened. "Anna, bring the babies here!" Catherine commanded in a loud voice.

Immediately, Anna rose to her feet. Grace followed the housemaid, carrying baby Angel in her arms.

"What happened to my cousin!?" Grace said aloud.

"I have no idea, Ma'am Grace!" Anna said in a terrified voice.

When they arrived in front of the door. Anna knocked softly.

Catherine opened the door. "Get inside, Anna!" she ordered.

Anna went inside the room.

Grace and Catherine stared at each other.

With trembling hands, Catherine reached for baby Angel, tears running down her face.

"Cath, what happened?" Grace asked worriedly.

Catherine opened the door wide and Grace entered, then she locked the door from the inside.

"My marriage is already ruined because of my shameless sister!" Catherine answered indignantly.

Grace brows knitted together. "Huh? What do you mean?" she asked, puzzled.

"I saw my good husband carrying Caroline in his arms and put my sister in the lounge chair, gently like a lover. If I didn't come on time, they would have sex right in the swimming pool while we are oblivious in the living room!" Catherine said in anger.

Grace gasp in shock...then released a deep sigh. Looks like there is trouble in paradise. She dared not defend Caroline nor criticize Catherine afraid she might say something stupid that would only add more fire to the chaos. She shouldn't take sides until she learned the truth. She's here so that Catherine can have someone to talk to.

"What is your plan now?" Grace asked.

"I can't stay here, anymore!" Catherine said in a subdued voice.

"What-? Where are you going?" Graced asked in alarmed.

Catherine didn't answer. Instead, she began pacing back and forth inside the room. Then she suddenly picked up her phone in the table and began typing fast, after composing the long message she hit the send button.

Catherine stared at her cousin. "Grace, don't worry about us. In the lace where I'm going, the children and I will be safe," she assured her.

Grace sighed, feeling helpless.

Suddenly, Catherine's phone starts ringing.

"Hello, Mother. Yes. Can I stay in your place for a while? John and I had a huge fight. I want to leave this house but I don't have a place to stay for a while. I will bring baby Angel and baby James with me. Please, come quickly! I begged you!" there was urgency in her voice. She doesn't want to see and talk to her husband right now! She's still fuming mad at him for touching her sister. The jealousy she felt earlier in the pool area was still raging furiously in her heart.

"Cousin, where do you want to stay?" Grace asked in a low voice.

It seemed Catherine did not hear Grace's question. She went to the closet where the traveling bags where being stored.

She picked up the bags and began putting stuff into it. She just dumped her clothes and everything that her hands managed to grasp. Then she put the baby's clothes in the other bag, along with the baby's diapers and other important things.

Anytime now, they will arrive to fetch her, she'd better get ready.

Catherine took baby James from the housemaid. "You go to your room now and put your clothes in your bag, hurry up, Anna!" she commanded.

Anna quickly exited the room to obey her mistress.

Catherine locked the door again.

Then a loud knock can be heard from the door.

"Catherine, please open the door! Let's talk!" John's voice thundered into the room.

"No. I won't open the door. Go away! I don't want to see your face ever again!" Catherine shouted angrily.

OMG! Grace was stunned. She'd never seen her cousin this angry!

She's like a mother dragon blowing flames!

Grace bit her lip, afraid to say anything that might trigger her cousin's anger to an epic proportion. She can only hold baby James in her arms securely. Good thing the babies were not crying, they seemed to be just listening and not disturb by what's going on in their surroundings.

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