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Chapter 46: I'm So Sorry

Hector arrived into the Infinity Jade Tower. He entered his son's office looking so sad and dejected, he slumped into the seat facing his son.

John raised his brows puzzled by his father's forlorn expression. "Dad, what happened? Why you look so sad?" he asked worriedly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/i&apos;m-so-sorry_44014422011732459">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/i&apos;m-so-sorry_44014422011732459</a> for visiting.

"It's your mother, Clara, she already knew about Susan. She tracked the plate number of Susan's car in the parking area during the baptismal party and she found her. She went to Susan's office and confronted your biological mother," Hector explained sadly.

John picked up his cellphone and called her mother Clara. The phone kept ringing. "Dad, why is it that mother is not answering my call?"

"She doesn't want to talk to any of us, she's very upset and angry. Ever since last night we sleep in a different room, she was very upset and angry at me. She doesn't want to see and talk to me. When I left earlier, she did not leave the room so I just prepare the breakfast in the table hoping she will come out of the bedroom and eat breakfast after I left," Hector replied.

"This is not good," John rose to his feet wanting to see her mother. "I will go to the Mystic Bay Twin Tower, Dad. I will talk to mother," he said.

Hector holds his son's arms preventing him from leaving the room. "Don't do that, son. She won't talk to you. The fact that she didn't answer your call means she doesn't want to see you or talk to you at this moment. Let's just leave her alone, for now. In the coming days, after her anger will disappear, she will be ready to talk to us. Let's give her enough space to breathe because she is hurting inside," he explained.

John released a deep sigh. Dang! Why is this happening now? Just when everything was going great in their lives.

John's phone rang all of a sudden. He answered the incoming call, it's from his biological mother. "Hello, Mom?"

"Son, did you see and talk to your mother, Clara? She visited my office yesterday, she confronted me. I'm so sorry, son, it's all my fault," Susan said in a distraught voice.

"Mom, calm down. I'm talking with father right now. We are talking about the problem. Don't worry, I didn't entirely blame you about this scenario. Maybe it's destiny's way of bringing the truth out in the open, once and for all. Just that, it's painful on my mother Clara's side," John stated.

"I will drop by later in your office, son. I will tell you what your mother and I had discussed about the past. I will tell you everything. Wait for me, and please don't go anywhere. Bye son," Susan said.

"Bye Mom," he replied.

The line went dead.

John sighed, he never knew that having two mothers can be so complicated. He looked at his father's tormented face. "What's going on, Father dear?"

Hector shrugged his shoulder in defeat. "It's all my fault, son. I made a grave mistake and betrayed Clara's love and trust. I deserved your mother's wrath."

"D-did you regretted falling for my biological mother and having me as your son, Dad?" John asked curiously.

Hector looked at his only son that is alive, his perfect son. "I never regretted having you as my son, that's the only thing I can say..."

"How about my mother, Susan. Did you have regrets having an affair with her?"

Hector breathed deeply. "If I didn't have a relationship with your biological mother, you won't be here today. My forbidden affair with Susan feels so wrong and yet feels so right. And the best thing that comes out of that affair is you. Son, I don't know what to say anymore," he was shaking his head in confusion.

John saw the turmoil in his father's eyes. It's painful to see his father feeling conflicted inside. How much more if he can see the pain in his mother Clara's eyes. He can't bear to see his parents and his family being turn upside down just because of the past, but it's something that can no longer be buried in the past, everything must come out in the open so that there will be closure and healing for everyone. One thing is clear, his two mothers will never become friends and he will be forever pressed in the middle between them. Torn between two mothers is not a pleasant situation to be in.

Who said life is easy? He sighed.

John stood up and went to the coffee maker. "You want some coffee, Dad?"

Hector nods his head.

Fifteen minutes later, the father and son were sipping their coffee, they were completely shrouded in silence, staring at the city's skyline preoccupied with different thoughts running in their head.

Done drinking his coffee, Hector rose to his feet. "I'm going back home to check on your mother. I will inform you if she starts talking to me and the situation becomes better," he said.

"Bye Dad," John said.

Hector left the room.

John was left alone in the office, waiting for her his mother's arrival.

Fifteen minutes later, Susan entered the office.

"Have a seat, Mom," John said.

"Son, how is your mother?" she asked anxiously.

John sighed. "She's not talking to my father and she's not even answering my call," he replied in a dismal voice. "What exactly happened in your office, Mom?"

Susan's eyes shimmered with tears, she's feeling guilty with everything. "Clara comes to my office and slaps me four times, she was very angry at me. I allowed her to hurt me because I deserved it. Then she told me that she knows about my forbidden relationship with your father a long time ago, yet she kept everything a secret pretending she had no idea about the relationship. She also knows that you are my son all along."

John pressed his lips in agony.

If his mother Clara knew all along about the illicit affair and didn't confront his father about it then she must have been suffering inside for a long time. His heart was being squeezed hard feeling pity towards the good woman who raised him like he was her flesh and blood.

Susan looked at her son's face. "Are you angry at me, son?" she asked in a worried voice fighting back the tears from spilling down her face.

John shook his head. "No, Mom. I'm just shaken by the way things unfolded between the four of us. Father and I have been planning to reveal to my mother Clara about the truth next week, unfortunately, she took us all by surprise," he shrugged his shoulders. "Anyways...what is done is done. We can't turn back time and change everything, so let just ride this storm one day at a time and hopefully, time can find a way to heal everyone's pain," he said.

"Would you still see me, son? Please believe me, I have no intention to fight with your mother. I'm willing to compromise with her. I apologized to her regarding what I have done in the past. Just that she was hurt and felt betrayed. She feels tormented by keeping it inside her for so long," she commented. Susan was fearing that her son would distance himself away from her.

"Yes, of course, Mom. I would still see you. None of these things can change the fact that you are my biological mother. Clara is my mother too, I owed her a lot. I am blessed with two mothers, I'm a very lucky person," John declared just to please his mother.

Susan's gloomy face brightens up after hearing her son's comforting words.

"Mom, I'm not angry with you, okay? So please don't think too much about it. My mother Clara will get over this problem on her own, she just needs some time to process everything and get over the pain. Let's just give her time to heal," John elaborated.

"Okay, thank you so much, son, for your understanding. Clara indeed raised you well and I'm forever indebted and thankful to her. Despite knowing the truth that she was raising you the child of his husband's mistress, she still loves you unconditionally. I'm ashamed and guilty of everything yet I will never regret getting pregnant with you and delivering a healthy baby boy in this world and that is you, my son. You are my firstborn yet I wasn't there during your growing up years. Those thoughts tortured me all these years, my longing for you is great, you have no idea that my heart died on the day I left you outside the house where your father and mother resided. It's killing me inside, but I admitted to myself that I could never give you a bright future so I left you in your father's care and left that place for good to find my place in this city. Now that I finally found you I can give you everything," Susan said in an emotional voice laden with love and affection for her firstborn.

"Mom, I already have everything. Knowing about you and my brother Mike you are more than enough for me," John responded.

Susan went to her son's side and hugged him. "Thank you, son, for not making things hard for me. You accepted me without hurling hurtful words to me. I'm so very lucky to be your mother," as the tears of relief fall from her eyes, she disengages from their hug and bid goodbye to her son. "I'm leaving now, son. I'm sorry I disturb you," she said as tears were spilling from her eyes.

"You can visit me here anytime, Mom. Take care of yourself," he said as he watched his mother walked away towards the door and exited the room quietly.

Outside the door.

Susan wiped the tears from her eyes. Talking to her son made her feel much better. She was genuinely sorry for Clara, she wanted to reach out to her but no matter what she will do, she will only cause Clara so much pain. She will just continue praying that Clara's pain will heal faster so that she can move on from the painful past and be reunited with her husband and son.

She went inside the elevator.

A few minutes later, she left the building going back to her office.

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