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Chapter 89: None Of Your Business!

Caroline locked eyes with Daniel for a few seconds.

Daniel coughed a little, his penetrating gaze bored into hers. "You looked fantastic in your dress," he complimented on her lovely appearance.

Caroline ignored his compliment.

"It looks like you are having a date with me because you dolled up yourself just for this occasion," he was teasing her.

Caroline didn't bother to encourage his teasing and flattery. She wants to talk business with him right away. "I'm interested in the land. Are you going to go ahead and purchase it?" she asked.

"Ah, I see. You wanted to buy the land. The land can be negotiable though. I mean I could easily buy it, no need for bidding with other buyers," he winked at her.

Caroline disliked him instantly, she wanted to smack that smug look on his face.

Daniel chuckled upon seeing the dismay on her face. "Do you think I'm too full of myself? eh? The truth is you don't have much money. While I have unlimited money at my disposal," he bragged this time on purpose.

Caroline sighed. "Whatever!" she rolled her eyes. She's here for the land and for that something important that he wants to tell her. She also wants to know the reason why he knows a lot about her. Was he a hacker? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/none-of-your-business!_44761949795319387">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/none-of-your-business!_44761949795319387</a> for visiting.

"Regarding the land. Can you tell me what is your plan for the land?" Daniel asked.

"I'm planning to turn the land into a theme park, complete with a nice hotel and beach resort," she answered.

Daniel smiled, impressed with her vision for the land. "How about if we become business partners? You can buy the land and I'm going to invest all the infrastructures on it so that your vision can be materialized?" he offered.

Caroline's brows knitted together. 'Why the hell he got the same vision as Mike? Was this a coincidence or what?

"I'm sorry to disappoint you but..."

"Wait...a...s-second...are you and Mike officially a couple now?" Daniel interrupted her and asked the obvious question.

Caroline nodded her head. "Yes, we are."

"Aren't you rushing too fast to enter a relationship with him?" he grimaced, the corner of his eyes crinkled.

Her brows snapped together. "None of your business!"

His mouth twisted. He released a deep sigh. "I guess I'm too late then," he glanced up to the ceiling, feeling defeated.

Caroline stared at his face with burning curiosity gleaming in her eyes. She was deeply puzzled why he acted dejectedly after confirming that she and Mike were already a couple.

"Huh? What does it mean when you say... you are too late? Can you clarify that to me?" she asked.

Daniel throws her an intense look. "Never mind."

Then he retreated into silence for a few minutes.

Caroline stared at him. "I just want to ask...why did you know a lot of things about me? Did you know that you appear creepy to me?" she stated.

Daniel chuckled. "Sorry about that, I never meant to scare you. If not for someone, our path will never cross in this lifetime," he said.

Caroline's brows snapped together when he mentioned 'someone.'

"Who is this someone you are talking about? Was this person the important thing you wanted to tell me about?" she was just wildly guessing.

Daniel smiled. "You're smart. You were able to put things together. This person knows a lot about you. I want you to come with me and see this person," he said.

She was shaking her head. "No. I don't like meeting stranger and I don't trust you!" she declared blatantly to his face.

His mouth set in a hard line. "Are you sure you don't want to meet him?"

"I'm 100% sure!" she blurted out her answer.

Daniel chewed on his bottom lip. Although it's already impossible to convince her he will keep trying to persuade her. He just can't give up.

"If you agree to see someone I will no longer buy the land. You can have it for yourself," he negotiated with her.

The waiter suddenly arrived at their table and delivered a glass of Tequila Sunrise drink and light beer. "Anything else, Sir, Madam?"

"I will give our next order later," Daniel nods at the waiter and motioned him to leave the table.

The waiter obeyed Daniel's command and left immediately.

"Do you have a VIP card here?" Caroline inquired all of a sudden.

"Yes," he answered casually.

Daniel studied her lovely face for a while. "I'm serious about my offer. Just go with me to see that person and I will give up the land," he mentioned his offer again.

Caroline sighed. "Who is this person? What's so important about him that you are so very secretive about?" she's getting impatient with his being discreet.

"Okay fine, I will tell you..." he stood up and leaned towards her face about to whisper to her something important.

But before he can even start what he's going to say to her...

A woman's voice shattered their silence. "Daniel, what are you doing? Are you going to kiss her!? Who is this woman?" she asked with an enraged voice.

Daniel and Caroline froze.

"Slut!" Brenda's right hand automatically reached for the glass filled with tequila drinks and poured it on Caroline's head.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" Daniel shouted at Brenda in horror.

The liquid was dripping down on Caroline's shocked face.

"You fucking slut! Are you going to take my boyfriend away from me!?" Brenda was about to grab Caroline's hair wanting to hurt her physically.

"Leave now Caroline! I'm sorry about this..." he said apologetically while trying to pull the trashing Brenda away from Caroline.

Caroline grabbed her shoulder bag and left the second floor without bothering to look back.

The guard arrived at the table to see what the commotion was all about and help Daniel restrained Brenda that was kicking her legs wildly at Caroline's fading form.

Outside the establishment.

Caroline hurriedly went to the parking area and inserted the key to the car's door, she slid quickly into the driver's area and locked the door just in case that crazy woman was following her.

She grabbed the face towel in her shoulder bag and wipe dry the sticky liquid dripping from her wet hair down to her face with the towel. "That stupid crazy woman, who the hell she think she is!?" she said furiously, her voice vibrated inside the car.

Why would that stupid woman pour the drinks on her head when she had done nothing wrong to her?

'Obviously, she is Daniel's girlfriend,' her inner voice told her.

That woman must have followed Daniel in the bar. Her hands were itching to slap that woman's face but thankfully she was able to hold her temper and not attract more attention to herself.

Sighing, she inserted the key and turn on the ignition, she navigated the car out of the parking area careful not to hit the other cars parked nearby.

A few minutes later, she was already driving her car on the highway, heading home, still visibly shaken of what transpired earlier in the bar.

Her phone was ringing, she ignored it.

She was sure it's Daniel calling her to apologize.

From now on she will avoid him like a plague. She will delete his number later when she reached home, not only that she will block his number as well. She doesn't want to do anything with him anymore.

'Daniel is trouble!' her inner voice said and she agreed.

Thirty minutes later, her car entered the gate of the subdivision.

When she was nearer to the house she honks the horn signaling that she was coming. Merle who was resting on the veranda opened the gate for her.

After exiting the car, Caroline entered the house and climbs the stairs in a hurry wanting to take a shower.

She went inside her bedroom, dropped her shoulder bag in the table and went inside the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Thirty minutes later, she emerges from the bathroom wearing her bathrobe, feeling fresh and clean.

She went to the closet and rummaged the drawer looking for something to wear.

'Her mother and her daughter must be in the other room,' she thought to herself.

She took out her phone from her shoulder bag, scanned and read Daniels messages filled with apology asking for another chance to meet her again.

"Good riddance, Daniel!" she gritted her teeth in anger and proceed with the process of blocking his number from her phone.

Done blocking his number, she placed her phone on the table and left the room going to her mother's room.

Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

Take care everyone!

Stay safe.

Stay healthy.

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