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Chapter 57: Peace Negotiator

Mike stayed in the garden with Catherine and the babies while Susan left the house to report to her office.

Catherine fixed her eyes on the blooming flowers of Marigold, the orange yellowish petals of the flower are mood uplifting, making her smile a bit, producing a summer vibe in the air.

"Cath, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you," Mike said trying to draw her attention.

She glanced at the man sitting on the opposite lounge chair looking at her. "Thank you, Mike," she spoke the words with gratitude in her eyes. She caressed baby Angel's arms absentmindedly.

Mike can sense that her mind was preoccupied and wasn't looking forward to having a conversation with him. He stood up, went to the grassy area where the Bermuda grass was abundantly grown and have baby James walked in the ground. He was rewarded with baby James's laughter and adorable squealing. Mike was grinning all the time he was playing with his nephew.

In the next thirty minutes, Mike was laughing with his nephew playing in the Bermuda grass while Catherine would look at them occasionally, smiling a bit upon seeing a giant Mike and dwarf James's running around the grass.

One hour later.

Mike handed baby Jame's to Anna, sweaty and tired. "Uncle needs to go somewhere, baby Jame's. Play with Anna for a while, okay, cute kiddo?" he patted his nephew's head affectionately.

He ambled towards his sister-in-law. "Cath, I'm going out of the house for a few hours. Do you want something for me to buy outside? How about fruits, diapers or baby's milk? I will gladly buy them for you," he offered her cheerfully.

Catherine shook her head. "No, thanks. Your mother offered to accompany me to the grocery tomorrow so that I can buy anything I want," she said.

"That's great! I will join you guys tomorrow," Mike said smiling. "Will you bring the babies?" he asked.

"No. Just me and your mother," Catherine replied.

Mike smiled broadly. "Okay, I will just stay home so that I can watch over my nephew and niece," he changed his mind quickly.

Catherine smiled. "Suit yourself!"

"See you later, Cath. Enjoy the rest of the day," he said and turned around walking towards the nearest door of the house. He needs to take a bath before heading out. He was having a blast playing with baby James and he's sweating.

One hour later.

Mike entered his car, starts the engine and navigated the vehicle out of the garage area. The car exited the main gate. Mike was now driving the vehicle smoothly towards the main highway.

He's going to visit his mother in his office.

Twenty-five minutes later, Mike entered his mother's office and sat on the chair facing her mother.

"Son, how our precious visitors doing in the house?" asked Susan.

"They're doing great. They're still in the garden before I leave the house. I'm having a good time with my nephew," he said, smiling, recalling in his head how baby James squealed like a banshee every time he caught his uncle.

A momentary silence filled the room.

Susan breathed deeply. "I would like to meet Catherine's sister, Caroline. I want to discuss with her how they can settle their differences. I want Caroline and Catherine to have a serious conversation so that they can finally mend their feud and Catherine can return to your brother's side. Family conflict shouldn't be dragged for too long or else the rift will go far and wide and hard to heal," she said.

"I agree, Mom. How about I will volunteer to talk to Caroline? I have great persuasive power," he grinned. The truth is he had wanted to meet Caroline for a long time, now is the chance to see and meet her.

Susan stared at her son for a long time doubting if he could convince Caroline to talk to her twin, not really to apologize exclusively but at least they have to talk and settle their differences. She believes that all family conflicts can be fixed faster if both parties will just meet in the middle and have a heart to heart talk right after the conflict arises. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/peace-negotiator_44332277508925806">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/peace-negotiator_44332277508925806</a> for visiting.

There's nothing to lose if she will assign the task to her son. If he failed then, she will attempt to do it herself.

"Alright, I will assign you the task. I hope you can convince Caroline to see and talk to her twin so that they can fix their conflicts. We're going to do it for John and Catherine's marriage life to return to normal as soon as possible," Susan elaborated.

"I will try my best, Mom," Mike said with determination in his eyes.

"You may go now, son. I still have some important things to discuss with my secretary," Susan said.

"Okay Mom, I will leave now," Mike said, rising to his feet walking towards the door.

A moment later he was already out of the building heading towards his car that he parked in the parking area. Before he starts the engine, he placed a call to his brother John.

"Bro..." John's voice appeared on the line.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"Here inside my office in the Jade Tower," John answered.

"Good. Don't go anywhere. Mother assigned me to a difficult task, I need your help," he said.

"Okay, I will wait for you here," John replied.

"See you later, bro!" Mike said and ended their conversation.

He placed his phone inside the pocket of his jacket, then inserted the key and started the engine. He navigated his car out of the building and drives smoothly towards his brother's office. He will arrive there in thirty minutes max.

The only thing that he was thinking right now is to meet Caroline in person. Because there was no opportunity to meet her previously. This could be hitting two birds with one stone!

Why not?

Thirty minutes later.

Mike was now boarding the elevator heading towards his brother's office.

He was greeted by the receptionist who is a cute guy and brought him to the office.

When Mike entered the office, his brother wore a somber expression on his face, his eyes staring at the city's skyline while sitting on the swivel chair.

"Bro, I'm here," he announced his presence.

John smiled at his brother that used to be his rival in Catherine's heart, that was in the past when they still didn't know they were half brothers. "Have a seat, bro!" he pointed the chair facing his office table.

"Thanks, bro," Mike seated comfortably in the chair. "Nice view as always," he commented at the view outside the building that can be seen through the transparent glass wall.

"How's Catherine and the children?" John asked.

"They're fine. They're well taken care of. Earlier in the garden, I tried to talk to Catherine about the situation but she's not in the mood to talk to me, so I will just try another day. Don't worry bro, Catherine loves you. She will change her mind in the coming days and she will come running to your side. Please don't be disheartened," Mike said trying to sympathize with his brother.

"Thank you for your help and effort, Bro. Now tell me, what kind of help you needed from me?" John asked.

"Mother wants me to convince Caroline to talk to her twin sister for reconciliation," Mike said.

John's brows drew together. "Huh?"

"Yes. Can you help me? Introduce me to Caroline?" Mike said.

John shook his head vigorously. "No. I won't be seeing Caroline again, I won't touch her even with a ten-foot pole, it might reach my wife's knowledge and I will be eternally doomed. It's better to be safe than sorry," he said with finality in his voice.

"Oh, I understand your side, bro. I will just think of something else. Anyways, what is the true story between you and Caroline while Catherine went missing?" Mike asked curiously.

John sighed deeply, not wanting to remember anything associated with their dark past but for the sake of his brother, he will reveal a little bit. "Caroline tried to seduce me and wanting to be my second wife if her sister can no longer return alive. But I didn't take advantage of her infatuation towards me. I have no plans to marry again if worse come to worst I will never see my wife again. That's all in the past. Caroline already changes for the better and apologize to me, after that she never attempted to seduce me again," he explained.

Mike grimaced. "Ah, I see. Caroline was having a crush on you! Wow! You're indeed... one hell of a chicks magnet bro! The curse of being a handsome guy. It runs in our genes, bro!" he attempted a joke.

Too bad, John can't even smile at this moment, he was preoccupied with the scary thoughts running in his head...what if Catherine will go away again like she always does in the past every time they have misunderstanding?

"Sorry bro, I'm not in the mood for joking. I feared that Catherine might flee far away from me and bring the children with her. I don't want such thing to happen again," John said, sadly.

"Ah, no need to worry bro. I already instructed the guard not to allow Catherine to go out of the house without anyone accompanying her. They are safe in the house," Mike revealed.

"Thanks, bro. Regarding your request for help, I can do something for you, but the rest is up to you," John said.

"What is it, bro?" Mike eagerly asked.

"I can text or call my mother-in-law informing her about you. I will tell her that you were sent by mother Susan to convince Caroline to talk with Catherine to settle their squabble once and for all," John explained. "Then I will drive and drop you to their house, the rest is up to you," he added.

Mike smiled. "Nice! That is so much better than nothing at all! All I need is a gentle push in the right direction and I will do the rest. Promise bro, I will try my hardest to convince Caroline to make up with her sister, quick, so that their problem will finally put to rest and they will be reunited again, and of course, Catherine will finally return to your side!" he beamed.

"I hope you will succeed bro," John murmured.

"So, when are you going to bring me to Caroline's house?" Mike asked excitedly.

"Tomorrow in the evening at 7:00. I will wait for you here in my office," John said.

"Okay. I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow, bro," Mike said and rose to his feet.

"Bye bro..." John said forlornly, fixing his stare back to the city's splendid skyline.

Mike sauntered towards the door and exited the room.

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