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Chapter 120: Perfect Day!

After dinner.

Alex, Allison, and Lucas were sitting on the sofa inside the study room located upstairs, facing each other.

"What's next in your plan, Lucas?" Alex asked his younger brother.

Lucas was shaking his head, still in his somber mood. "I have no plants at all, I will just wait until the day my body is ready to die. What is the use of living if the woman I love no longer have feelings for me?" he asked sarcastically.

Alex sighed feeling hurt. "Why are you feeling like that as if your whole world revolved around that woman only. How about us? We are your siblings, can you just live for us? We've been separated for many years, this is now our time to bond as siblings. Forget Caroline and come with me to the US so that we can find the best doctor and the best medicine for your illness," he said.

Lucas laughed wryly. "What's the use? My illness has no proven cure yet. I'm ready to die anyway, all I ever wanted is to spend my remaining days with Caroline, but sadly, my hope is gone now," he said with a gloomy sigh. He only has himself to blame.

"You should not forcibly kiss Caroline, it made her furious thinking she will be infected with HIV/AIDS from you," he scolded his brother.

Lucas shrugged his shoulders. "I just want to kiss her lips wanting to awaken her feelings for me that were buried deep inside her heart." Lucas defended his action.

"That was the stupidest thing to do to her during those moments," Alex strongly pointed out and sighed inwardly.

"Enough of the blaming game, there's no use crying over spilled milk. What had occurred in the basement earlier was not planned at all. But I can't blame Lucas, he was just carried away by his emotion after seeing the woman he loves so much," Allison interjected.

Alex looked at his brother. "My final decision is to take you to the US, maybe they have advance medical technology there that can kill that virus inside your body," he said.

Lucas and Allison looked at each other.

"I want to live in Allison's beach house in Angeles Pampanga for the time being," Lucas exclaimed suddenly.

"No! I will take you to the US," Alex insisted.

Allison raised her brows. "And how are you gonna do that, Alex? Our brother here is a wanted man, the immigration personnel will arrest him the moment he steps into the airport," she reminded him.

Alex breathed deeply. Ah, that is one thing he was not prepared to answer yet. He will find a way to smuggle his brother outside the country but if he can't find a way then he has to finally admit defeat and accept painfully that there is nothing more he can do for his brother but to provide him shelter, foods, and medicines for his daily sustenance until he dies.

Allison smiled when his brother can not answer her question.

"Why are you going to relocate to the beach house, Lucas?" Alex asked.

"I just want to have a change of environment, brother, so that I can teach my heart to forget Caroline faster," answered Lucas. "Don't worry, after I get better emotionally, I will come back here to live with you," he assured him.

Alex alternated his glances between his sister and his brother. For some reason, he had a foreboding thought about his two siblings.

"I just want to warn you guys, don't ever plan something evil behind Caroline's back, it might backfire on you," he looked at them sternly.

Alex caught a glimmer of defiance in Allison's eyes after he voiced out his concern, while Lucas fixed his stare on the floor. It's Allison that he was suspicious of. Lucas can no longer do anything based on his fragile situation, but his sister can do so many evil things if she put her mind to it. The thing that he was fearing the most is that the two might connive forces and feed each other's evilness.

Alex released a deep sigh, deeply worried about Lucas's situation and his state of mind right now. The truth is, he can't afford to send Lucas away from his protection, one false move and everything they work so hard for will crumble into the ground. He just wants to spend more time with his brother to make up for the long years of being separated from each other.

"I already made up my mind, Lucas, I can't allow you to go to the beach house in Angeles Pampanga. You are much safer here on my property. I can guard your safety better if you are close to me, that is my final decision!" he said closing the discussion, not giving his siblings any room for debate.

Lucas and Allison stared at each other eyes again for a few seconds.

Alex saw their discreet glances to each other, the more he was convinced that the two were planning something behind his back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/perfect-day!_45290220857389590">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/perfect-day!_45290220857389590</a> for visiting.

"But brother, you can't imprison me here inside your home!" Lucas protested.

Alex growled. "Huh? I'm not imprisoning you here inside my property, I'm just protecting you!" he defended his decision.

Allison scratches her head.

Alex looked at his siblings' faces. "Please, no more of this topic. Don't give me headache guys! I have enough already," after saying that he stood up and left the study room.

Allison was yawning and covered her mouth with her fingers. "I'm feeling sleepy, Lucas. I need to go home now. Don't worry we will think of something else in the coming days. For now, just chill here and try convincing your brother to allow you to stay at my beach house. I'm leaving take care of yourself," she said and patted her brother's shoulder affectionately.

"Goodnight, sis!" Lucas said.

"Same to you. You should rest now and sleep early. Don't think of Caroline too much," she told him. "Come, let's get out of here," she urged his brother.

Lucas stood up and together they went out of the room.

Lucas retired to his room next to Alex's room.

While Allison went down the stairs going to the garage area to get her car and drive home.


In Alex's room.

He lies own in the bed wearing only his boxers short, his upper body was bare. He reached for his phone and attempted to call Caroline to no avail.

As suspected, his call ring only once, which means she already blocked his number.

He sighed and put down the phone on the bedside table.

Thirty minutes later, he finally falls asleep. The last person he was thinking in his mind before he falls asleep was Caroline.

And during his sleep, he dreamed of her.

The scene was in a beautiful garden, there was a wide blanket covering the grassy lawn and two baskets of foods can be seen under the shade of the tree. Caroline was sitting on the blanket and she was wearing a smiling face while looking at the two cute adorable babies lying cozily in their portable crib, they looked like twins.

Then Alex arrived on the scene holding a bouquet of roses on his right hand and handed it to Caroline, he kissed her cheeks. She smiled sweetly at him, then he sat down beside her and took one of the babies and carry it in his arms lovingly.

"Our twins, they looked adorable aren't they?" Caroline was gazing into his eyes lovingly.

"Aye babe..." Alex smiled and planted a kiss on her lips.

Caroline happily rested her head on his shoulder.

Alex roamed his eyes around the area, blooming flowers are everywhere around them as the sun was shining brightly up in the sky above, such a beautiful picture perfect family day!

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