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Chapter 118: Sealed With A Kiss?

In the basement.

Allison found Rudy trying to assist the dejected-looking Greg to get up from the floor. "What happened here?" she asked worriedly.

"I dunno Madam, when I come back here I found Lucas already sprawled in the floor and crying hard," answered Rudy.

After Lucas was settled comfortably in the bed, Allison instructed Rudy to leave the room.

Allison looked at her brother with a questioning glance. "What happened, Lucas?" she asked.

Fresh tears emerged from Lucas's eyes. "Caroline no longer loves me, sister. She doesn't want to see me anymore. She was horrified after learning that I have HIV/AIDS. I'm feeling hurt, she rejected and abandoned me already. It's so damn painful! But I still love her, I want her back!" he demanded.

Allison looked in the ceiling and rolled her eyes. "You know very well that she already had a new boyfriend and compared to her man you look awful, bro. She no longer sees the same guy in you that she fall in love with in the past, so, she had to move on. I have to remind you, dear brother, that people do change and move on. She already had moved on, you should move on to," she gave him a piece of her golden advice.

But Lucas cried even more driven by so much pain, he can feel his heart was breaking into a million pieces right now, he just can't believe that the woman he loves so much abandoned him when he needed her the most. "I want her back in my life, sister. I want her back! As long I'm still alive I want her by my side, I don't care what she does after I passed away. What matters to me most is that I can see her every day. Please help me, sister! You are the only one who can help me and make my dreams come true. Please help me," he begged.

Allison breathed deeply, her heart was breaking in pain by the sight of her pitiable brother. "I want to help you brother. After seeing Caroline again, what do you want me to do this time? You still want me to hire someone to kill Caroline's boyfriend? Or you want me to kill Caroline together with her boyfriend? Which is which? But, you have to understand one thing though, if we successfully kill her boyfriend there is is no guarantee that Caroline will come back to you. I'm sure, she won't sacrifice her good life for you. I'm sorry but that is the truth, brother," she explained in a calm voice.

Lucas was silent for a moment while drying the tears on his face with the blanket.

Slowly his face darkened. "Kidnap her for me then. I want to die together with her. I want you to kill her after I passed away and bury us together in the same coffin. If I can't have her then no other guy can have her in this lifetime. Caroline is mine!" he declared fiercely. Previously, he wasn't thinking about killing her but when he saw the reaction in her face after he told her that he had HIV/AIDS, he felt angry. It was clear by the expression in her eyes that she was disgusted with his illness. She used to tell him that no matter what happened, her love for him will never change.

But dammit she had changed! She's a liar!

He can't accept that. He felt betrayed. Did she only love him during good times? Now that he is in the lowest point in his life she no longer remembered the promise she made to him way back in the province. How rude and cruel!

Allison was observing her brother's face keenly.

"Brother Alex, won't allow us to hurt Caroline. But if you are under my protection, we can do anything freely. Are you willing to go with me? I can relocate you somewhere, I have a beach house in Angeles Pampanga, the beach view there is breathtaking, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean for sure," she offered.

"C-can you give Caroline to me?" Lucas asked.

Allion shrugged her shoulders.

"Well...nothing is impossible in this world as long you have money. But the perfect plan is to make Caroline come to you on her own accord. If we can make her do that then we don't have to resort to doing anything extreme. Just give me several days to plan everything perfectly," said Allison. A diabolic smile appeared on her face. "But if there's no other choice then we have to kidnap Caroline and have her live with you here in the basement or at my beach house," she added.

Lucas's face broke into a bright smile. "Thank you sister, you're the best!" he said, feeling grateful for his sister's help and understanding.

"Since we're done discussing things, I will leave now and starts brainstorming on how to kidnap Caroline," Allison said. "See you later, bro!" she said after realizing that there's nothing more to talk since they already agreed on the same thing.

Lucas nods his head and faced the wall, the defeated look come back to haunt his face.

After saying goodbye to his brother, Allison left the basement.



Caroline and Alex finally arrived in the parking lot of the LGC Building.

"We're here!" Alex said. He looked at the pouting lady in the backseat. "Aren't you going to apologize that you slapped me on the face?" he asked.

Caroline glared at him, she tried to open the door but it's still locked. "Open the damn door!" she commanded in an agitated voice.

"I won't open the door if you won't apologize first," he said smiling at her, he loves teasing her over and over again.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!? Open the door, I won't apologize," Caroline shouted defiantly at his arrogant face.

Alex sighed and grinned. "Alright, since we will never see each other again, how about we sealed our parting with a kiss?"

"In your dreams!" Her nostrils flared, she stuck her nose in the air.

Alex chuckled when her face turned sour.

"Open the door now or else... I will call the police!" she threatened him.

Alex was smirking while looking at her. "Bye Caroline. How I wish we meet each other at different times," he said in a gloomy voice.

Then he pressed the button for the car door to open.

Caroline pushed the door and get out of the vehicle, she hurriedly walked towards her car without glancing at Alex.

Alex watched as Caroline walked briskly towards her car that was parked nearby. His gaze followed her vehicle moving away from the building until he can no longer see it when it joined the multitudes of cars moving in the street.

"She's gone out of my life, too soon," he whispered. There's a hint of regret in his voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/sealed-with-a-kiss_45265973871177326">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/sealed-with-a-kiss_45265973871177326</a> for visiting.

Caroline's visit to his brother is a complete disaster. She didn't even stay for more than thirty minutes inside the basement.

Alex sighed and exited his car going back to the building to finish perusing some important documents waiting in his office.

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Take care everyone!

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