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Chapter 62: She's Big Trouble!

The following day.

Catherine was done bathing and donned her jeans and pink blouse, her simple attire going to the grocery store.

Susan entered the room and planted a kiss on her grandchildren's cheeks. She looked at Ann and Josefa. "Girls, take good care of my precious grandchildren, okay?"

"Yes, Madam!" Anna and Josefa answered in unison.

Susan looked at her daughter-in-law. "Are you done dressing, daughter?"

Catherine nodded her head. "Yes I'm done and ready, Mother," she answered.

"Good! Let's go now," Susan said and went out of the room followed by Catherine.

The women went downstairs and entered the car that was already waiting for them in front of the house.

Mike went to the window of his bedroom and saw his mother's car getting out of the steel metal gate.

Whew finally!

Mike grabbed his phone from the bedside table and called his brother whose car was waiting, hidden a few meters away from the house. "Bro, mother Susan, and your wife were already out of the house for a grocery shopping in the nearest department store. Come quickly at once so that you can spend time with your children! Hurry up before they come back anytime!"

"Okay, thanks bro, I'm coming!" John replied and ended the call.

Mike put down his phone in the bedside table and exited the room. He went to Catherine's room and instructed the housemaids to bring the babies to the living room.

A few minutes later.

John's car entered the gate and parked in front of the house. Hurriedly, he entered the house heading towards the living room. His face brightened up the moment he saw his children. He took baby Angel in his arms first and showered her arms and cheeks with kisses. "Hi, baby daughter, Dada, miss you so much!"

Baby Angel looked at his father's eyes and cooed then smile brightly.

John continues to bond with his daughter enjoying her charm and her smile.

A few moments later, John returned baby Angel to Anna and took baby James's in his arms. "How's my little boy...did you miss Daddy?"

"Dad..d..dada..." baby James's answered and touched his father's face.

A tear fell from John's eyes but he continues to bond with his babies now that Catherine was out of the house, it's the only chance he got.

Two hours later.

Mike watched his brother sadly on the corner, sitting idle on the sofa, waiting for his mother's call just in case she and Catherine already done their grocery shopping.

In his mind, John desperately wanted to bring back his family to Infinity Jade Tower and the opportunity presented itself right at this very moment. He looked at Anna. "Bring baby Angel to the car, right now!" he barked his order. He suddenly had the urge to take away his children and bring them back to his home.

Anna was stunned, her face was conflicted. "But Sir...Ma'am Catherine told us not to leave this house," she replied in confusion.

"Just follow my order!" John continues to walk towards the door carrying baby James's tightly in his arms.

Mike rose to his feet and approached his brother blocking his way. "Bro, please don't rush your decision on this matter. I know how you miss the babies so much but if you go out of that door right now, chances are its only the babies that you will successfully bring home with you but how about their mother? How about the woman you love? How would Catherine feel? She would feel furious of course. If you listen to me, I can guarantee you that not only the babies will come home with you, they will be accompanied by their mother. You will have your lovely family back next week. So, before you make the decision, please think carefully. Catherine's anger has not fully evaporated yet. You don't want all her wrath come down upon you. You will face the risk of losing her completely. You know very well how some women act and think," he said with much conviction in his voice.

The tenacity of Mike's words stopped John on his tracks. His brother's statement is making sense to him. Catherine is equally important to him as the mother of his children. He reluctantly turned around and go back to the living room. "You're right, bro. Thanks for reminding me, I nearly lose control," he said and went back to the sofa holding both children in his arms.

Fifteen minutes later. Mike received a text message from her mother informing him that they're getting out of the grocery store and going home. He glances at his brother. "Bro, I'm sorry to tell you that mother and Catherine are heading home right now at this moment," he said.

"Thanks, bro!" John quickly planted a kiss on his children's faces and gave them back to the housemaids. "Please, take care of my children," he said to them.

"Don't worry, Sir. We're taking good care of the babies," answered Josefa.

John took one last look at his little ones and sauntered towards the door. He looked at his brother. "Bye bro."

"Bye, brother. I will drop by at your office later," Mike said.

"Okay," John nods his head and exited the door.

Mike faces the maids and picked up his wallet from his shorts and took the money, giving each maid an equal amount. "Girls...this money is yours, take it! You know the drill, don't ever tell your Ma'am Catherine that Sir John is here, okay?" he winked and smiled in a conspiring manner to them.

"Yes Sir!" the maids put the money in the pocket of their dress.

Mike went out of the house to investigate if his brother's car was still in front of the house, he found nothing there. Thank God, he's already gone!

Whew, that was close!

What would happen next would be a disaster if he hadn't succeeded in preventing his brother from taking away the children? He was 100% sure Catherine would feel furious and would throw tantrums if she discovered that John took their children away and things might escalate faster, worsening the situation from thereafter.

He sighed.

A few minutes later, the car arrives. Susan and Catherine went inside the house, and the other maids went to the vehicle and brought the grocery inside.

Catherine took baby Angel in her arms as they went upstairs to the room while Anna carries baby James in her arms.

Susan looked at her son.

Mike made a thumbs-up sign and released a sigh of relief. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/she&apos;s-big-trouble!_44383315410602550">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/she&apos;s-big-trouble!_44383315410602550</a> for visiting.

Susan climbs the stairs and went to her room. Mike decided to swim in the pool and have a good rest because he will be seeing Caroline again tonight.


That afternoon.

Mike went to his brother's office and arrived there before nightfall.

As usual, he found his brother staring blankly at the city's skyline with a forlorn expression inside his office.

"Bro, wazzup?" Mike said feeling amused by his silly question, he just saw his brother earlier so he knows perfectly well John is not feeling good at all.

John raised his head and looked at his brother.

Mike sank into the chair facing his brother. "I'm sorry about earlier..."

John released a deep sigh. "It's okay. Thanks for reminding me," he replied.

"Does Catherine always act like this?" asked Mike.

John smiled a bit. "Yeah. She's a jealous type. But it's all my fault. I have done something really bad in the past with another woman and she caught me on the act with that woman, I betrayed her trust so she got provoke easily even with a slight chance. The reason that my secretary and my receptionist in my office are all men so that she has no reason to get jealous of other women. I never expected she will get jealous of her sister. Anyways, after one week my wife and I will have a heart to heart so that we can finally settle this conflict and they can return to my house because I missed them terribly," he said as tears shimmered in his eyes.

Mike sighed. Then curiosity gets the better of him. "I just want to ask you this bro. Did you betray Catherine's love and trust with another woman? Who is that woman? And what did you and that woman do that made Catherine lose his trust in you?"

John breathed deeply. Suddenly, he remembered Ella and he knows that she's already a married woman, she gives birth to a baby and already married the man who loves her unconditionally. He's genuinely happy for her. Ella is a big mistake, it's only a few minutes of temptation with her in the pool but Catherine saw it all. "Ah, just an obsessive woman that I have no relationship with. It's just a few minutes of mistake and my wife saw us in the pool, so it's the worst nightmare I ever had. It all happens before Catherine and I got married. It's a long story and I don't want to go with the detail 'coz it's something that I don't want to remember anymore," he said.

"It's okay, bro. No need to elaborate on the details. Anyways, I will visit Caroline again tonight. And I must say this to you, you are right, bro, she is a perfect 10 for me!" Mike smirked.

John raised his brow. "What—you are already smitten by her beauty?"

Mike shrugged his shoulders. "Looks like I am. She is quite a beauty! I want to capture her and make her mine," he said, his eyes glowing.

John was shaking his head vigorously. "A word of advice, bro. Don't get yourself involved deeply with Caroline, she is big trouble waiting to happen!"

Mike smiled, he rose to his feet and tapped his brother's shoulder. "Thanks for the advice and concern, bro. I will keep that in mind. I'm leaving now..." he said.

"Where are you going?" John asked wearily.

"To Caroline's house. Don't worry about me. I'm a big guy now. I can take care of myself," Mike answered before going out of the room.

John breathed deeply. Well, what can he do? He already warned his brother about Caroline, hope Mike will pay attention to his advice and warning, that's the least he can do for his brother.

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