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Chapter 51: Uneasy Feeling

Infinity Jade Tower.

Caroline and her entourage arrived in Catherine's residence. There were lots of foods on the table and the kids love it very much.

First, they watched a fantasy adventure movie in the home theater, everyone enjoyed the dazzling visual effects of the movie.


As huge gigantic dragons were flying up above the castle, blowing menacing flames trying to destroy the whole castle and the surrounding areas. The inhabitants and the lead characters were trying to evade the gigantic monsters, fleeing the premises on board the horses galloping away from the destroyed castle. One dragon saw the escapee and fly above them, burning everything in the ground. As the dragon was closing in for a kill, suddenly a bright light slice the sky and ten winged creatures in human form appeared wearing white flowing robes. They hovered above for a few seconds...together they cast a flash of terrifying lightning aiming towards the dragon in dizzying speed, the dragon's back was severely struck slicing its body in half.

The ten winged creature faced more than a hundred dragons creating havoc in the castle and the entire village. Ten winged creature versus one hundred dragons is too much and overwhelming to see as the nail-biting suspense was closing in. The battle continues in the air. The ten winged creature tried their hardest to defeat the dragons but failed, one by one they were destroyed by the mighty dragons wrath. Their bodies were burning and turning into white ashes and disappeared back to heaven.

Now that their enemies are already annihilated, the dragons switched their attention to the distraught village people that were scattered, running everywhere trying to find a hiding place. The atmosphere was filled with screams for help. They were scared to death as they saw their relatives, neighbors, family, and friends being burned alive in front of them.

When hope seems lost...

In a nearby area, a few meters from the ruined castle....two of the main characters, a fifteen years old girl and a boy who had identical features, held hands and raised their head heavenward, eyes closed in concentration. A few seconds later, wings instantly grow from their backs...tearing their clothes apart...they suddenly shoot into the sky like a flash of lightning as their stunned friends looked up above in awe and wonderment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/uneasy-feeling_44173756708475245">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/uneasy-feeling_44173756708475245</a> for visiting.

The twin's body shimmered and blinding light enveloped them for a few seconds.

Their presence already come to the dragons' attention and half of them were now advancing towards the twin's position.

What ensued is a dazzling magical spectacle as the twins' hands released blinding light forming into a sword slicing the dragons that advance towards them. One of the twins formed a bubble shield protecting them from the flames. Left and right they were being bombarded with flames from all directions as the dragons were circling around them, closing on for a kill. But the flames don't even manage to put a dent on the twin's the dead dragons' were being pulverized by the twin's swords before they even reached the ground.

The fight between the twin and the dragons lasted one hour until no more dragons left to slay.

Unfortunately, 80% of the village population was already wiped out as their charred bodies were lying in the ground. The castle was destroyed, the plants were burned, it was ultimate destruction everywhere.

The twin lowered themselves into the ground, facing their human friends.

The girl and his brother stared at their friend's faces.

"Time to say goodbye Prince and Princess," the winged girl said.

"We are going back to heaven to our home, would you like to come with us?" the winged boy asked the human girl specifically, his eyes scanned the girl's face with a glimmer of adoration in his eyes.

"If...I would come with you...can you turn everything back to its former self? Can you make my father and mother alive again and everyone that perishes on this war?" the girl said.

The twin looked at each other for a few minutes, contemplating their next actions.

Then the winged boy smiled broadly. "I think we can. For you and your brother, we can do anything. Just closed your eyes for a moment and don't ever open them until we say so," he said.

The Prince and the Princess closed their eyes immediately.

The twin zoomed into the sky, then they hovered above the village inspecting the extent of damage made by the dragons.

"Let's do it!" the winged boy said.

"But if we do it, history will only repeat itself every ten years! The dragons will keep coming back!" the winged girl protested.

"No but's sister...let's hurry up! I can no longer return everyone's life if one hour passed!"

The twin held hands immediately and white thick smoke like fog emitted from their fingers blanketing the whole village until nothing can be seen anymore from space.

Thirty minutes later the fog like mist slowly dispersed and the village returned to its normal beautiful surroundings. The fallen trees, burnt houses, dead and wounded people were miraculously healed.

Everything returns to normal as if nothing happens.

The Prince and the Princess still rooted on the spot with their eyes closed waiting for the twins to come back.

A moment later.

The twins didn't come back.

Instead, they were greeted by shouts calling their names by familiar voices and when they opened their eyes, the king and queen were already rushing towards them.

The Prince and Princess roamed their eyes around them, wow, it's amazing to see everyone alive! The castle was restored to its original glory and no one lay dead in the ground.

The royal couple rushed to the children's aside and embraced them.

"Mother and Father, the dragons attack our castle! Everything was ruined!" said the girl.

"That is a nonsense child. There are no dragons! Let's come back to the castle now, you've been gone for two hours already!" the king scolded them.

The Princess brows creased, she looked at her brother, frowning. The Prince can only shrug his shoulders in response. They start moving towards the direction of the castle.

"See you in ten years!" a familiar voice whispered into the Princess's ears, but she can't see the owner of the voice.

Suddenly, her face broke in a dazzling smile and looked heavenward.



Catherine and everyone in the mini-theater looked at each other in amazement after the movie ended.

"We will watch part 2, the title would be...Return Of The Dragons..." Grace joked.

"No. The title would be...The Return of the Winged Creatures!" Jacob suggested.

Everyone laughed.

"The visual effect is amazing and entertaining, I won't mind watching if there is a part two!" Lily raves.

Catherine clapped her hands in amusement.

"Okay, guys, let's have some snacks in the dining room and then go to the pool to start our swimming party," Catherine said.

One hour later, they were done snacking.

They gathered inside the infinity pool area and changed into their swimming attire inside the bathroom.

The afternoon of fun and swimming begins, they were frolicking in the sparkling water while admiring the city's skyline.

Cold soda drinks, hot dogs, marshmallows and other foods are bought into the pool area and arranged in the table so that if one feels hungry they don't need to go outside to get foods.

Catherine, Grace, and Caroline were sitting on the lounge chair chatting to each other.

Caroline watches as her mother, Lily, and Jacob together with the housemaid are enjoying the refreshing cool water of the pool. She will take a dip in the pool later during nighttime because it's more fun swimming in the infinity pool when the city lights have already come to life, it makes the view outside, mesmerizing, magical and splendid to watch. "Sis, why are you not in the pool yet?" she asked her sister.

Catherine glanced at her twin. "I swim in the pool every day, so no need to hurry..." she answered.

"Ah okay. How about you, cousin? Why don't you join them?" Caroline asked Grace.

Grace pointed at her tummy. "I'm still full from eating. I will rest first. I will dive into the pool after fifteen minutes," she responded. "How about you, Caroline?" she returned the question.

Caroline smiled and kissed baby Cathy's head. "Later...after they got tired of swimming," she looked at her family in the pool.

Anna was holding baby James in the other lounge chair quietly.

Catherine looked at Anna. "Anna, you want to take a swim in the pool?" she asked.

Anna shook her head. "No, Ma'am. I have my period today," she replied shyly.

Grace asked her cousin, "Where is John? I haven't seen him today."

"He has a business meeting outside with Romeo, the whole day. They were meeting a possible business partner for their new business venture. He will arrive home anytime soon and join us," Catherine explained.

The pool party continues.

At 6:00 in the evening, they stopped swimming, changed into dry clothes to get ready for dinner.

Dinner comes and everyone indulges themselves in the delicious dishes.

After dinner, they all went to the living room for a karaoke session. Caroline, handed baby Cathy to Thelma so that she can finally enjoy swimming in the pool, alone.

Caroline entered the pool area, then went inside the bathroom and changed into her sexy swimsuit. She gets out of the bathroom and dived into the deepest part of the pool.

"This is fun!" Caroline gushes. The pool is hers alone to enjoy and the dazzling lights of the city's skyscraper adding more enchantment to the evening. One day, she would love to own a property like this, and the infinity pool is a must!

She performed backstroke and butterfly stroke in the pool.

Back in the living room.

At 8:00 in the evening, finally, a smiling John arrived and greeted everyone in the living room.

"Hello, guys! Having fun?" he asked everyone.

"Yes, we are!" everyone in the living room cheered in unison.

"Please continue," he said and waved at them.

John walked towards the master bedroom followed by Catherine.

They went inside the room. John kissed her wife's cheeks and fondly rubbed his daughter's tiny feet with his fingers.

"Have you already eaten diner, hubby?" Catherine asked.

"Yes, I am. Romeo and I together with Mr. Tan already eaten dinner in the restaurant. I will go for a quick swim in the pool," John said and exited the room.

Catherine followed him out of the room and she went back to the living room to join her family. She glanced at her husband's back entering the pool area.

She knows that her twin sister was still inside the pool.

And her husband has just entered the pool area.

She tried shaking and ignoring the nagging feeling rising in her mind. She has no reason to feel suspicious of what could happen inside the pool.

No! She trusted her husband, no matter what. But out of respect for her, at least one of them should avoid each other and leave the pool. But, no one did!

Two minutes.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

Still, no shadow of John or Caroline leaving the pool area. What are they doing inside the pool? Are they enjoying swimming together? Darn it! Her heart was beating erratically inside her rib cage. She got this uneasy feeling churning in the pit of her stomach.

She needs to do something!

"Grace, can you hold baby Angel for a moment, please? I want to swim in the pool," she said.

"Sure!" Grace responded.

After placing baby Angel into Grace's arms, she stood up and walked towards the pool area. With every step that she takes, the thumping of her heart is getting deafening, she can't understand why she's feeling this way all of a sudden.

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