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Chapter 50: What's In That Address?

One year later.


Saturday afternoon.

Inside her bedroom, Caroline was lying in the bed. After putting baby Cathy into sleep, she realized how blessed her life is. She had lots of time in her hands and money to dispose of any time.

Caroline finally learned to drive. She can bring her family to any part of the city without relying on her sister Catherine's help. Going to public parks, malling or visiting the nearest beach for a family picnic are some of the things they love doing.

Her life only gets better every day. Baby Cathy is growing healthy. Her relationship with her sister vastly improved and they're much closer than before. Lily and Jacob were doing well in school.

The mysterious flower sender stops ending her flower in the second month because every time the delivery guy delivers the flower and won't tell her where the flowers come from she would immediately put the flower in the dustbin outside their house making sure the delivery guy saw her actions.

The mystery ended there.

Every month she received her money allowance from John's family which is more than enough for their family needs, especially that Catherine was also giving money to her mother regularly.

Financially wise, they are not super-rich yet, just blessed with more than enough money to live comfortably under a nice, concrete, clean house and eat delicious foods anytime they want.

The millions she had in her account were sitting there prettily and earning some interest, though, not that big because banks only gave small interest. She was planning to invest the money somewhere...or start a business after baby Cathy turns five years old, that would be several years from now. Her daughter is the love of her life and the apple of her eyes.

Her mind drifted back to the millions in her bank account, it gives her a security blanket. It gives her confidence that no matter what happens she will have a huge amount of savings to depend on during moments of crisis. Not everyone had millions of saving in their account. That's why she doesn't spend much on things that are not important. She was just lucky she uses her head wisely and pounces at the opportunity when it appears on the horizon.

Now that she remembered, the monthly money allotment will stop coming after baby Cathy will turn 18 years old. When that times come, that is the moment she will start thinking about what business venture to choose to sustain herself and her family. financially. For now, she will not think of that matter. She will focus on her daughter first and raised her to become a healthy and brilliant child so that she can get a good education, graduate college and earn a degree because she only finished high school due to extreme poverty they suffered way back in the village.

All of a sudden, she remembered her horrific ordeal in the hands of Joseph. All the scary moments' flashes back in her mind leading to the day when the unthinkable thing happens. The defining moment when Joseph reversed the situation, instead of killing her, he killed himself and freed her.

The sexual assault she suffered in his hands was painful and traumatizing. During her stay in Thailand, she remembered waking up from sleep in the middle of the night and screaming after dreaming of Joseph. Thankfully, Clara sleeps with her in one room and able to talk to her and calm her every time she had a nightmare. The older woman was always by her side, to remind her that she must not plunge into the horrors of the past and fall into depression, instead, she should look ahead, steer herself into the bright direction so that she can take good care of her health and deliver a healthy baby.

Together with the help of Clara and the beautiful view of the beach that offers her peace, solace, and comfort every day, she was able to overcome the trauma and managed to face life bravely in the present times defeating her worst ordeal in flying colors. Besides, the culprit was already dead and justice was delivered on time.

That was her dark past.

Now that she was over it, she wonders if she can ever enter into a normal relationship with men again.

As for men...

What about men?

Does she need a man in her life to make her happy?

No need! Caroline shakes her head.

In her current life, she is satisfied and feels accomplished already, no need to add another complication in her life.

She's not going to say never...but not now. She wants to enjoy this moment of peace and solitude, hoping this will last forever.

It's just strange that after money kept pouring into her life she feels at ease and blessed. Maybe because she can now buy the things that she desired. She doesn't have to worry anymore where to get money to buy foods for the next day, she doesn't have to get up daily to work for someone else, there is no deadline to meet. No need to go out every day to force herself to work even if she is not feeling well. She becomes the master of her world.

The feeling of envy she felt towards her sister already disappeared, 'coz she already had her own money. The financial security provided by John's family for being Cathy's mother is good enough to sustain her smooth existence on earth along with her family.

Now that her life has changed drastically for the better, she would never want to become poor ever again. The previous life they had in the province is laden with poverty and uncertainty. Compared to now their lives were filled with laughter and abundance.

This is the kind of life that she always envisions for herself. Financially independent from someone else, with lots of freedom to move around, without anyone holding her back. She is free as a bird!

She is free...and loaded to be exact.

And not everyone can have that kind of life.

Suddenly, her phone rings which broke her musings, she got a text message. She checked the sender, it's from an unknown number. She reads the message.

'Meet me at this address. Urgent!' ~~~Flower Sender.'

Huh? Caroline's brows snapped together. What this person is trying to tell her? Who the hell this person is to command her like that? This person is dumb, thinking he or she can order her just like that? There's not even an accompanying address...where exactly to go?

Then, here comes another text...

She read it and her eyes winded when the same mysterious sender, finally sends her the complete address.

The address was in another city. More or less two hours' drive from the subdivision, she's not quite sure though because she has not been in that city before.

What's in that address?

By now the curiosity was already mounting in her head. She called the phone number many times but it can not be reached.

What kind of prank is this?

Who the hell sends her the flower and the text message?

Does she even have time to check the address? She does have a lot of time to spare. But she was afraid to check the address thinking that the one making the prank on her is a deranged individual that recently escaped from the mental hospital.

She ignored the message and put down the phone in the bedside table and went inside the bathroom to take a shower.

Twenty minutes later.

She exited the bathroom and checked her phone. She received a text message from her sister Catherine, it says, 'call me if you're not busy.'

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"Sis, what's up?" Caroline said the moment she heard Catherine's voice on the line.

"Caroline, I invited you all to the Jade Tower tomorrow afternoon. We will have a family pool party starting from 2 pm until night. I already contacted cousin Grace, she will join the pool party tomorrow and sleep in your house," Catherine informed her sister.

"That's awesome! We will be there for sure, precisely at around 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. What do you want us to bring with us?" Caroline inquired.

"Nothing. I've taken care of everything already regarding the foods and snacks. So just bring yourselves and your swimming attire," Catherine stated.

"Sure! We'll be there. Can't wait!" Caroline said with growing excitement in her voice.

"Bye, for now, sis. See you all tomorrow. I'm very excited for our family bonding," Catherine said happily.

"Bye sis, give my kiss to baby Angel and baby James!"

"I will, bye!"

Their conversation on the phone ended.

Caroline was smiling in anticipation. She missed the infinity pool on John's residence. She missed his home theater!

She shoved the phone on the pocket of her shorts and picked up baby Cathy in her arms to bring the good news to her family downstairs.

In the living room.

Caroline announced the good news to her family. "Guys, Catherine invited us for a family get together, it's a pool party to be held in the Infinity Jade Tower. Cousin Grace will also be there to join the fun," she said enthusiastically and looked at her siblings' excited faces. "Lily and Jacob, bring along with your swimming attire and you also Merle," she said to the housemaid who is currently sweeping the floor.

"But I don't have a swimming attire, Ma'am," the housemaid replied.

"Oh, no problem. Nothing fancy. Just shorts and t-shirts will do," Caroline answered.

"Okay, Ma'am," Merle responded. "What time we will go, Ma'am so that I can finish my household chores earlier," she asked.

"We will go there in the afternoon," Caroline said.

The housemaid nodded her head and continue cleaning the floor.

"Hooray! I can finally swim again in Uncle John's amazing infinity pool!" Jacob blurted out.

"I love to see movies again in the home theater, the screen is bigger it's so cool!" Lily interjected.

"Okay guys, pack your clothes tonight so that tomorrow we can go there early and not be late," Caroline declared.

"How about the foods, do we have to prepare or cook something?" Thelma asked.

"No need, Mother dearest. Sister said that she had the food already prepared for tomorrow's events. We have nothing to worry about," Caroline replied.

"That's good. I will go upstairs now to rest and prepare the bags and clothes," Thelma said.

Everyone is getting excited...looking forward to the family party tomorrow.

Lizabelle88 Lizabelle88

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