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Chapter 53: What The Hell!

Outside the master bedroom.

Anna exited the room holding her bag filled with her clothes.

John saw the housemaid carrying her bag, his eyes widened. "Where the hell are you going, Anna?" he asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-second-wife_15071539705678005/what-the-hell!_44202286313954895">;s-second-wife_15071539705678005/what-the-hell!_44202286313954895</a> for visiting.

"Ma'am Catherine instructed me to packed up my clothes in this bag, she wants me to go with her," she explained.

John's brows snapped together in alarmed. "W-what? Where are you going? What's going on inside that closed door?"

"Ma'am Catherine pulled out the traveling bags from the cabinet and put all her clothes and the babies clothes as well in the bags," Anna answered.

John's face darkened in anger. "Anna, you stay in the living room! No one's going to leave this house!" he ordered.

"Yes, Sir!" Anna walked towards the living room with shaking hands.

John released a deep sigh. He'd never expected something like this would happen. It's like a total nightmare. He had never seen Catherine so angry until now. The intensity of anger in her eyes happened before, when? ahh...he remembered now...once when she was about to cut his manhood.



He never thought that saving Caroline in the pool can produce a catastrophic result. He was blown away that something like this can happen in just a blink of the eye, such a hellish event that might break his marriage apart if he can't find a way to fix everything as soon as possible.

He won't let Catherine take away their children. No, he can't allow her to leave him. It will devastate him. What's he's gonna do without his lovely family beside him?

He groaned in despair.

He had already instructed Ramon to take care of Caroline and her entourage by sending them back to their home.

He breathed deeply, crippling anxiety marring his handsome face, he scratched his head in agitation.

Suddenly, the sound of the doorbell ringing...echoed inside. There's a visitor outside.

John walked towards the door and opened it. "Mom Susan...Mike?" he asked in bewilderment upon seeing them in his doorstep.

Susan sighed. "Where is Catherine? Are you guys having a big fight?" she asked.

"Huh?" his brows knitted together. How the hell they know? John opened the door wide for his family to enter. "Guys, why are you here? Come inside..." he invited them in.

They proceed to the living room and sat on the sofa facing each other.

"Anna, go to the kitchen and prepare some refreshments for our visitor," he ordered.

"Yes, Sir!" Anna replied and rose to her feet to obey the command.

"No need to prepare anything for us, Anna," Susan said.

John looked at the housemaid. "Go back to the room, Anna," he ordered.

Anna nods her head and picked up her bag and went to the master bedroom.

Susan stared at her son's problematic face.

"What's going on, son? Why is it that Catherine wants to stay at my house for a few days?" Susan asked in bewilderment.

John sighed. "My wife and I have a huge fight today," sadness clouded his features.

"Tell me what's going on?" Susan asked again.

John ran his fingers on his hair tensely. "It's a long story, Mom," he said not wanting to mention the turbulent past anymore.

"You can start from the very beginning," Susan coaxed him.

John shook his head. "Nah, not now, Mom. Some other time. I'm not in the mood to go back into memory lane with the way my married life is crumbling slowly before my very eyes," he said sadly.

"Don't say that, son. Whatever problem you had with Catherine, it will eventually be fixed in the coming days. Just leave her alone for a few days so that she will be able to think calmly," Susan said.

"But, Mom! She's going to bring our children with her, I can't live without my wife and my babies by my side! I can't allow it!" John's mouth was set in a hard line.

Susan sighed and looked at her other son for help.

Mike has been listening attentively to her mother and brother's conversation. Yet, he still can't grasp what's happening? Why his brother and his wife having a huge fight all of a sudden? Resulting in Catherine wanting to stay in their house for a few days. Something is wrong with the couple! And he was curious what exactly happened tonight?

Mike coughed a little.

"Bro, I think you have to consider that Catherine is very angry as of this moment. If you stopped her from leaving, she will hate you more and she won't talk to you. Her anger will only intensify if you keep pestering her to stay. Just allow her to come with us so that you both can sleep peacefully tonight. And you will also be able to think about what your next action will be. Give her enough time to recover from her anger," he dared not tell his brother that Catherine mentioned in her text message that she caught her husband carrying a woman in her arms in the swimming pool area. That is one thing that bothered his mind. His brother is not stupid enough to bring a woman in his own home under his wife's nose.

John stared at his brother for a few minutes, sighing, weighing their advice. They are right. He and Catherine won't be able to sleep in one room and stay in one house without pushing each other's button, things might escalate into the worst condition. Maybe, they should keep a distance from each other for a while until the fog will be cleared out. "Okay, I agreed," he finally said.

Susan released a sigh of relief.

"Son, I expect you in my office tomorrow afternoon to explain to me everything. I'm confused as hell. I want to help fix your problem with Catherine's, but I won't be able to help effectively until I know the truth from the very beginning," Susan demanded.

"Okay, Mom. I'll be there," John responded.

Susan stood up. "Now that everything is settled, let me take Catherine and my grandchildren home for a couple of days, weeks the most. If she is finally calmer, then I will ask you to come for a visit so that you can have a heart to heart talk with your wife, and fixed things between you and her, okay?"

John breathed deeply, sadness clouding his eyes.

"Where is she, son?" Susan inquired.

"In the master bedroom..." John said.

Susan and Mike stood up.

Mike patted his brother's shoulder in sympathy. "Everything will be alright, bro!"

Susan and Mike sauntered towards the door of the master bedroom and knocked twice.

"Catherine, we're here now!" Susan announced their presence.

The door opened and Catherine came out in the door holding baby Angel in her arms. Then Grace followed with baby James.

Mike went inside the room and singlehandedly took the bags and carries them outside.

Susan, Catherine, Grace, and Anna followed Mike, passing the living room, getting out of the door.

John looked at his precious family, walking out of his life, feeling hopeless—feeling awful and frustrated inside, unable to say or do anything to prevent them from leaving. Catherine didn't even look at him.

They're all gone.

"What the fuck did just happen!?" John screamed inside the living room, feeling pissed.

He looked around him, he was greeted with a thick silence.

He went to the master bedroom and sank in the bed, defeated.

He reached out for his phone in the bedside table and texted Ramon to bring Grace to Caroline's house.

John placed the phone in the bedside table and buried his face in the blanket, groaning in pain and disbelief.

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