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Chapter 112: Chain Attack

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In the ancient tomb, when Happy finished circulating his qi cultivation technique and released the messenger pigeon in a very grand manner, Sinless in Light and Dark finally could not suppress the curiosity and battle spirit in his heart. He gave a soft-spoken order to his subordinates before walking forward. 

He was dressed in black armor and had two shortswords strapped to his waist. This getup was very unique and eye-catching. Besides, his swords and his armor were all extraordinary items. As he walked, the metal clanged against each other, and his presence gave off a faint oppressive pressure.

However, what caused Light and Dark to wear a solemn expression was the faint and dangerous aura he sensed from the young man in the ancient tomb the closer he drew. Despite the fact that Light and Dark remained calm in the face of hundreds of archers from Purple Sun Sect and had even had an imposing presence at the time, it was as if the presence he had deliberately created had been reflected back on him by how calm his opponent was. 

When he was sixteen feet away from him, Happy still did not look him in the eye. He stared into the distance, as if the Dirt Puppet there was more worthy of his attention. 

Light and Dark said nothing. He stood at a distance not too far away from Happy and felt aggrieved for being ignored. He sucked in a deep breath to calm himself before he took the initiative to speak. "Are you Happy?"

There were very few players who knew about the small offline martial arts tournament, and only a few Blessed Realm players had joined it, which was why it had not attracted many players' attention. 

Happy raised his head and nodded.   

His calm reaction made Light and Dark speechless again. In fact, he had a great urge to bring out a mirror and look at his own reflection. Had the Enforcer gained a harmless appearance at some point in time?

"Did you come for the jade slit ring?" Happy asked. He looked up and swept his gaze over the hall emblem on Light and Dark's chest. He frowned, and his tone could not be considered friendly.

However, Light and Dark could sense a very obvious hint of oppression from Happy's straightforward words. Light and Dark's expression darkened. 

"That jade slit ring has always belonged to Life Ending Hall. If it's of no problem to you, please return it." 

"And if I say no?"

Happy still remained calm and indifferent, as if he did not know who Life Ending Hall was. 

Light and Dark laughed coldly. "If that's the case, I'm going to have to ask you to show me your skills."

"You're gonna fight me alone?" Happy cast a cool glance behind Sinless in Light and Dark. "Why don't all of you attack together?"

"If we're just up against you, there's no need for that." 

As Light and Dark stared into Happy's eyes, he slowly gained a confrontational air. He reached for the shortswords by his waist while he cast a glance at Thunderous Battle in the other corner, though no one knew whether that glance was intentional or not...

Thunderous Battle stood up with one hand on his sword, because he was worried Happy would have to fight alone. He walked over with a serious face. 

"But if he joins, things will be different."

A cold and fierce look appeared on Light and Dark's face.

"If that's the case…" Happy leaned forward and stood up under the solemn gazes of the people from Life Ending Hall. "let's not waste each other's time. Let's do it… Big Brother Thunder."

When Thunderous Battle heard this, he immediately stopped moving and nodded. 

Light and Dark looked away at that moment. With two clear sounds of weapons being drawn, his shortswords were unsheathed, revealing two balls of dazzling halos. He held them with a confident grip and placed one in front of his body, while the other was behind him—he used the stance which invited Happy to battle.

Happy and Thunderous Battle made an estimation based on the brightness of the halo. Light and Dark should have a high-tier sword technique at the eighth realm. If they were to judge things based on high-tier martial arts alone, his abilities would be above Happy's. 

Thunderous Battle cast a worried look at Happy, but he did not see a single hint of alarm or gravity on his face…


Happy raised his hand in a simple gesture while he staring at Sinless in Light and Dark. He positioned his Hundred-battle Saber horizontally and had the tip pointed at his opponent. 

"This time, I will stop once I prove my point, but if anyone else comes here because of the jade slit ring… Hmph!" Happy said in a cold tone.

He left the second half of his sentence hanging, letting it dissolve into a grunt instead, because to him, there was absolutely no need to say those words. If he did, the others would just think he was tooting his own horn.

However, while the person who said those words might not have had the intention, the listener might still misinterpret it. 

When Sinless in Light and Dark heard him, his words gained a derisive tone that he absolutely could not forgive.

They had not even began fighting, and the youth had already put on a victor's stance.

"We'll talk once you win!" he roared and turned into an afterimage. He vanished from the spot. He was so fast that Thunderous Battle's expression changed.

On the other hand, Happy just swung his Hundred-battle Saber upwards without panicking.

A dazzling blue saber glare appeared, and the sound of air being sliced could be heard. The dangerous saber glare instantly sealed off most of the area before it, and it was just in time to force the black figure who had showed itself seven feet away to stagger backwards and retreat. 


Two shortswords parried the Hundred-battle Saber's slash at the critical moment. If they had not, the slash would have cut Light and Dark in half. Shock and astonishment filled the man's face. His footwork, which he had fused with his assassination technique, was the skill of which he was the most proud. When he executed it, he could instantly draw close to his enemy. It would deal a lot of damage and created mental effect on the enemy which resulted in him never missing. 

He did not expect that Happy would figure it out so easily. 

But that was not all. A seventh realm Flowering Knights' Song might not be as high in offensive power as God Slayer Sword Technique, which specialized in assassination, but the domineering strength contained in its every skill was definitely not something shortsword martial arts could compare to. 

Sinless in Light and Dark was forced back after his attack was neutralized. 

He staggered back!

Happy's gaze focused. 

He spun around decisively and swung his saber diagonally outwards. With a perfect spin, his Hundred-battle Saber drew a circle of blue light that looked like a natural phenomenon. His lingering momentum allowed him to bring forth an even more power and speed, and he caught up to the black figure that staggered back with a speed as fast as lightning.


A terrifying spark rose from the sturdy black metallic armor. Sinless in Light and Dark continued staggering backwards. Before he could recover, he was pushed back by even greater force, and he tumbled back. 


Sinless in Light and Dark fell onto the dusty ground. 

"Vice hall master!"

"Vice Hall Master Sinless!"

The people from Life Ending Hall were shocked and dumbfounded by what they saw. They could not believe that their vice hall master, whom had always appeared before them like a god of war, would lose in just one round. 

Even when he was injured, Sinless in Light and Dark did not lose his alertness and agility. He rolled on the ground in an incredibly wretched manner. But when he was a few feet away, he found that Happy stood where he was without moving. He did not seize the chance to catch up. 

However, Happy's act of not chasing after him crushed his confidence even more. He had lost in one strike, and his opponent did not even show any desire or intention to chase after him. Just how much did he look down on him?

His facial color went white before it turned red, but he did not continue to attack. 

At that moment, the people from Life Ending Hall had surged into the main hall to face their common enemy. They stared at Happy with hostile gazes and weapons drawn. They looked ready to destroy Happy once they received the order. 

"Go back!"

Sinless in Light and Dark had his people stay back. He sucked in a few breaths and touched the burning mark left by the saber on his black armor. Then, he looked up and stared at Happy. 

"Now, I finally understand why the people from Purple Sun Sect did not dare to seek revenge against you…" He paused for a moment. When he saw that Happy did not have the expression that a victor should have, he scowled, sighed, and said, "You win. From now on, as long as I am in Life Ending Hall, we will not cause you trouble… Let's go!"

Once he gave his order, Sinless in Light and Dark, who felt incredibly desolate, brought his men away. Not a single one remained behind. 

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