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2.32% Sword Deity-Naruto Fanfic / Chapter 1: Hatake Yasaki (Part-1)

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Sword Deity-Naruto Fanfic original

Sword Deity-Naruto Fanfic

Author: DaoistFnrD3n

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Chapter 1: Hatake Yasaki (Part-1)

Nurses laughed and smiled at the little silver-haired boy, running up and down the corridors of the hospital, stopping to tell them every now and again that he was getting a brother right then.

The nurses congratulated him and smiled before they walked off again and he continued his exciting running.

"Yasaki, where are you?" He heard his name being called and ran at full speed with a huge grin on his face as he ran into the smiling man and he picked his up. "There you are, where have you been my big boy?" Sakumo asked him as he giggled and wiggled in his arms.

"I've been telling everyone about my nii-chan tou-san," Yasaki said excitedly with a giggle and Sakumo laughed.

"Well, if you're good and calm down a little bit we can go in and see Kaa-san and your new nii-chan huh?" Sakumo laughed as he carried the nearly two-year-old back towards the room he just came from and Yasaki was trying very hard to contain his excitement.

He pushed the hospital door open gently as Yasaki grinned manically when he saw his mom sleeping in the hospital bed and he was turned to the left to see a little crib sitting there and Sakumo put him down as he peered over the edge of the cot and prodded the baby's cheek gently before giggling softly.

"He's so cute… What are you going to call him?" Yasaki asked as the baby had opened his eyes and was currently gripping his finger.

"Your kaa-san and I were thinking of calling him Kakashi… What do you think?"

Sakumo asked, getting onto one knee next to his as he watched the new siblings interact.

"You want to call him scarecrow, really tou-san?" Yasaki laughed and Sakumo laughed nervously.

"Well, you were named Yasaki because you were born with Blinding Light like your name and this little guy is so small and scrawny we thought he looked like a scarecrow…" Sakumo said nervously before Yasaki bumped into him and grinned.

"It's cute… Hatake Kakashi and Hatake Yasaki, the greatest shinobi of Konoha with their tou-san, the Legendary White Fang!" Yasaki shouted and Sakumo shushed him and he blushed and giggled again.

"I'll be the best Onii-san ever…"


Yasaki was literally vibrating in his seat now, sitting in the daycare as winter had rolled around and it was the last day of school and he had just turned two a few weeks ago on November 1st.

Today his mom was finally coming home after being in the hospital with what he heard the doctors saying were complications with Kakashi or something like that. He didn't care as long as his mom was better and finally coming home with Kakashi as well, now he could spend more time with them and live up to being a great Onii-san to little Kakashi.

He sat patiently, waiting for his tou-san to pick him up, and maybe kaa-san had come with him with Kakashi.

He'd seen a few of the kids in his class be picked up with the whole family, going out to celebrate the end of the year. Finally, he noticed his tou-san walk in with a bundle in his arms and Yasaki got up excitedly but not as excited as if he saw his kaa-san there as well and he walked over to his tou-san, thanking his sensei.

"I thought kaa-san was going to be here too." Yasaki pouted as he trudged through the snow, holding his tou-san's hand and watching his feet kick up the white fluff on the ground.

"She really did want to come with me but the cold weather catches in her chest and she was exhausted from coughing on the way home from the hospital… What counts is that she's finally home, am I right Yasaki?" Sakumo asked with sadness for his son who was obviously a little upset his Kaa-san couldn't come along and fetch him with them as one family like they use to do at the end of each term.

"Yes… tou-san," Yasaki said with understanding but his voice still had a slight disappointment to it and Sakumo thought about what could cheer him up when Kakashi wiggled in his other arm and he smiled, stopping and stopping Yasaki as well as he looked at Sakumo with confusion and worry.

"Would you like to carry your little nii-chan the rest of the way home Yasaki?" Sakumo asked with a small smile as he knelt down in front of his Son and he beamed.

"Can I?" He asked as Kakashi looked at him, smiling with a gummy mouth as he held onto his finger when he prodded his rosy cheek gently. Sakumo gently positioned his arms and set Kakashi in them, placing his hold tightly and correctly before he stepped back and Yasaki was beaming down at Kakashi in his arms as he rocked him ever so gently.

"Let's go home," Sakumo said almost contently as he placed his hand gently between Yasaki's shoulder blades and led him home as he watched where he walked and held tightly onto Kakashi as he talked to him and cooed at him the rest of the way home.

They reached the warm wood-style house as Sakumo quickly closed the door and sat down, taking his shoes off first and hanging his coat up while Yasaki continued to keep Kakashi amused.

"I'm going to put him down for his nap… Why don't you head up to see if your kaa-san is still awake?" Sakumo asked him as he took Kakashi gently from him as he was nodding off already, fluttering his little eyelids determined to stay awake.

"Hai tou-san," Yasaki said excitedly as began to rush and remove his boots and coat before he sped upstairs in excitement.

He opened his parent's room excitedly, taking a big breath to begin telling his kaa-san what he did before he froze, hand still on the door handle and mouth closing slowly into a frown of disappointment.

His kaa-san was already asleep and it was only six in the evening but he let her sleep since she looked so tired like during the last few weeks of being pregnant with his nii-chan

'Maybe kaa-san is just sick and she had to rest to get better, it must be hard having to provide for two for nearly a year'

Yasaki smiled sadly as he softly closed the door and turned around to head back down the corridor, dropping his smile and watching the floorboards pass through as he walked to his room to get his clothes and head for the bath he heard his tou-san preparing a while ago.


Sakumo gently closed the door to a crack into Yasaki's room after tucking him in and giving him the good night kiss.

He had seen the sad smile and the disappointment in his Oldest son's eyes. Yet there was nothing he could do.

He walked silently along to his room and gently opened the door to see his beautiful yet still tired raven haired mistress sitting up in bed with a small tired yet sad smile.

"Yasaki must be upset… Why didn't one of you woke me?" She asked gently, deeply concerned for her son by the sad look on her husband's face as he smiled sadly and slid into bed next to her, gathering his gently into her arms.

"Yasaki said you needed your rest as you looked tired and he wants you to get better so you could all play together," Sakumo said almost monotone, and his wife sighed, leaning into Sakumo's warm and comforting embrace.

"Except, I won't ever be getting better"

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