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4.65% Sword Deity-Naruto Fanfic / Chapter 2: Hatake Yasaki (Part-2)

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Chapter 2: Hatake Yasaki (Part-2)

"Except I won't ever be getting better… Why haven't you told him?" She asked, looking up into her husband's dark eyes that were filled with guilt and pre-grief.

Sakumo looked back into her sparkling blue eyes, the same ones Yasaki has and he sighed sadly as he laid down properly and turned the lights off with his love tucked in his arms.

"How could I tell him? He's been so excited and worried about you", Sakumo swallowed hard and ignored the sting in his eyes as he blinked in the darkness. "To hear that his beloved kaa-san would never get better and wouldn't live to see his next birthday…" Sakumo said softly with sadness in his voice as he felt arms squeeze him gently.

"But it will be harder to wake up one morning and find your kaa-san is no longer alive…" She sighed tiredly.

"Let's all just spend the day together and then we can tell him together but let's keep the complications out of it. Night love." She said, kissing Sakumo's cheek as she settled into his side and fell asleep while Sakumo stared up at the ceiling with a sigh and eventually fell into a restless sleep.


Yasaki raced downstairs in the morning… He could smell his kaa-san's specialty blueberry pancakes any day and a lot of other stuff cooking which could only mean one thing… PICNIC DAY!

"Kaa-san!" Yasaki said excitedly as he ran into the kitchen and saw his mother gently smiling as she worked coolly behind the stove and Yasaki hugged her legs. Yasaki snuggled closed with a huge smile as he heard his kaa-san's quiet laughter before he was picked up and watched his kaa-san flip the pancake with one hand.

"You could have woken me up yesterday you know?" She said gently as she sat Yasaki on the counter next to the stove and Yasaki looked down while his legs kicked slowly.

"You just looked tired so I wanted you to sleep and get better. School's finished now anyway so I get to spend time with you and Kakashi nii-chan every day." He said with a grin and his kaa-san smiled gently as she focused on the food and Yasaki sat there watching.

"Ne kaa-san… Where's tou-san and Kakashi-nii?" Yasaki asked after a while as the stack of pancakes grew.

"He had a meeting to get to this morning and the Hokage said he would like to meet Kakashi so he took him along. They should be back soon sweetie." She said, passing him a pancake as Yasaki took it with a grin and ate it quietly.

"So are we really going on a picnic today Kaa-san?" Yasaki asked excitedly as he watched his mom take a roast out of the oven.

"Yes, we are sweetie. Since I got pregnant we haven't had a lot of family time and it would be nice now that your little otouto is born now." She said and Yasaki jumped off of the countertop with an excited shout as he rushed upstairs to get dressed and ready for the family outing.

He left his silver hair down and put on lavender colored little winter dress with white fur trimmings and grabbed his toy dog before he zoomed back downstairs and ran straight into his dad with a hug as he entered through the door.

"Whoa, hey there my big boy. Seems you already know we're going out for the day huh?" Sakumo said with a slight laugh as he ruffled his hair and he pouted as he stepped away and fixed it.

"Of corse and kaa-san even made her specialty pancakes." Yasaki grinned and Sakumo laughed slightly as he shifted Kakashi in his arm. Yasaki took his tou-san's hand as he led him into the kitchen and he sniffed the air and smiled at his beautiful wife.

"Smells wonderful Nozomi." Sakumo said as he moved next to her and kissed her cheek as she sweetly at him and Yasaki grinned.

The Little Boy was an exact replica of his mother but with the silver hair, the same blue eyes, and the same delicate peachy skin tone.

Nozomi just giggled slightly before smacking Sakumo's hand with a wooden spoon when he tried to steal something out of the pot she was working on.

Sakumo just chuckled and left to get dressed into his off duty clothing while Yasaki sat in the dining room and drew some pictures while he waited.


Nozomi sat with a sigh on the soft ground under a little covered place for parents between Sakumo's legs and leaned back against his chest as they watched Yasaki playing on the playground.

She had Kakashi sleeping on her lap with Sakumo's arm wrapped around her as they watched their oldest son.

"We have to tell him", She said

"But he looks so happy", Sakumo said

"It will hurt, but at least he will be prepared when his beloved Kaa-san disappear one day", She said finally

Sakumo sighed as he nuzzled Nozomi's neck gently.

She could feel the wetness on her.

"I don't want this moment to end ever. I wish the four of us to stay like this forever and ever"

Tears welled in her eyes as well as she leaned on him with a sad smile, "I don't want this moment to end either"

Yasaki had sped around the playground as he looked at the monstrous monkey bars.

He'd seen older kids play on them and kids like him play on them normally with their tou-san or kaa-san supporting them as he narrowed his eyes up at them.

He walked with determination to the start where he climbed up and grabbed the first cold wrung and gently slipped his body off to hang on his arms as he gritted his teeth and moved to the next one slowly.

Nozomi and Sakumo watched the little boy with pride and slight worry as they watched Yasaki move from one bar to another.

He was half-way across when his hand slipped and he let go with surprise… It was pretty far for a two-year-old.

Sakumo had gotten up quickly and raced over with chakra-powered legs and caught Yasaki before he hit the ground and they skidded along the ground before they came to a stop.

Sakumo half groaned and half sighed when they stopped and felt Yasaki in a little ball in his arms as he looked down.

Yasaki was sobbing in his arms. Sakumo sighed, this brat.

"Sakumo, Yasaki, are you okay?" Nozomi asked as she was walking slowly over to them with Kakashi in her arms.

Sakumo smiled at his wife when Yasaki looked out towards his and sniffed with tears still clinging to his eyelashes.

"We're okay, right sweety?" Sakumo asked down at his little boy

Yasaki left his father's embrace and cling onto his mother sobbing his hearts out, "Mommy"

She smiled, and knelt beside him, "Are you hurt"

Yasaki shook his head

"Then why are you crying?", she gently asked as she kissed his little forehead

"I'm sorry!" He cried and Sakumo laughed as Nozomi smiled gently, as she brushed the snow off of the little boy clinging onto her legs.

Sakumo picked him up and they headed back over to the covered area and they sat down with Nozomi and Kakashi following as they sat huddled together until Yasaki had stopped crying.

"Let's eat, shall we? Blueberry pancakes always make you smile." Nozomi said with a smile as she opened the picnic basket but Yasaki stayed close to his Kaa-san's side after his little scare as they ate and he stopped crying.

Yasaki enjoyed the ice cream even in the cold weather. He was feeling better after his little fall and consoling words from his tou-san and kaa-san, even Kakashi made a sound at him, which, made him giggle and Kakashi smile with gums at him.

"Have you enjoyed your day sweetie?" Nozomi asked, sitting with Yasaki as her fingers brush through Yasaki's damp hair.

"Uh-huh!" Yasaki said excitedly with the spoon still in his mouth and Nozomi smiled tiredly at her son.

"We didn't just come here to spend time as a family today though sweety," Sakumo said gently as he could see confusion in his son's blue eyes, still with the spoon sticking out his mouth.

"Last time we came, you told me about having an otouto, so what's it this time?" Yasaki asked, digging his spoon back into his ice cream cup with his tongue sticking out to the side.


They are afraid to tell him

Sakumo looked at his wife who nodded

"You've noticed kaa-san hasn't been well right?" Sakumo asked as Yasaki's face fell and put his spoonful of ice cream back into the tube and turned his worried and confused blue eyes on his parents.

"You're gonna get better, right kaa-san?" Yasaki asked, holding tears back because his kaa-san IS going to get better.

"No… I'm not going to sweetie…" Nozomi said with a sad smile as she touched Yasaki's cheek and he flinched away as his tears began again and he put his ice cream down and stood up.

"No… No, you're, you're lying! YOU ARE LYING" Yasaki yelled at his parents as Sakumo couldn't bear the look on his son face and Nozomi was crying as well as she gave Yasaki a sad smile and shook her head.

"The doctors say I have less than a year to live. I'm so sorry sweetie." Nozomi said as she tried to shift closer to Yasaki who stepped back as his tears finally fell and he choked a sob before he turned and ran into some bushes.

"Yasaki!" Nozomi cried and reached for him as Sakumo stood up and looking at the bushes Yasaki just disappeared into.

"I can't fit through there but It'll be quick enough to go around and use my ninken if I have to. Just sit here and relax love." Sakumo said as he kissed Nozomi's lips and her tears before he took off to find their son.


Yasaki raced through the bushes, pushing them away with his hands as he cried and his vision blurred but he couldn't and didn't want to stop as he kept running and pushing the plants away.

He jumped out on the other side and ran straight into someone.

Fugaku had been walking with Minato and arguing about something before he felt something hit his side and he looked down to see a little boy had run into him and was sitting on the ground and crying now and he growled.

"Wait Fugaku," Minato said when he saw Fugaku make a move for the boy, probably not a pleasant one as he grabbed his friend's shoulder as he looked back with confusion.

"Parents should have better control over their children. So they don't run around aimlessly" Fugaku growled as he crossed his arms and looked away with a 'hn' and Minato smiled sheepishly.

He walked around Fugaku and got on his haunches in front of the boy and touched his shoulder gently.

"Hey, are you alright?" Minato asked as the boy's sobbing had died down slightly and he looked up at Minato as he lowered his hands and trying to stop his crying and Minato smiled at him.

"I'm Minato, what's your name and what's wrong?" Minato asked as he picked his up onto his feet gently and dusted his off and Fugaku 'hn'ed' again.

"He ran into me, that's why he's crying, idiot, Kids like that are just so useless" Fugaku said, looking at the boy but his arms were still crossed.

"I would be very careful with my words, If I were you, Uchiha", Came another voice

A voice called and Minato looked up to see a man coming down the road. as they saw Konoha's White Fang jogging down the road towards them. As Sakumo stopped in front of them and snatched the boy up into his arms and held his in a tight hug as the two chunin stood awkwardly.

"Leave me I don't want to go back, leave me-- Leave me"

The boy eventually stopped kicking and screaming before he cried and fell asleep quickly and Sakumo shifted his onto his back and smiled sheepishly at the boys.

"I apologize if he caused you two any trouble but, Please don't talk about my son like that" Sakumo said as Minato smiled and Fugaku scowled like usual.

"He ran into me…" Fugaku muttered before Minato grabbed him with a sheepish smile and a hand over his mouth and he flailed.

"Not at all White Fang-sama, we were just worried when a really upset little boy ran into us. Is there anything we can do to help sir?" Minato asked and Sakumo smiled

"No, but thank you. You may call me Sakumo, what are your names if I may ask?" Sakumo asked and Minato let go of Fugaku.

"Namikaze Minato."

"Uchiha Fugaku."

"Thank you Minato-kun and Fugaku-kun, I'll put a good word in with the Hokage but I must be going now. Nice to meet you and thank you once again." Sakumo said as he turned and left the two teens standing in the road. Minato turned to Fugaku with a huge grin.

"It pays to be nice to people sometimes." Minato laughed before he had to run down the street for his life with Fugaku chasing him with fire jutsus.


Sakumo sat at his desk, drinking his tea quietly. It had been a rough day and Yasaki had stayed in his room for the rest of the day while Nozomi slept. Kakashi was sleeping in his cot next to his desk while he wrote some reports… It looked like the countries were gearing up for something big and he knew his input would be vital…

It wasn't easy being praised as Konoha's White Fang, second to none but to Hokage himself. Sandaime had always praised his mind and power even if he thinks he's just adequate when it comes to his skills… He was still human and could make a mistake at any vital moment. And having his wife dying slowly and two kids to look after, his mind and priorities might just shift ever so slightly and his mind preoccupied more than usual.

He sighed down at the paper on his desk as he continued to write the report and try not to think about it. Nozomi is Dying and it hurts way too damn much

Sakumo sighed as he sat back in his chair… He wasn't getting anywhere with his preoccupied mind and the house was dead quiet so he gave up. He picked Kakashi up and turned off the lights before checking to make sure the house was secure as he headed upstairs into the warm bed as he put Kakashi down and curled around his sleeping wife as he drifted off.


Nozomi sighed tiredly as he stood by the stove and watched the snow outside as it drifted down gently. Yasaki hadn't been out of his room for three days but at least he was eating the food that was left outside of his door and bathing as soon as he knew the coast was clear.

Sakumo said to leave his to his own thing… For an adoring little boy, the news must have hit him hard as he ran away for the first time ever.

"Kaa-san?" A voice called and Nozomi looked up with confusion to see blue eyes peeking around the doorframe but not looking at his.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Nozomi asked as he turned the stove off and pulled off his apron as he stepped around the counters.

"It's not fair…" Yasaki whispered and Nozomi tilted her head slightly as she watched her son who still had yet to look at her.

"I know it is… I'll never get to see what kind of shinobi you grow up to be, or who you marry or even your graduation. I won't get to the point of grey hair and match your tou-san." Nozomi laughed slightly with tears in her eyes that held slight fear in them and Yasaki looked up the first time and Nozomi gasped, putting a hand against her mouth. Eyes exactly like her own, holding the same fear and sadness as they also watered up.

"I… I was wondering kaa-san…" Yasaki said gently as his eyes migrated to the floor once again.

"I want to learn Kenjutsu", Yasaki whispered


"Dad said you are an Incredible swordsman, Once You have a longsword equipped, No one can beat you. I want to learn Kenjutsu from you"

"Sweetie, You are too young"




"You can learn after you grow up a bit"

"You won't be there to teach me then", He looked down with tears welling in his eyes

Nozomi sobbed slightly again before nodding and bending over slightly with her arms open and Yasaki ran into them as mother and son hugged for a while.

She removed the hug and she kissed his forehead, "Alright, Wait for me in the garden, I will be right there"


Sakumo breathed a sigh of relief as he entered into the familiar warm scent of home. It had been a long mission even though it was only for two days… The other countries were getting lethal. He took another breath as he pulled off his pouches and shoes and stopped, lifting his head only to see his wife and son with a wooden longsword in the garden

"Kaa san is sick that's why she can not teach you her skills. But I will teach you all about the stances. A perfect mastery of each basic stance, allowes the individual to be able to master and create any sword technique with exceptional speed"

Yasaki nodded, These are his last moments with her, and He want to cherish it all. Take everything of her inside him.

""Every stance has techniques, Every stance has basic moves, and every stance has variations... If we go by the normality, one talented person can grow old and only master a single Stance in his entire life"

she placed a hand on her Wooden Longsword hilt and took a stance.

"Watch... This is Chūyōdō, the most basic and thus fundamental, of all the stances, chūyōdō is characterized by its versatility and balance. In short, it is a comprehensive set of offensive and defensive moves that together constitute the common basis shared between the more specialized styles. the basics of all forms"

She took another stance.

"Now comes... Ketsugidō, the defensive Stance, it emphasizes defensive techniques. performed with the employment of tight motions of the sword, as well as graceful dodges. The high-constant, efficient swings of the sword are intended to cover a wide area and offer substantial protection with little effort on the fighter's part. Poise and focus are essential. Practitioners of ketsugidō strive to outlast their typically more aggressive opponents owing to their impressive resilience and optimal delivery"

Another stance.

"This is Kōseidō, The Aggressive stance, Here you let go of your defense, and numerous acrobatic maneuvers such as leaps, somersaults, backflips, and spinning are used extensively to deliver crushing attacks and outmaneuver the enemy in equal measure. Its variations are very little. The techniques this stance carries are too little as well. To fully exert this stance, you not only need strength in your arms, to overpower your enemy, you also need strength in legs to jump and somersault the enemy... All in all, a very powerful and rough fighting style, where you overpower your opponent to the point of desperation"

"This is Shōmōdō, This form revolves around methodical infliction of various types of pinprick yet enervating wounds. Essentially, shōmōdō consists of numerous techniques that gradually nick, shred, and impale the extremities of the opponent to gradually wear them down with the least effort possible. This stance has most Techniques integrated into it."

"You need to be fast and endurant to be able to perform Shōmōdō, This technique mainly relies on Poisons, back attacks, stealth attacks, Assassination arts"

"This stance is called Seimitsudō, This form focuses on pinpoint accuracy. Characterized by swift thrusts and slashes, seimitsudō intends to overwhelm the enemy defenses with highly precise attacks with minuscule movements, that target vital spots. The delivery is sharp, fluent, and extremely efficient.

"This is the most elegant approach of the various forms, and the one most likely to eliminate the adversary quickly. Despite the form's relative lack of flexibility, a veteran swordsman can always rely on their deliberate, graceful moves, and superior skill"

"Azamukidō is the most sophisticated form of swordsmanship, which relies heavily upon elements of anticipation and psychological warfare. The form is simple, dodge an Attack and counter it."

"The form has a glaring weakness, that it has no defensive maneuver, If you can't dodge, or if you guess opponent move wrong. you are dead"

"Saw those?"

Yasaki Nodded

"Once You are able to master all the stances to the perfection. You could start in breaking through all pure stances. I am sure that you will do great", she smiled tiredly

"Why must we break through the stances if we practice so hard to master them in the first place", asked the little boy's innocent voice

She gently kissed his forehead, "That's because you have to synchronize all the forms into one single motion, your opponent won't wait for you take stances after stances. You have to get into those in a second"

Yasaki Nodded, "Will you train me in that as well?"

She smiled, "I am afraid we don't have enough time Sweetie"

He looked down with tears threatening to fall from his eyes, as he chenched his fists, "I... Understand"

She smiled, her son was very upset by this news, she knows but at least he coming to terms with it, "Come on, I will show you one more time, Copy me step by step"

Sakumo who was watching all of this was already tearful.


"Blueberry pancakes?" Sakumo wondered out loud as he followed the smell to the kitchen quietly and looked around the corner with a smile. Yasaki had a smile even if it was slight with red eyes as Nozomi made pancakes, showing Yasaki everything as she added, as well as writing the recipe and assisted Yasaki with most of it slowly.

Sakumo didn't have the heart to disturb the peaceful scene before him as he sat quietly in the shadow of the doorframe and was sure Nozomi knew he was there anyway… She was still just as sharp with her senses even though she hadn't been on duty since she was pregnant with Yasaki.

He could still see Yasaki was deeply affected by the news about Nozomi as she was.

He was lucky, his parents had lived until he was twenty-six before they passed away and Nozomi was similar, losing her parents close to the time he lost his. He couldn't imagine losing one of your parents as such an age where life seemed unfair and still confusing to the youngster and he fears his son may never be truly happy ever again.

He smiled and kept on looking at the mother and son with the fondness in his eyes, These moments, He wish that these moments does not end. Ever.

The moments with her. The moments that contains the memory of their love.

It was times like these where he wished he was an Uchiha and could record everything happening in the kitchen currently as both his wife and son had batter all over them as Yasaki tried flipping a pancake even with Nozomi's help.

A lump struck his throat as tears built up in his eyes, He really want to cry.


When Sakumo woke up 8, He saw Yasaki swinging his sword very hard.

Sakumo frowned, "How long have you been awake?", He asked in a stern voice

"3 at Morning", Yasaki answered

He swing it down again but his hand was hold by sakumo, "Yasaki, you should rest, Your Body won't be able to handle all the pressure"

"No, I want to train. I want to master these stances faster", Yasaki said with the sweat all over him

Sakumo frowned, "Why do you insist of trying so hard?"

He looked down with lump in his throat, "Kaa san is dying, I want to learn this and show it to her, I want her to teach me more, Spend time with me more. I want her more"

Sakumo lips trembled, as he hugged his little boy.


9 Months Later, Both Sakumo and Nozomi gasped at the speed Yasaki was growing.

This boy's sword talent is definitely something to marvel at.

In the back garden of their house, Yasaki who was covered in the white aura all over his drenched body swing down sword after sword taking stances after stances.

They are not in perfect harmony, He has not reached the stage of breaking through the stances yet, and synchronized them. But to think he master so many stances in just 9 months

Nozomi was called the genius because she mastered various stances in 3 years. Her boy mastered all the variations in just 9 months, that was freaking fast.

"What is it white Chakra all over his body, I thought he can not use Chakra. He not even 3 yet", she asked

Sakumo sighed, "That's because he is using our Clan's white Chakra without realizing it"

"How? Isn't it extremely difficult, like kakashi can not master it even if he turn 30 without you guiding it?"

Sakumo shook his head, "Righty now, in Yasaki mind, there is only sword and him, He always has this White Chakra, Kakashi has it too, I did as well, This is our Clan's Kekkei Genkei afterall. But we can not use it without training. He on the other hand is so concentrated on the task, that his body is moving on its own from what it considers a natural reaction"

"Moving on its own?", she asked feeling confused

"Yes, He is training those stances for hours with only one feeling, Desparation. These are his body natural Movements. He is doing it without thinking. In other words, He is not controlling his body, He is not thinking of it, He is just moving"


"Right now, he is desparate to master it before you are no longer there to see him. And as the time goes by, His desparation is bringing him in lower and lower"

She frowned, "This is dangourous"

"You can not pull him out of it"

She frowned, "Sakumo"

"Dear, it's not that, what I meant was, even if you are able to pull him today, he will comeback without you realizing it, He wants to master it before you are gone, And he is ready to pay whatever price he has to pay"


"So, Train with him more, I think he just want you to be with him all the time"


"Blindfold?", asked the naive white haired Yasaki as he let his mother put a blindfold on him

She smiled, and hugged him from behind.

"Yes, Blindfold, Although one's sight would be lost, because of this, the pure darkness would allow one to be better at focusing on the pursuit for the highest level in sword arts. By sensing the mysteries of the movements of the chakra, the rate at which one's sword arts mastery would increase by many folds"


Kakashi began to sit up and shuffle to his feet, standing while holding something and apparently that was a sign of being a genius.

That was when his kaa-san collapsed in front of him a few weeks ago and wouldn't wake up. Tou-san was on a mission and Kakashi was crying and he panicked when he came home from back garden after his sword training to find her lying on the floor in the kitchen and water boiling over.

It was lucky Jiraiya had been staying with them and had just arrived for lunch to the scene just after Yasaki did. He handled everything and tou-san had come home a week later from his mission. Yasaki visited his kaa-san every day at the hospital but he only just noticed her condition.

Slowly every day his kaa-san did less and less and would get tired and out of breath from just climbing the stairs in the house but Yasaki had looked past that… Avoiding the fact his mother was weakening and going to die soon.

Yasaki's lower lip trembled as he saw the tears gathering in the bottoms of his eyes as he focused partially back on making the pancakes for his Kaa san as he wiped the tears away with a rough swallow of emotions, he didn't want to seem weak

Yasaki put a hand on his chest that ached dully and made his torso feel stiff. It was coming up to his birthday soon.


"How is your Training going sweetie?" Nozomi asked as Yasaki jumped up on the bed next to her and sat parallel to his kaa-san, facing her as his one leg dangled off the side.

"I have already mastered combining all the Stances in one motion, I just need to synchronized them all"

"That's awesome", she grinned weakly and kissed him

He grinned at her. He wish that she does it everyday.

"I want to give you something," Nozomi said suddenly and reached under her pillow for a small little box and handed it to Yasaki who took it and opened it.

There was a small silver locket in there with engraving lines that look like a wolf as he opened it and smiled at the family photo inside as he looked to the left of it and read the little inscription.

'If ever there is a tomorrow when we're not together, there is always something you must remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is: Even if we are apart, I'll always be with you'

Yasaki kept wiping at his tears as he read the inscription over and over and kept looking at the family photo and sniffling. Nozomi took it gently from his hands and reached up to clip it around Yasaki's neck.

"When you become the shinobi I know I'll be proud of… Don't wear it on missions or it could get lost okay?" Nozomi smiled as she brushed the back of her knuckles against Yasaki's cheek as he nodded and smiled, fingering the little locket.

Sakumo came in with Kakashi squirming in his arms as soon as he saw Nozomi and Yasaki they smiled at him. He put the squirming almost one-year-old down on the bed as Little kakashi curled up on Nozomi's lap and took Yasaki's hand as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

"He's so fickle." Sakumo laughed as he saw the little dummy bobbing in his mouth.

"What do you expect, he is your son." Nozomi laughed slightly and Sakumo looked hurt and Yasaki smiled slightly, even if he got that hollow ache in his chest as he fisted the locket around his neck.

He knew he needed to enjoy this time while it lasted, as he knew his kaa-san was getting weaker by the day, anyone could see that.

Yasaki quietly listened to his parents talk and poke fun at each other and he could see his tou-san also seems to have the same hollow ache as he did as he kept bringing his fist up towards his chest but stop as it gets halfway there as he puts his relaxed hand down again or into his kaa-san's hand.

He looked down at his hand still being held gently by Kakashi's little hand and he smiled sadly… Kakashi probably wouldn't remember any of this, which was sad yet he feels Kakashi is so lucky in some way he didn't have to remember losing his kaa-san at such a young age.

Sometime during the night, Yasaki fell asleep with Kakashi and soon enough Nozomi followed and Sakumo tried to take two kids back to their rooms, But Nozomi held his hand and shook her head.

Sakumo smiled, and nodded, as he put Both Kakashi and Nozomi in the same bed as them.

Nozomi was smiling poking Kakashi's cheeks. As she giggled.

Sakumo was smiling as well. As they both slept smiling watching their Kids.

Nozomi never woke up next day.

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