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20.93% Sword Deity-Naruto Fanfic / Chapter 9: Survive (Part-2)

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Chapter 9: Survive (Part-2)

Yasaki walked out of the academy with an aura of murder just to lose it when he saw Kakashi standing there with lunch in his hands under the tree and Yasaki walked over.

"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be on a mission or training or something" Yasaki said with exasperation, "Kakashi, are you skipping your Training or something"

Yasaki frowned and make an angry face

"N-No", Kakashi said feeling a little bit afraid

And Minato chuckled watching the scene from the trees.

"I brought lunch and thought we could eat it together, Just like before", Kakashi said with a Smile

Yasaki nodded loosening his tense eyebrows. As he smiled back.

"Mind if I join you guys", came the smiling Minato

"Nope", Yasaki said with a gentle smile

"Yes, I do", Kakashi said with a pout

"Ma-Ma", Minato patted Kakashi's head

As the young boy grumbled under his mask

"Please don't do that, Sensei", He muttered

Yasaki chuckled

Minato wanted to say something with a smile before his eyes became sharp. There was a kunai heading straight for Yasaki and he was about to jump in and stop it.

Yasaki sighed and merely raised his arm behind him and easily caught the Kunai in his two Index fingers.

Minato's head scanned the crowd for the one who threw the kunai.

"Idiots", Yasaki muttered glaring at the quickly dispersing crowd before turning back to Minato and the stunned Kakashi with a smile. "So, what's for lunch?"

Soon enough, the three of them were sitting up on the Sandaime's head on the mountain and ate the ramen from a new shop that had opened up a day ago beforehand.

"Hmm... They are good, what's the name of this new shop" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ichiraku Ramen, Apparently they are good, Kushina is a fan of this shop"


"My Girlfriend", Minato said blushing

Yasaki chuckled but he didn't ask anything else.

"Does what happened this afternoon happen a lot?" Kakashi asked stabbing his chopsticks into the takeaway box.

"It does, But you don't have to worry about it, the main question is, When are you going to eat, I want to see, how do you always eat without remov--

Kakashi was already done eating, as the entire food was gone in his mouth in just a second.


Minato giggled

"How the heck did you do that, I was watching you this whole time", Yasaki asked

Kakashi shrugged, "Because you are a dummy"

"You Brat, Look like I didn't bully you for a long time", Yasaki put down the food and ran after Kakashi who was running for his life at this point


Minato laughed at the antics of these two.

"Come here, you brat, I Promise, I will do nothing"

"I am not an Idiot, You will spank me once I am caught"

"Since you know it already, Why delay the inevitable"


"I'm home," Yasaki called as he entered the Broken and burnt home after a long day at the academy

Yasaki looked around and sighed, This place definitely isn't in the condition to live anymore.

"How was your day?" Sakumo asked, moving around in his feeble sick body

Yasaki smiled, and helped Sakumo sit down, "Have you eaten your food?"

"I was waiting for you to come back"

Yasaki frowned, "Tou san, you are sick, You should eat on time, and take your medicines, Isn't it the condition that I went to Academy"

Sakumo chuckled, "It's alright, it's not like anyone needs me anymore"

"I do"


"Kakashi does as well"


"So you better take care of yourself"

"Hai Hai, I swear that you beginning to sound a lot like Nozomi these days"

"Didn't I have her face"

"Yes, way to show off that you have a girly face"

Yasaki chuckled, as he went inside the kitchen and washed his hand to heat the food.

"Soon, we will run out of food reserve", Sakumo said as he looks at Yasaki heating the food


"I will go to market tomorrow to--

"You are sick, Leave it to me"


"Tou san, Trust me, No matter the situation we are in, I will make sure that food is always on our table. No matter what"


The next day, A huge amount of food was stolen from the Konoha's market, The Civilians complained to the Hokage, who merely acknowledged the problem yet did nothing.

Even Uchihas were ordered not to investigate the matter.

Because he knows that Yasaki was behind this.


At Home, Sakumo frowned, "Yasaki, you shouldn't have done that. There would be nothing to eat for Common People at this rate"

Yasaki shrugged, "Why would I care about those ungrateful people"

Sakumo sighed, "You are Angry I got it. But they are just retaliating because I caused this war which claimed their family's lives"

"No, You didn't cause anything, The war was Inevitable, You saved your Comrades lives so that they can live with their family. And guess what they are living happily with their family... alive, Cursing at us when instead they should be thanking you"

"Yasaki", Sakumo sighed

Yasaki Pouted and hugged Sakumo, "You didn't cause anything Tou san. Don't always blame yourself because of them"

Sakumo smiled a little and weakly hugged Yasaki back.

Even though it's getting tougher to live these days, And he is sick with no one to talk, or nothing to live for. At least his son is still there.

Nozomi was his light once, now, her son wearing her face, becomes his light, his reason to live.

It was like his love Nozomi never left him in the first place.


"It's time for your training, meet me at Back Garden", Sakumo asked in his cloak and stick to help him move.

"Is it alright? I mean you are sick", Yasaki asked putting the wares in the kitchen

"I won't be moving much"

Yasaki nodded.


"Perception is one of the many crucial elements that contribute to the overall combat performance of any warrior. One oft-exploited in myriad ways. Be it deprivation or overload of senses, sheer avoidance of detection or convincing illusions to misguide the opponent"


"However, As my Kid, you should be capable of discerning the surroundings with profound insight that pierce through the shroud of deception. Any superficial alterations are meaningless, and solely those that truly observed, are the masters"


"In theory, Our White chakra, can burn any and all darkness, and Illusion, If one could control the White Chakra properly, not Even Izanami of Sharingan could fool them, But As I said, it's just theory"

Yasaki nodded

"But, you are different from me or anyone else that I ever saw, Get ready, I am going to do everything I can to make you master that White Chakra of our Clan"

Yasaki nodded again.

"The Best way is through a Desperate use of it. We will play the Survival Again, but this time, Instead of your sword, you will fight using Chakra"




"Just like Previously, No use of After Image"

Yasaki nodded

As Sakumo summoned his Vicious Dogs.


Minato smiled as he watched the sun going down after a long mission escorting some people to the Land of Waves and was currently carrying Kakashi on his back after he sprained his ankle, pushing himself to keep up with Minato.

The Hatake house was dark except for one room as Minato walked up to it and stepped in, setting Kakashi down on the step so he could remove his shoes and Minato followed as he heard laughing from Yasaki and Sakumo's voice speaking softly.

Minato and Kakashi followed the voices to see a horrific scene.

Yasaki and Sakumo were sitting across from each other with medical supplies between them, as Sakumo Bandage the scratched and even more bruised Yasaki.

"What Happened", Kakashi asked Horrified seeing the horrifying Bruises and scratch marks on Yasaki's body, It was truly a spectacle of how he is torturing his little body

Yasaki chuckled, "We survived"

"What does that even mean", Minato asked Getting a weak laugh from Sakumo.

"Don't worry you two, It's only temporary, The marks will disappear without leaving any scars"

"What did you two even do, His Ribs are bruised so much, He needs to go to the hospital", Minato said

Sakumo sighed, and Yasaki looked at Minato smiling gently, "No Hospital would Help me, Remember? We are the Pariah of the Village"


"Have you guys eaten yet?"

"Yasaki, Not every problem can be solved by eating you know"

"Seriously Minato San, I really wonder whether you are a woman, what did Kushina san even saw in you"

"Yasaki, Language", Sakumo said

Minato blushed at it

Yasaki smiled, "Don't worry Minato san, If you want to, reach me anytime, I will tell your Girlfriend all the Charming Manly things you did"


"No don't"

"Manly Things?", asked Sakumo confused

"Well, there is this one Time that Uncle Jiraiya and him--

"Yasaki", Minato called being Distressed

Kakashi sighed


The classroom was surprisingly quiet, even Obito was quiet next to Rin.

Yasaki who was sitting at the back all alone stared at the fresh snow that had fallen the night before.

It was November 1st today. Hatake Yasaki is officially 9.

"Hatake Yasaki." The sensei called broadly and Yasaki stood up with a sigh.

"Good luck", whispered Rin when he passed by her seat

A little smile appeared on his face

"Please perform the clone jutsu." The one examiner asked as he held the ram seal and made three clones, just to make sure and then they disappeared as the examiners nodded and the Hokage smiled.

"Please perform the transformation jutsu." The other examiner asked as she held the ram seal again and after a poof of smoke, there stood an exact copy of the Hokage.

"Well done Yasaki-Kun, you pass." The Hokage said as he reverted back and took a hitai-ate and walked out with a smirk into the main hall to wait.

It was full of excited voices and people waiting for their friends. Yasaki could see their hopeful faces but then dropped when they saw it was just the bastard.

He sat down on an empty row of chairs and sat the hitai-ate in his lap.


After waiting for a while, He saw happy Rin coming out with her hitai-ate tied up.

And she sat at an Empty seat, giving a secret Victory sign to Yasaki. Who just chuckled

"I PASSED!" Obito's voice boomed in the hall as he stood with his arms up and his legs slightly spread victoriously by the door.

'How is this guy not ever Embarrassed?'


Rin and Yasaki covered their faces to hide their embarrassment, This guy is worse than Might Gai.


They finally exited the academy. Yasaki had a little smile on his face. As he watched Sakumo stood under it with Kakashi and Minato.

Seeing that Yasaki passed, Kakashi beamed like a child and ran towards Yasaki at full speed.

Minato, Sakumo, and Yasaki laughed, as Yasaki too began to run towards Kakashi.


Everyone's smile staggered when a Kunai was making its way towards Kakashi.

It was very close and was almost thrown from the Point Blank Range.

Minato and Sakumo began to run towards Kakashi, But it was apparent that they could not reach him.

Minato cursed inwardly for not Marking Kakashi during this time, He let his guard down today. And is paying for the mistake.

Kakashi crossed his arms, trying to endure the pain.

But the pain never came, Instead, he was hugged


He opened his eyes to see a shadow covering him from head to toe.

The Kunai hit Yasaki's back, but it was poisoned.

As Yasaki's senses gave away and he collapsed to the ground, coughing painfully and throwing blood every time.

He could vaguely hear the kid standing over him, yelling something about the traitor, and how it was his father's fault his parents weren't there to congratulate him.

Yasaki didn't listen properly as sounds and vision were blurring and his arms went slack around Kakashi as the blue sky filled his vision before he saw a flash of green, and his eyes were just refusing to stay open and his throat kept hitching when he breathed.

"Severe leaf hurricane!" Gai called as he knocked the other kid away and another genin from his year tried restraining Gai in rope.

But Gai was just too good in Taijutsu. He beat everyone that came at him

Last thing Yasaki saw was Sakumo.

'Don't make that expression'

"Nii san, Stay awake", He vaguely heard the echoing sound of Kakashi

Yet he kept on looking at Sakumo whose eyes were filled with Despair.

'Don't make those eyes, I am still alive'

Yasaki closed his eyes.

'I am still here for you. Don't give up'

Today is November 1st.

Hatake Yasaki's Birthday.

Today, Hatake Nozomi died.

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