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68.51% System:Of the Ugly (Sotu) / Chapter 34: Act 1: ANARCHY.

Act 1: ANARCHY. - System:Of the Ugly (Sotu) - Chapter 34 by JF_Fanai full book limited free

Chapter 34: Act 1: ANARCHY.

Only a few could burn and mold the earth to bend and morph to their will but only one could ride a cruiser in it.

The O'Fiery Virgin always had a tale, now these eyes had truly witnessed 'a more' the glow of her glory, making a Magus mused a thought, 'Hmm! Purity must be the case here, but than, that must mean that men fucks ladies life? Nah! babies needs to be born so, maybe it's just her, what am I even thinking?'

To dwell further on the absurd and mane'd pussycat, it was not only the brawn of her perk that was only praised, her intelligence which forged her to seal this dug or burnt tunnel's entrance from mundane sights, well with such a masterful control on a perk, intelligence was a given. What am I even saying.

Half of the day had already passed, and on we followed the trail of damaged earth from Reina's new technique, her flames spread and all the disturbed grounds or be it any matter were glowing with golden yellow until melted by the leader of the pack, only the growling, prowling echoes of cruisers then took hold of our ears.

But a Magus's life was never in a husk dead boring desert. Life and its gifts: it was now always a treat to thine Ol'blues of pervs, for a set of plumpy melons jiggled in the sights of thine golden hose. Purposefully, I'd made a couple to a ton of blunder, bumping into those sets of frisky, energetic, bouncy glorious heaps of meat, 'It's the best cushion in the world.' I made an undisputed statement.

Boy! A Magus would murder a whole sect of cultivators to play bouncy horsey with those Yummies!

My eyes of nirvana were cursed and spited with oozing glare of menace from the littlest of the Sunflowers and as I spied, 'I haven't talked to her still, I should tease her more.' then a new quest arrived, not literally.

I set my lecherously driven, committed to tease the fire cub: set of razzing eyes at Samara the brute riding just behind, teasing aside something about her tamed my heart to jump more wild, unchained and savage, 'Those tiny waists, those twirls of golden locks, those plump lips!' and my hose went on.

"Samara!!" I hollered.

"What?" she roared back.

'What screams would you make in bed?' my golden hose sang for imagined pleasures of the flesh.

"Can I ride with you?" I appealed, with eyes that sparkled and reeked of a solid able child.

"Why the fuck why?"

And those words just whispered euphoric poisons of lust in thine innocent ears.

"I kinda just wanted to!" I squeaked.

It was but some jolly Ol'fun, with hidden notion to tease Riri and Samara and my did it work, when, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Stop fooling around, this is a mission!" roared the cub, blurting words of loud fire.

Her words, she followed with wide rapid blinks, a palm that yearned to take back what the tongue had said, covering her mouth.

As you might have known, I was but just a tease although I was always an oblivious soul deep down my clueless heart. I was only a man of man in assumptions and jestful thought-out scenes. When it comes to reality however, I was but as my age, a naive little virgin.

I was oblivious then too, to my volatile tendencies which now slept, however lightly it slumbered, the new waves of emotions and experiences built me a busy mood, busier than my swift temperamental outbursts but it somehow adds to my unpredictability.

"Rianna's right! No telling when the enemy will strike!" said Fiora.

She gave me a long glance from the corner of her eyes, slow and careful she then spoke, "You are still sort of the same age, understandable!"

Words that shot through a Magus. Even if I knew where the bullet came from, back than I failed to see where I was hit. What does those words meant?

Earlier, before this chapter I claimed that I was honest, well a Magus was honest but some truths I decided to spare.

Don't you dare call me a liar!

I told them of the incident and my loss, but some details I might have bended just a slight, and some I left unturned. I shortened my past age to be of only sixteen but I was honest of my current age, keeping mum about my relatives of Frisky-Bear, the kind aunty below my floor and my candy drugs which I chewed and smoke and toke in dull times, I did not mention even the pills that I took before the morn that I awoke as Phillipi.

On we cruised in this ever stretching tunnel, moments and moments passed with only prowling chortles of engine revving bursts.

Bored from silence, I unlocked my phone with a swipe of a thumb, 'Still satisfying as ever!'

The picture I took of Mikel and his tender purple little hill riddled face, torn and cutted were his lips. A snap which perfectly captured pain, consciousness escaping his sorry state.

My! did it cracked me a grin.

Playful fingers scrolled and tapped, until I find the loose time to delve into Snaptube.

'Let's see what the world says about Phillipi.' logging in to my new account.

"Uh-oH!" as though my phone had trembled, many a plethora of notifications rang me a monstrous beat.





Followed by unstopping, *Dings*

It was as though a gentler machine gun was chiming and gunning me from my phone, notifications, followers love, messages and mentions paged themselves; innumerable to the eyes which were beaming wide.

Begging me to wonder, 'Does my phone have enough storage for this?'

Not that I didn't know of how spaces were used, I was enthralled by these many pop-ups. I was a damn real celebrity.

The whistling bursts of chimes brought me the eyes of all the Sunflowers and Raul.

"Uhh!!" I drawled, "A celebritiy's life?, you know! I'm handsomely famous? and fans dig me!?" said I - a cheeky Magus, as my neck turned back, shaking the phone so they could see in a blur.

"Keep it quiet!" demanded Fiora.

"Yeah Shush!" I followed and relayed the demand to the rest - behind.

In glee my eyes beamed, I first took a notice on my followers gain, they numbered to tens of millions, nearly Eighty percent of the entire population.

The phone reads,

[Phillipi the Grand Fucking Magus.]

[Followers: 10.8m] [Following: 0]

With a default profile picture of a blank portrait of a man.

I swiped to the messages which listed me more than a million blued out highlights, ranging from critique, nonsense, full on political lessons and raging fuckening support for my act, I couldn't scroll through them all, I feared my fingers would swole.

I need not bother with the crazy zeroes of notifications either, 'They mattered not.' I thought.

Than my mind rang me an Eureka idea, 'Share a tweet!' it beckoned a Magus.

With haste my fingers tapped to speak as they typed, [ACT 1: ANARCHY] and my thumb pressed: Share.

I figured I needed a thought to share, to spread my ideals. If I was to change the world, I would need the masses. And I was true to that-; Intelligence is key to an upbringing!

A phrase I nodded my head to.

I put my phone in silent for I feared the whistling that was to come to rupture thy ears. I need not mind the attention I was sure to be showered with, then I slid my phone away, 'Guess I'll post a picture of Bang-Dem later.'

The tunnel continued to snake a longer neck, we never did stop to rest and most of us by then had thought and prepared ourselves for what unexpected was to come, nevertheless Reina kept glowing the caved-in damaged earth and Fiora paved a melted way, on and on, feet by feet the Sunflowers cruised their bikes.


<Yes Master?>

'I missed your sarcasms.'

<Neither do i>

'There it is!' I huffed a small short chuckle.

'Can you show me my rewards?'

<Roger that>

<Master had accumulated a total of 43 Stat Points>

<Three Achivement Titles and Buff>

'Wa-wa-wait! Aeyai before you go on your merry way, put numbers in their symbols not in letters like what you did earlier okay? it's kind of a chore to read it all.'

<Aeyai also speaks so master should not bother to read>

'*Haaa!* Do as you please..' I breathed to an immediate verbal defeat.

<A new Passive Skill>

<A new Skill Unlocked>

<Three Skill Upgrades>

<Sorted bonus rewards with the Quest: First Win>

<+ 1% CD reduction

<+ 6% dmg output increase (physical + magical>

<+ 50 HP>

<+100 MP>

<That is all. Please note Master had already claimed and inaugurated Perma Buffs, Master is yet to spend his Stats points and Skill Points>

'Thank Mary she designed you so you could speak.'

<I live to serve>

'Okay enough with that, bring up my stats menu please?'


HP : 23

MP : 23

STA : 15

AGI : 19

STR : 28

DEX : 35

<Points Remaining : 43>

'Hmm! Well first of all add five everywhere.'


<Adding five points to all Stats>

<Points Remaining : 13>

'Thirty three on strength, that's kinda odd, so add two more on strength.'


<Adding two points on STR>

'It's wierd when you said, 'Str!' why not just say strength?'

<You have 11 points remaining>

I sighed, it always comes down to a sigh.

'Anyways, I wanna make my hp and mana get to thirty, twenty eight is just not right buttt, my stamina is damn low,,'

'Wait! I got bonus Hp and mana right?'


'Yeah! but still I kinda wanna make them both have zeroes in their end, but my stamina.. uhh!'

'Hold-on give six points to agility, I need me some quick feet.'

<Master have 5 points remaining>

'Now,, wait! how much does a point in hp gives me?'

<A single point in HP and MP gives +10 increase to your health and mana pool>

'Mm-hmm, Lord this is hard! why do they have to be stuck at twenty eight? Na-Na-nah! fuck it give the rest to stamina!' *Whew!* I swiped off a sweat. Something about an oddly ending number gave me this poking, irksome sense of unease.

<Showing Master Stats>

HP : 28

MP : 28

STA : 25

AGI : 30

STR : 35

DEX : 40


The word made me grit these teeth hard, biting so hard that I feared I might crack a couple to an ache, clenching my fists I braced for the fuckening light that was to come to torture my poor soul.

<In 3,>

'Any moment now!'



'Here it comes!!!!'


'Eh?' I peeked.

'The fuck was that? Done?'

'Where was the pain? Are you fucking kidding me Aeyai?'

I was left unanswered, ignored and my littler rage then felt a laugh coming from the system.

Which was claimed and deemed to be void of all emotional weights.

'Aeyai! you motherfucking!!!'

JF_Fanai JF_Fanai

Aeyai got one done on Phillipi.. Ohhh!!!





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