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50% Tales of Demons and Gods: Anime Skill / Chapter 23: State of the Institute

State of the Institute - Tales of Demons and Gods: Anime Skill - Chapter 23 by UltimateDarkness full book limited free

Chapter 23: State of the Institute

When they think about the speed at which they grow. Chen Xin, on the other hand, is still having trouble with the immortal god technique.

"Shit, what's wrong with this technique?" Chen Xin snapped in his mind.

Compared to Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao and the trio, Chen Xin had hardly experienced any changes in her cultivation, because Chen Xin was still thinking about the reason why Chen Xin couldn't cultivate this technique according to her will.

At this time, in the combat apprentice class.

Over the past few days, Chen Xin's seats and group have been vacant, no one knows where they have gone.

"Soon it will be the 3rd night, Chen Xin won't forget right?" Xiao Ning awaits Chen Xin's arrival tonight. Thinking of the things that happened that day, Xiao Ning who was sitting quietly blushed slightly. Xiao Ning's face had a pure smile that was gentle, beautiful and attractive, causing the surrounding children to be dumbfounded.

Ye Ziyun was very confused inwardly. Recently, Xiao Ning was often deep in thought, causing Ye Ziyun to be curious. What really happened caused Xiao Ning to be too engrossed in thinking. "Does Xiao Ning'er like Chen Xin?" Ye Ziyun didn't understand, "What does Xiao Ning'er see about Chen Xin, to actually make an arrogant girl like Xiao Ning'er fall for Chen Xin?"

While Shen Xiu was teaching the class, Shen Xiu's gaze swept across the 7 empty seats, sneering inwardly. "Nie Li is probably practicing bitterly right? Even so, so what? Chen Xin thought that if they practiced bitterly they could break through to rank 1 Bronze, especially Nie Li would be able to increase his soul force from 5 to 100 in just two months? This is absolutely impossible! Even with the help of the Divine Family "

If Nie Li, Du Ze and the trio had a world of green souls or above, then they might have a chance of reaching Bronze rank. But most of them have a red soul world! In Shen Xiu's view, Chen Xin and Nie Li will definitely lose! Chen Xin and Nie Li actually dare to oppose him in class in public, especially Nie L this will be the price!

Shen Xiu can only imagine, after being expelled how pitiful Nie Li's situation would be! And as for Chen Xin, Shen Xiu will think about later.

Shen Xiu revealed a sinister smile on her face as Shen Xiu continued tirelessly to lecture, "Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and indigo are the seven different soul realms, with red as the lowest grade. In the hundreds of years of Glory City's history, only a few have managed to train to the silver rank demon spirit level. Unless it has some coincidence, the red soul realm has a limit to the soul force that can be contained, which is 600, the higher it is, the harder it is! "

Hearing Shen Xiu's words, the crowd of ordinary students below the stage revealed disappointed expressions on their faces. Soul force could only reach a maximum of 600, which meant that unless someone had good fortune, the maximum they could attain was only 5-star bronze rank.

The students with a red soul world couldn't help complaining at the injustice, why do they only have a red soul world.

"There are some things that heaven decides after birth, we have to give up our fate. Some people will be protected at birth, and some will become ordinary, lesser people after birth! Shen Xiu burst into laughter.

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning furrowed their brows in disdain after hearing Shen Xiu's words. They disliked Shen Xiu from the start, and the words that Shen Xiu spoke were too many. With Glory City under the threat of demon beasts, Shen Xiu still continues to try and stir up conflict between commoners and nobles, just ignoring the situation.

Listening to Shen Xiu's words, those ordinary students tightly clenched their fists, blood almost pouring out of their palms. Even though they were very angry with what Shen Xiu said, but most of them still endured it. Not everyone dares to oppose teachers by withdrawing from school as a bet.

They would not and would not dare to do so, and because of that, they greatly admired Nie Li in their hearts and thanked Chen Xin for supporting Nie Li and the common people.

What Nie Li didn't know was that Shen Xiu's constant taunts of ordinary students actually became spiritual motivation for ordinary students. Almost every ordinary student hoped that Nie Li would win, driving this vicious Shen Xiu away. Chen Xin and Nie Li's actions recently won the hearts of these ordinary students.

As time went by, the inscription incident dealt a heavy slap to the holy family and Nie Li's bet with Shen Xiu immediately became famous, almost everyone in the Sacred Orchid Institute was discussing this matter and one of the young masters of the Divine family supported Nie Li, of course it's Chen Xin which made all the common people feel happy for Chen Xin and Nie Li's actions.

"He actually said that he would increase his soul force from 5 to 100 in two months! He doesn't know the place! "

"Yes, even the super genius cyan soul realm might not be able to reach it!"

"I hope that Nie Li and Chen Xin will win, I really hate that evil woman."

"Me too, even though the chances of winning are slim." 70% of the students at the Holy Orchid Institute were ordinary people. Nie Li offended Shen Xiu and the Sacred family for defending them caused them to support Nie Li in their hearts. Even with Chen Xin's help, they still felt delighted by Nie Li's actions.

Many people disliked the Sacred family, some noble children still disagreed with Nie Li and some noble children disagreed with Chen Xin for defending the common people.

Even if the Sacred Family is wrong, the Sacred Family is still one of the 3 major families in Glory City. Nie Li's action offended his superior, it shows contempt for authority! They even viewed Nie Li as trash among the nobility, unlike Chen Xin, the Divine Family was a big family that kept people from making bad comments about Chen Xin.

"Some people just like standing together with commoners, what can you do?" They laughed at Nie Li. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Late afternoon.

Most of the students at the Sacred Orchid Institute all went out to eat. The library was very quiet, Chen Xin and a group of people ate together and returned to the library to continue their practice.

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