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Tales of the Legendary Scholar original

Tales of the Legendary Scholar

Author: JoanB

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Glossary of Terms:

(Alphabetical Order)

/ae/ - pronounced as short a as 'a' in cat.

Amerthus Arnaldus - /A-mer-thus Ar-nal-dus/ - one of the sons of the family of knights, being looked down by his peers because of his clumsiness and unkempt appearance.

Aenor Gerboud - /A-nor Ger-bowd/ - mother of Freidrech.

Averardus Hotys - /A-ve-rar-dus Ho-tis/ - His nickname is Ave /Eiv/. He is the youngest Commanding General of the Royal Army, also a Griftein Knight. Has the power to hear as far as the horizon and wield the sword Hotys, a double-edged sword that could kill 100 heads of men in one strike.

Beast Mounts - animals ridden for traveling, like the horses. Some can fly but not all.

Beseiraen Indaera, Bhihetzaeren Beraendete - /Be-sey-ran In-da-ra Vi-het-za-ren Be-ran-de-te/ - Strength of the Arm, Will of the Heart

Braenton of Vaesey - /Bran-ton of Va-sey/ - younger cousin of Sir Riquier. Chairman of Fred's class in the academy.

Daeine the Amfrideite - /Da-yeyn Am-fri-dey-te/ - His nickname is Dayin /Da-yin/. A Griftein Knight that has no weapon or armor given but received the strength that equals ten lions.

Deimer of Beeleizal - /Dey-mer of Bi-ley-zal/ - nickname Dei /Dey/ - a third year mage student, aspiring to enter the king's exclusive royal mage.

Dominant foot - is the foot a person uses first like walking or jumping.

Dramache Veindervis - /Dra-makth Veyn-der-vis/ - Assistant Administrator of the royal academy.

Drech - /drek/ - means ruler or right.

Duke Threion - /Thre-yon/ - father of Fielbert and Theodrech.

Ermaenye - /Er-man-ye/ - wife of Duke Threion and mother of Theodrech and Fielbert.

Felch - /Felk/ - first son of Prince Lowis.

Fielbert - /Fi-yel-bert/ - second son of the Duke Threion of Welbourn, older brother of Theodrech.

Freidrech Goederf Gerboud - /Frey-drek Ge-derf Ger-bowd/ - His nickname is Fred /Fred/. The main character and the legendary scholar.

Gefroey Botolfe - /Ge-frey Bo-tolf/ - the King's adviser and the king's brother-in-law. Queen Reyhaenna's brother. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Griftein - /Grif-fen/ - simply means Griffin.

Griftein Knights - the highest honor a knight could dream of. Only those who are acknowledged by the Griftein in the king will receive this honor.

Griften Veimu - /Grif-fen Vey-mu/ - Capital city of Xaeviel. It means under the power of the Griffin Lords.

Hubiete of Veindervis - /Yu-bayt of Veyn-der-vis/ - nickname Hue /yu/ - Prince Lowis' man and nephew of Lord Dramache. He is one of the security personnel of the school and an apprentice of the Griftein Knights.

Leidrech - /Ley-drek/ - youngest son of the king.

Louvel Gerboud - /Lu-vel Ger-bowd/ - Freidrech's father.

Lowis - /Lo-wis/ - a prince, a strong contender to the throne, first son of King Thierri.

Maugier - /Mo-gier/ - a knight under Prince Lowis' circle.

Moma - /Mo-ma/ - means mother.

Niall of Otlaen - /Ni-yal of Ot-le-an/ - Fred's classmate.

Popa - /po-pa/ - means father.

Pheya - /Fe-ya/ - Amberdrift's butler.

Reyhaenna - /Rey-han-na/ - queen of Xaeviel.

Rhabras Quzahr - /Rab-ras Ku-zar/ - headmaster of the royal academy. He became Freidrech's mentor.

Riquier Vaesey - /Ri-ki-yer Va-sey/ - captain of the knight squadron who went to Wrilon village.

Sentient beings - those creatures that have gained awareness and some can wield powers.

Sentient powers - Magic powers that gained its own consciousness and can control the wielder. The wielder has to win against it first to make it his own.

Sienboom -/Shi-yen-bum/ - the tree to test a person's magic attributes.

Sheinbinne - /Sheyn-bin/ - a power to see a person's memory in the last two days.

Tetbald of Hubertein - /Tet-bald of Yu-ber-teyn/ - His nickname is Tet /Tet/. A Griftein Knight who held the great shield heart Hubertein.

Theodrech - /The-yo-drek/ - prince of Xaeviel, third candidate to the throne.

Thierri - /Thi-ye-ri/ - present king of Xaeviel.

Verlouise Drouet - /Ver-lo-is Drow-et/ - an orphan daughter of the late princess of Xaeviel. Theodrech's cousin.

Waentilisiana of Allaessa - /Wan-ti-li-sya-na of A-las-sa/ - her nickname is Wenti /Wen-ti/ - she is one of Freidrech's classmates in the royal academy.

Wrilon - /Ri-lon/ - Freidrech's home village.

Xaeviel - /Sa-vi-yel/ - Kingdom where Freidrech was born and began his journey.

Zeirean - /Zey-ri-yan/ - the world where the story unfolds.

Zezkeita - /Zes-key-ta/ - power to jump high after concentrating one's energy on one's right off.

JoanB JoanB

I will slowly add names as new characters come in the story.

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