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0.67% Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start / Chapter 1: A Small Tavern That No One Was Interested In
Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start

Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start

Author: Eternal Dream

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Chapter 1: A Small Tavern That No One Was Interested In

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

On the Hailar continent, at the junction of the Forest of Elves and the Kellogg Empire, at an unknown tavern in Rock City.

Sitting in the lobby of this ordinary tavern was a handsome and skinny young man with a hint of worry on his face.

On the main street in Rock City, there was another tavern with the sign "Elf Tavern" hanging on the door beam.

Upon entering, one would feel as if they were in the elven forest. Dense wood magic filled the entire space.

Such a tavern with elven characteristics was doing very well in this remote border town.

Every kind of wine here was unique to the elven race, and the taste was fascinating.

At a table near the stairs going up to the second floor, Alan sat alone and observed what was happening around him.

He was shaking the wine glass in his hand, taking a sip from time to time as he silently evaluated.

Elven fruit wine was indeed not bad if one was drinking it as a beverage.

At this time, there was a table of strong men sitting in the middle of the hall across from him, boldly drinking wine.

"You all haven't seen my team's magnificent feat of slaying a dragon. Super impressive!"

Wayne reeked of alcohol from head to toe. His face was flushed red as he bragged about his past glory.

His words immediately attracted his mates to ridicule him.


"If you ask me, slaying a dragon or not is all bullshit..."

"Those happened so long ago. To be honest, if you can go into the forest and bring back a blazing tiger, I'll believe you. Hiccup!"

The middle-aged man who spoke was already a little tongue-tied.

"Stop talking about dragon slaying."

"Alright, don't believe me, right? Tomorrow morning, I'll go into the forest and look for a blazing tiger."

The man named Wayne had an indignant look on his face as he retorted with a hint of unwillingness.

"Forget it, when have you not said that? Anyway, tomorrow you'll say that you drank too much, hahaha."

"That's right, that's right, hahaha... come and have a drink."

The others also burst into laughter when they heard that. With a "clank", they clanked their cups together and everyone drank the wine in their cups in one gulp.

This table of old drunkards were all managers of various businesses in Rock City. They would often wait until they were drunk before leaving.

The man who always bragged about slaying dragons every time he drank was named Wayne, he was once a mercenary. He retired ten years ago after he was seriously injured. After that, he worked as a blacksmith in the city.

The others were also middle-aged men who ran shops or different businesses in Rock city.

Alan had been observing the people in the tavern for a month. During this month, he learned a lot about this world through the customers.

Compared to his previous life, this world was much more dangerous.

Hailar was a continent where many races coexisted.

Not just elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, and other races lived together with humans, there were also angels who reside in the Holy Land in the sky and demons who live underground.

A month ago, Alan was still a good-for-nothing young man under the influence of communism. But in the blink of an eye, fate made a little joke and threw him into this dangerous and backward world.

After transmigrating to this world, he inexplicably inherited a dilapidated tavern and then activated a tavern system.

He transmigrated into a 16-year-old boy who had lost his parents. This was a miserable way to start this life.

Fortunately, the system still had some conscience. Not only did the welcome gift pack directly give him the recipe for Lafite wine, but the tavern's wine cellar also gained a booster to speed up the brewing process by 100 times.

Lafite wine.

In his previous life, this red wine was widely popular.

Its taste was gentle and delicate, like an introverted girl.

Lafite's fragrance of flowers and fruits was particularly prominent, and it was mellow and supple. Therefore, many wine lovers called Lafite the "Queen" of the wine kingdom.

All kinds of praises and admirations were given to the Lafite wine.

Of course, it was also well deserved.

Considering that he obtained the way to brew this divine wine as soon as he started this new life, Alan felt that there was still hope for the following days.

But until today, a whole month had passed. After Allen renovated the tavern, the wine was also ready.

It even took a month to do the market survey before opening the tavern and the promotion for his tavern.

However, on the first day of opening the tavern, from morning till night, there were no customers.

Rock City was located in a remote area. It lacked resources and its development was very slow.

There were not many people coming and going. This decently sized city only had a population of 30,000.

When it came to entertainment, it was definitely not enough to have only one elven tavern for people to enjoy.

Then why did not a single person come to the opening of his tavern?

Alan knew one reason was that his tavern was not famous, but the most important reason was his age.

For a tavern that belonged to a sixteen-year-old boy, no one believed that Alan could brew a wine that was better tasting than the wine served in the elven tavern.

Alan couldn't wait for customers, so he took the initiative and went to the elven tavern. He wanted to see if he could fool a few drunkards who were drunk enough to go to his tavern once.

After all, using the 100 times acceleration booster, even though his Lafite wine had only been brewing for a month, the age of the wine was eight years.

He was confident that he could make everyone who drank it fall in love with this wine.

Just as Alan was silently observing the customers in the elven tavern, he suddenly felt a faint fragrance drifting beside him.

Turning his head, he saw an extremely beautiful mature woman sitting on the opposite seat.

She had long pointy ears, dark green hair like the goddess of nature, and dark blue eyes,

She wore a tight jade-green dress that accentuated her seductive figure. There was a hint of snow-white flesh peering out of her collar, which made him feel dizzy.

She was a dignified, proper, and generous female elf from every aspect, but for some reason, Alan felt that this female elf in front of him exuded temptation.

With just one glance, a thousand thoughts already ran through his head, but his expression did not show it at all.

Alan looked at her silently, waiting for her to speak first.

"You have a very unique fragrance on your body. Can you tell me what that smell is?"

The female elf gently placed her wine glass on the table, her movements elegant and graceful.

The moment she spoke, the faint nature fragrance surrounding her became even stronger.

Alan's young and handsome face was slightly stunned. He subconsciously raised his arm and sniffed his own body.

A faint flower and fruit fragrance mixed with oak and other plant fragrance lingered at the tip of his nose.

Considering that he had been in and out of the wine cellar frequently in the past month, it was most likely that he caught the Lafite scent on his body.

He thought for a moment and answered with a straight face, "It's the smell of wine."

The female elf's face froze. She didn't expect to get such an answer.

In the Forest of Elves, she had never smelled a wine with a similar scent.

Of the top three wines in this continent, one was the elf wine, which could nourish the body and slightly heal injuries. It was a wine with a wide range of healing effects.

One other was the orc wine. It was said to be an extremely strong wine. With just a small sip, it could awaken the internal beast inside the orc by 20%. The range of applications was only limited to the orc race.

The other was the holy water from the angel race. Rather than calling it wine, it was more like tea for the angels. The alcohol content in it was extremely low and the taste was so light that if one did not carefully taste it, they would think that they were drinking water. Its only use was a slight restraining effect on powerful energy.

However, this ordinary human youth in front of her, other than being slightly better looking than the others, did not seem to have the slightest fluctuation of power within his body. Yet, a faint and extremely alluring fragrance lingered around his body.

But the youth said that this was the fragrance of wine, a new type of wine!

When she thought of this, immediately, her interest was piqued.

The female elf's eyes lit up slightly as she looked at the youth in puzzlement. Her original intention was to confirm if what he said was true, yet in the youth's eyes, her glance was extremely flirtatious...

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