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42.46% TBATE- A force to be reckoned with / Chapter 31: The Helstea auction house

The Helstea auction house - TBATE- A force to be reckoned with - Chapter 31 by Erebus512 full book limited free

Chapter 31: The Helstea auction house

Instantly all of us were on our knees.

"I didn't know we would be sharing the space with guests Vincent," The King calmly remarked.

Vincent who was sweating bullets now replied, "Forgive me for being presumptuous your majesty. I remembered you wanting to meet my family again the last time you were here, so I thought today would be a good opportunity for that."

He then turned to us, "You remember my wife Tabitha, and my daughter Lilia; This is Alice Leywin, a close friends wife and their children, Arthur Leywin, Fayden Leywin and Eleanor Leywin."

"At ease! Please we're all important guests of the Helstea family here. Lets drop the formalities"


Sylvie poked her head out of Arthur's robe.

"Oh my! What a cute little mana beast!" Queen Priscilla makes her way towards us, her face losing a bit of its coldness.

"She just hatched a few months ago. Her name is Sylvie. Come out and say hi." He replied.

Might as well.

"Zeke, show yourself as well." I say

They are confused for a split second before Zeke came out from my shadow startling them and causing the guards to draw their weapons.

"Relax, he's harmless for the most part,"

The Queen recovered first, "That's quite a peculiar looking shadow wolf. Aren't they supposed to be completely black?"

Sheesh racist much?

"I don't know, maybe he's not pure shadow wolf."

"I assume they are your bonds," King Glayder came closer and kneeled down to their level.

"How fortunate you are to have a mana beast. Even infants are not easy to tame, yet it looks like they are very obedient."

"More like a mutual argument than obedience," I spoke up

"WHAT?! You mean to say you're under equals contract with the mana beasts?"

The hooded guard shouted.

"Uh I'm not sure what exactly that is, but she was the one that initiated it so maybe?"

He turned towards me, no doubt wanting to ask the same question but before he could do so the king interrupted, "Stop! This is neither the place nor the time to study someone's pet,"

We took our seats as the announcer declared that the auction would start soon.

From the corner of my eyes I see Zeke go back to my shadow.


And so the auction began with the introduction of the King and Queen, followed by the Helstea family.

I could hear Vincent talking to Arthur about his sword, but I didn't pay it much mind, not until the masks were brought up, "You managed to find the voice altering masks?"

"Yeah, although it took a little longer than expected. I also got cloaks made from the fur of nightmare foxes, making you harder to perceive. I thought you'd like it." He said with a hint of pride.

"That's more than what I could ask."

"True, you went beyond our expectations Uncle, thank you."

I could see his face brighten a bit after hearing me call him Uncle, "Don't worry, just stay safe. I'm the one who will have to deal with your family if something happens to either of you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This earns a laugh from both of us.

After that it was back to watching the auction. There were quite a few interesting items, even some beast cores, although most of them were below B class. The King did bid and win a A class core, while the queen bid on a mana absorption ring along with some other items for a conjurer.

I was seething in anger at the sight of noble men frantically bidding on female slaves in their birthday suits, showing their assets. I was thankful that my family and the Helstea's were above owning slaves. 

I saw Arthur get up, but I paid it no mind.

Turns out I shouldn't have done that.

Moments later a tremendous wave of killing intent flooded the room.

Instantly I was on my feet, absorbing mana to start preparing for any spell necessary.

"Who dares attack the Royal family! Show yourself!" King Glayder bellows, and his guards unsheathed their weapons.

The bloodlust went away as fast as it appeared.

Everyone was shaken until there was confirmation of killing an intruder at the roof, after which they all visibly relaxed. Other than Arthur who looked relieved. 

So that bloodlust was him?

"Oi Sebastian. How could a royal guard like you fall on his ass by a little intimidation like that? You're going to die early like this." One of the armored guards spoke up.

"I just slipped, that's it," Sebastian said before turning towards Arthur in...fear?

I move towards Arthur, "So, what did you do?"

"What makes you think I had anything to do with it?"

"One, you looked relieved when they caught someone. Two, Sebastian looked at you in fear. Three, you're the only one in this room I know who can exude that much killing intent." I state matter-of-factly.

"...fair enough. He threatened to take Sylvie away." He replied making my blood boil, as I unconsciously started leaking bloodlust.

Arthur noticed this and elbowed my ribs, stopping me from releasing even more.

"Thank you. I needed that one."

The auction then continued without delay.

"Now! For the final item we have up for the lucky fellow fortunate enough to acquirethis..." As his voice trailed off a glamorous lady brought a box covered by red cloth. She paused a bit for dramatic effect before taking off the cloth, revealing what was underneath.

The auctioneer's voice boomed around the room, "An infant World Lion! For those who are ignorant of thismagnificent mana beast, an adult World Lion has the capability to be at least becomea B class mana beast. I dare to say that if taken care of well, this infant World Lioncould even become an A class mana beast!"

The crowd of people go wild even before the price was announced.

As the crowd calms down the starting bidding price to be 100 gold.

That was just the beginning as the price kept increasing without any signs of slowing down.





"1000!" The king bellowed with his right hand raised.

Seems like no one wanted to bid against their own king as no more hands went up.

Vincent congratulated him unknowingly voicing my thoughts, "Seems like no one wants to bid against you King Glayder."

"Sorry about the potential money lost because of that Vince. I owe you one," He said this with a look of childish excitement, so did his wife and son.

"Looks like the royal palace will have a new pet. Do you plan to gift it to Prince Curtis?"

The King gave him an evil smile, "Maybe! It depends on how well he does."

"D-Dad" the prince stuttered out.

Priscilla laughs at this, "Does that mean I won't have to hear you slacking off on you sword lessons?"

"Mom! You said you wouldn't tell Dad." The Prince doesn't look as fierce anymore. 

The 10th anniversary event ended soon.

When we reached the storage room Vincent handed me a package, "Follow me Arthur to where we store some of the swords, even though they aren't special you'll be able to acquire a solid sword there,"

This got the King's interest, "Oh? Are you planning on taking sword lessons? My son has recently started as well. Maybe a friendly spar can be arranged between the two of you."

"I am honored, but swordplay is merely a hobby for me your majesty, I could never hope to reach Prince Curtis' level," He replied.

Yeah right. more like you'll dominate the fight in seconds.

Father arrived at that moment, "Ah you're here. How was the auction?" he said after bowing to the King and Queen.

I notice Sebastian whisper something to the King who looked annoyed for a second before sighing and coming towards us.

"You were called Arthur correct? You see Sebastian here has helped my family in many occasions. For his services I feel the need to reward him from time to time. And he seems to have quite the liking to your bond. I know its quite  complicated process to sever a bond, but I can get someone to do that and compensate you for the bond. What do you say? Can you do this old king a favor?"

How about no?

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