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Chapter 2 - Soul Form - TDG: The Reincarnation Of A Normal Person - Chapter 2 by Lavendal full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - Soul Form

''Oke, Class begins!'' A mature voice entered through the door and all the children shut their mouths.

A woman with long red-coloured hair running down her back and a tall figure for a woman came through the door, she was wearing a lavender dress that wrapped tightly against her body which emphasized her perky chest. She had a pair of slender, white legs, and wore exquisite make-up that made her look beautiful and elegant.

Ye Feng couldn't help but stare a bit, it was a lie if he said he wasn't attracted to her, he always had something for older woman!

Naturally, not OLD OLD but just older..... stop having some weird fantasies!

'F*ck!' Ye Feng cursed inside his head while leaning forward slightly, since this body was just reaching puberty, his pillar was tempted to remind him of his age and challenge the heavens.

''Demon Spiritualists and Fighters have the same 5 Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold and Legend Rank while each rank has its own different star levels'' Shen Xui said while looking at the class room.

''Unlike Fighters who use their own strength, a Demon Spiritualist can integrate Demons into his/her own Soul Realm and merge with them during battle, gaining power far surpassing a Fighter''

Shen Xui's red eyes started changing while flames started coming out from her body and a tail made from flames appeared behind her which made her look even more bewitching than she already was.

''My Demon Spirit is called 'Scarlet Flaming Fox''' Shen Xiu said and looked around the classroom.

''So that is a Demon Spiritualist!''

''You can feel the heat from here!''

''I can't wait to become a Bronze-Rank Demon Spiritualist!''

As most commoner students were awed at the sight of Shen Xiu's transformation while some of the children from big family's just looked in indifference since they were already used to the sight.

''For the next 2 years you are all my students, although the school mentioned that all the students are equals, I have to inform you of a cruel truth, equality doesn't exist! After you grow up you all will agree with my words, you can't be living in this fairy tale forever!''

Shen Xia said in a cold voice with in indifferent expression.

''So give up on the thought of rising up and turning into a phoenix, even among the nobles, there are strict levels that can never be exceeded!''

Ye Feng looked with an indifferent face and merely listened instead of what Nie Lie did in his second life, although he couldn't blame Nie Lie for doing it either since he had his reasons.

Nie Lie considered the whole Sacred Family traitors but who knows if it truly was that way, what if most of them were controlled instead?

What if their family was being threatened if they didn't do it?

There were so many 'If's' in this story that Ye Feng still wanted Shen Xiu to be his, naturally, if she became his enemy, he would treat her just like any other enemy.

'I should ask the City Lord if I could go into the prison, I need to get used to killing otherwise I'm fucked' Ye Feng thought to himself, although he was quite hesitant at first but he had to come to terms with it, this world doesn't have no laws or anything like that.

Strength was everything!

'Shen Xiu.... This woman is quite prideful and arrogant so how should I approach here, if I did it now I would just get ignored unless I can make her interested' Ye Feng was thinking how to approach Shen Xiu while Shen Xiu was ending the class for the day.

''Tomorrow we will have some Special Guests and we will talk about Inscriptions so be prepared for it! End of Class!'' Shen Xiu said and sat on her chair while reading some documents''

Ye Feng didn't look at Nie Lie much and only checked if he seemed to be 'Too Mature' for his age suddenly but nothing changed.

He was still just an untalented kid from a small family.

The thing that did make Ye Feng raise his eyebrows was Xiao Ning'er!

The amount of times he wanted to beat the fuck out of Nie Lie for ignoring her for so long is unimaginable to him.

Whether it was her long brownish-orange hair that was in a ponytail and two strands of hair that ran down to her breasts or the fact that her figure was already comparable to a young woman.

Ye Feng had to admit, her figure was already this tempting at this age, let alone when she grew up!

'Unless someone was gay ofcourse....' Ye Feng silently added.

'She still has the issues with her disease since this is Nie Lie's first life'

Class ended and Ye Feng followed Ye Ziyun home, upon arriving at home he quickly turned around and walked towards the Library. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ye Feng quickly arrived at the Library and walked towards the place where the Librarian always sits.

He saw an old woman with wrinkles all over her face sitting behind a table with a book in her hands while a sign with ''Librarian'' was engraved on the table.

Ye Feng ignored the woman since she didn't seem to have noticed him and spent an hour walking around the huge Library, it had an endless amount of books that someone couldn't finish in an entire lifetime!

''So this is the section with books that weren't deciphered yet?''

Ye Feng stood in front of a huge bookshelf that held thousands of books and grabbed a few random books and went to a table.

As Ye Feng opened a thicc.... thick book, he saw a bunch of random characters and his eyes started to hurt just upon seeing them.

''Oi, why is this pain not fading yet?!'' Ye Feng said while grabbing his head, he thought just looking away would fix it but it was still increasing!

'That stupid old man couldn't have made the process a bit less painful?!' Ye Feng cursed inwardly and put his head on the table while grabbing the back of his head.

Although the Library was usually quite empty, you never knew when someone could come around the corner if you didn't pay attention.

The pain continued for 30 minutes before it finally started to fade away.

''That really fucking hurt'' Ye Feng stretched his neck and looked back at the book, upon seeing the first few words, he smiled.

''I can understand them!'' Ye Feng grinned.

The old man had told him that he couldn't grant Ye Feng any special abilities or anything unfair that would break the harmony in this world so the only thing Ye Feng thought was smart to ask for was this, the knowledge of all the languages that have been used in this world.

'This is just a Bronze Body Training Cultivation Method, trash' Ye Feng put the book aside and grabbed a new one.

'Golden Tiger Cultivation Method (Gold Rank), Trash. A book with landmarks from the Black Gold Empire, Trash. Xian Family Cultivation Method (Black Gold), Trash. A book about Purple Mist Grass, Tra..... Wait.... wasn't that the thing Nie Li used in the beginning to make a lot of money? I can use this!'

Ye Feng put the book next to him on the bench and suddenly thought of something.

'I forgot to test my Soul Form' Ye Feng smacked his head and quickly retrieved an unused Soul Crystal and poured his Soul Power into it.

The Soul Crystal started shining brighter and brighter until Ye Feng eventually couldn't watch straight into it anymore.

'Please be something great!' Ye Feng thought to himself and opened his eyes gently.

Inside the Soul Crystal was a faint silhouette of a Black Dragon with 5 horns on its head that looked like a crown.

It's body was ink black but it had a golden glow to it while its wings had black and red markings that looked like ancient scriptures.

'A Dragon!' Ye Feng nearly wanted to scream out.

''My Soul Power is only 8 right now, that really is quite pathetic'' Ye Feng said to himself after he calmed down.

Ye Feng's Soul Attributes were Space, Fire, Wind and something I just can't understand, it feels a bit Demonic and Evil yet it doesn't....

He felt that the Attribute just didn't listen to him at all and seemed to be in a slumber.

'It seems the Demonic Energy inside my Soul Form is like an Unawakened Bloodline or something' Ye Feng concluded and looked for more books that could be useful to him.

A few hours later, Ye Feng looked outside and it was already getting dark.

''I got quite a few useful books'' Ye Feng smiled at his gains before taking them with him to the City Lord Mansion.

He found some Lost Pill Receipts, Cultivation Methods made by Legend Rank Experts that were useful to him and some books about herbs and a better way to use them!

Like the Purple Mist Grass for example.

Ye Feng quickly arrived at his home and was surprised there was someone waiting for him in front of his house.

Lavendal Lavendal

I will upload a few chapters today so you all can get the general idea of what I'm trying to write.

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