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100% Tech Force one / Chapter 6: Chapter five

Chapter five - Tech Force one - Chapter 6 by chijioke_joash_345 full book limited free

Chapter 6: Chapter five

"wow such an extra ordinary piece of technology,its a shame people aren't going to acknowledge you for it " Jakku said suspiciously as he pointed the canon towards Mr Aren, "come on Jakku you wouldn't do this too me " Mr Aren pleaded, " for years I've envied your richness and tried so many times to kill you but now I'm going to finally kill you " Jakku said as he fired the blast to Mr Aren, shocked to see his father disappear tears gathered in Isle's eyes slowly dropping," Isle ? " Hana called, " I have to go !" Isle cried rushing out of the school building , then running all the way home , "my dad can't be dead " Isle thought still running through the smooth road. He finally got to the gate of his house placing his ID card on the scanner then the gate open , he runs into the entrance where he sees Mr Jakku then rushing towards him attempting to punch him but Jakku catches the punch , "killer ! " Isle yelled with rage " Isle don't cry " Jakku said, " don't cry " Isle begins to laugh weirdly , "I promise you jakku ,one day I'm gonna make you cry " Isle says pushing Jakku aside and rushing into the house, " stupid kid ,does he know that I'm the one who killed his dad ,well there's nothing he can do now " Jakku says to himself as he enters his car driving away , Isle enters his moms room were he sees his mother on her bed looking broke as he stares at her while all the servants gathered around the room expressing sadness, "mom" Isle called , " do you believe ?, you dad accidentally got hit by one of his inventions and disappeared from existence " His mom asked, "no! jakku killed him , is saw with my bare eyes " Isle said as his mom swallowed her saliva , "then in that case you'll avenge your father Isle ,become the smartest and avenge your father ! " His mom commanded , " I will , I'll make Jakku pay for what he's done " Isle said in determination then rushing into his mother for a hug , " but first pack your things we're living Tokyo. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


A group of people in armored suits and different coloured helmet fly with jetpacks as they chased a specific criminal , " alright team we're looking for a specific criminal who goes by the name shivers we have to find him before he causes anymore troubles , I'm sending you all coordinates on were to search " the one of the boys said as he typed on his tech wrist band then he finished sending the coordinates , " I've found him , sending you all the coordinates " A girl with purple and silver coloured armour said as she flew directly above the criminal who notices her , " ah , theyve spotted me , time to get rid of it " he says then he throws a tiny mental orb towards her which explodes in front of her causing her to fly away, "aaaaaaaaah!'' she screamed about to crash into a pile of trash she gets caught by guy who was dressed like a security agent then gently dropping her on the ground then he begins chasing the criminal then he brings out a gun and fires it at the criminal causing him to fall on the ground then the girl catches up to both of them , " no , you weren't supposed to kill him" the girl said in sadness , "relax he's not dead, this gun fires electrical shock waves to he's nerves causing him to be temporarily paralysed " the mysterious man said, "who are you ?" the girl asked , "let's wait for the others " the boys says which the group then swoop down towards them , " Amai nice job catching the criminal " the leader said, "Amai huh" the mysterious boy thought, " well actually it was him who caught the criminal " she said , " thanks for the good work citizen " the leader said , " so that's how you talk to you old classmate Haruki " the stranger said leaving Haruki shocked to hear his name being called out by someone he didn't know , " who the hell are you?" Haruki asked, " you don't remember me, may be this will trigger your memories " the stranger said as he took of the glasses revealing a familiar face to them which all of them were shocked, "hey guys you all look like you've seen a ghost " the stranger said then they all pulled their helmets revealing their faces flowing with tears of joy , " Isle you're finally back " Haruki says giving him a hug , "is that the son of Mr Aren wow he's so handsome in person " Amai thought , " Hi Hana , Bashira and Himari, it seems that I've missed alot " he said staring at Amai which made her blush , "oh ya this is our newest student Amai " Haruki introduced, " don't tell me she looks pretty smart and so do all of you , I can tell you've all gotten smarter and look forward in challenging all of you again , so what's with all the suits ? " Isle asks , "well ever since you've gone things have changed , technology began going wild and criminals with powerful weapons started rising in numbers that's why the organisation established tech force one a team with the most brilliant fighters in other to keep Tokyo safe and since you've come back I think they'll gladly accept you in " Haruki says, " sounds cool, I look forward to fighting with you all especially you Amai " He says smiling at her.

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