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Chapter 9: Risks and Rewards

"Hey," said Rain.

I looked to my right and grabbed the small package from her. I thanked her, then got back on the radio to tell Amber the new plan.

After I took my time to eat, I felt much better.

When the transport landed at the airport, the teams and I did initial scouting. The place was clean for the most part. Though, looking out in the distance, the noise of the airplane brought a wave of zombies from all over.

When the team was geared up, everyone was awaiting orders. But this mission was different in so many ways.

"The entire Unit will be staying here. Fuel up the plane and protect our cargo. I will go to DARPA and get what we need. "

"That's bullshit," said LJ

"Maybe so, but that's how it is. If you need to, put this plane in the air and don't wait for me. "

Little did I know that today would become my origin story. I knew that this mission was a Major Event because of the massive ripple effect it will cause in the world. So I pulled a waterboy and opened up a can of whop ass.

If the Umbrella Satelite were watching, seven miles in sixty seconds, they would have seen a missile destroy everything it touched from the airport to DARPAs front door.

I kicked the door in then found the server room. I found projects on railguns, directed energy weapons, and exoskeleton combat suits. Lastly, I found Malcome Axon.


7 minutes to clear the building, 1 minute to find Dr.Axon and four other survivors. 10 minutes to neatly pack a DARPA prototype combat vehicle codenamed St. Nick's Sleigh. In the final six minutes, I became a street cleaner and cleared the way for Dr.Axon.

Once, we crashed through the airport, onto the runway, then into the C-130. The sheer speed I displayed to complete the mission was staggering. But, when I released my kagune, light discs, TK, and Qi to battle the wave of zombie that wanted to eat my team, the performance was breathtaking and horrifying, so I've heard.

The battle lasted long enough for the C-130 to take off, swing around and do a fly-by so that I could jump on. Honestly, if I told my past self half of the shit I was doing nowadays, he would check his whiskey bottle for hallucinogens.


-Alert! Major Event: Turning Point! Complete!-

Descend on DARPA and acquire the necessary materials to reconstruct hand-held directed energy weapons in the Resident Evil Universe.

Reward: 5000 points

Side Quest: Save Dr. Malcome Axon, Material Engineer.

Reward: 2000 Points

Side Quest: Risky refuel. Refuel the C-130 to full.

Reward: 3000 points + A-rank reward.

-Kill List-

Zombies- 500 points Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Total Rewards:10500 points + A-rank reward


A week later, the resistance put down roots in Idaho. A completely random state with enough open land to settle and no semblance of government left. That's when I told the leaders that I had 39 days before I had to disappear again.

Those 39 days were hell for everyone. Dr.Axon and I went through the schematics for DEM-13's and DE MHI assault rifles until he knew them by heart. Dr.Ashford and Alice were taught the secret formula of a stable T-virus to create an enhanced Resistance Army.

June and Rebecca were taught first-rate medical knowledge and reproduced my advanced first aid gear with raw material. They might not be as good, but it was better than ace bandages and aspirin.

Amber was schooled on every protocol that Jarvis had to keep them safe. I also left her my Light Discs and started teaching her chakram skills. However, I made her promise only to use the Light Disc if or when she developed Telekinesis. Finally, Rain and I had a lot of quality time together. I had to get my hits in to mark my territory for life.

When my last day came, Camp Scythe threw a feast for me, and I vanished in the middle of a toast. But I didn't worry as the camp was prepared for a long war, and if GOD ever drops us in future movies, it will be one hell of a mission. Besides, I can always go back from time to time. As long as Jarvis is never found, I could find anyone in the apocalypse.


Player: Tie Ta (24K CyberScythe)

Age: 19

Missions: 2

Exchangeable Rewards: 6,634.5 Points +ACCDD-rank Rewards

Upgrade: 1/3

-Resident Evil Vacation-

Hive Extermination: 2850 + B-rank

Clear Suburbs & Meet Jill Valentine: 2200 + C-rank

Major Event Mission: 14,520 Points + SD-rank Rewards

Treasures from the STARS: 2800

MEM: Turning Point: 10500 points + A-rank reward

Total Rewards Earned: 32870 Points+ SABCD-rank Rewards

Total Exchangeable Rewards: 39504.5 Points +SAABBC-rank Rewards

Upgrade: 1/3


-GOD's Dimension-

Tie Ta released a long sigh then opened his eyes to see Reika waiting for him.

"How was the trip?" she asked.

"Very productive. I earned back all of the points I spent on Gold and the Vacation. And I managed to turn a profit as planned." said Tie Ta.

"Where is all of your gear?" she asked.

"I left it behind. Rain has the pistols, One has the Assualt rifle, June has the First Aid bag, and 2IC has my Light Discs." Tie Ta replied nonchalantly.

"You left your Light Discs?" Reika was shocked, "This 2IC must be damn special. What's her name?"

"Amber Marshall. 11 years old until February and my... adoptive daughter."

"She must be one hell of a kid," Reika spoke in a low voice as she began to have similar thoughts that Tie Ta once had about having a family in GOD's Dimension.

"Hey, don't sweat it. We have work to do," said Tie Ta. "GOD, How much time until the next mission?"

"Movie Mission: Sinister, starts in 4-hours."


Tie Ta quickly got to work. He didn't rebuild any SciFi weapons as they were useless against Bughuul, the main antagonist and pagan deity in Sinister. But he did spend the first hour writing an introduction speech for the newbies.

Tie Ta got a good feeling about the type of leader he wanted to be during Resident Evil. And since it was only fair to inform people why they would die in a foreign world, Tie Ta wanted to make sure his introduction was clear, concise, informative, and inspiring for any potential players.

When the speech was good enough for Tie Ta, he stretched his mind out to GOD and thought, 'Open support, Sort anything with Qi magic or battle skills. Filter out intermediate and advanced spells and or skills."

Tie Ta looked over countless Battle skills. Many required a weapon or cultivate technique. Things like Qi blasts didn't interest Tie Ta. He then thought of the Satusi no Hado. It was a Qi method that came with its own skill sets. But Tie Ta began to rethink that. He had a rare opportunity—almost 40,000 points and an S- rank reward. Not to mention one upgrade left. With 30,000 more points, he could have his pick of cultivation methods. But, a pagan soul-eating god is the first obstacle.

"I know what do!" said Tie Ta, "Scared money don't make money!"

-Marduk's Sigil- X2

To ward of evil spirits and protection against ill-fortune. 500 points and D-rank

-Amulet of Shara- X2

Protection against entities of the underworld. This Warrior God has traveled to the underworld and back. This amulet is good for four nether attacks. 1500 points and C-rank reward.


Nameless Zanpakutō, which all low-class Shinigami wield. Asauchi are actually the ultimate Zanpakutō, for they have the potential to become anything. All Shinigami must spend every waking moment with their own Asauchi. As they progress in their training, they slowly and methodically imprint their soul's essence into their Asauchi. This is how they guide and mold their own unique Zanpakutō. 5000 Points + B-rank reward

-Average Reiryoku -

A power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. Shinigami and other spiritual beings use it to provide power for their various abilities. 200 points + D-rank + Basic Reiryoku

-High Reiryoku -

A power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. Shinigami and other spiritual beings use it to provide power for their various abilities. 800 points+ C-rank + Average Reiryoku

-Zankensoki -

Basic Shinigami fighting techniques. Zan refers to sword fighting techniques. Ken refers to unarmed fighting techniques. So refers to moving techniques. Ki refers to Kidō.

Zanjutsu: Sword fighting techniques for the Zanpakutō. The most basic fighting technique.

Hakuda: An unarmed fighting technique that makes use of one's own body in a fight.

Hohō: The name for all high-speed fighting movements based on the art of Shunpo.

Kidō: Advanced spells that require strong spiritual power: Hadō and Bakudō.

20000 points + A-rank reward+ Reiryoku

Total Cost: 27,000 Points + ABBC

Total Remaining: 12504.5 Points + SA-rank Rewards

"Warning! Reiryoku and Psionic power will merge. Do you wish to continue?" asked GOD.

"Ahhh! My Telekinesis! Shit!" Tie Ta cursed, "Risk and Reward! Do it anyway!"

Two amulets and Sigils dropped first, followed by the Asuachi. Then Tie Ta was swallowed by GOD's light as his body jerked, and his mind went blank before GOD took a sledgehammer to his head.

Zankensoki filled his mind. Four complete arts all at once felt like repetitive brain aneurysms. And before the pain stopped, his soul power erupted, and the soul force threatened to tear his body apart as it battled with his Psionic power.

Tie Ta was at his limit. He roared like an animal as he took on his Tyrant Ghoul form and released his Kagune. He shouted and wailed as his Qi erupted.

Reika watched from the sidelines with more amazement than worry. She had faith that Tie Ta would pull through. However, she hoped that whatever enhancements he chose would help them survive an Evil Pagan God.

"Qi- Life Essence, Tyrant Ghoul -Bodily Power, Psionics -Strength of the Mind. A three-pronged warrior. But this energy fighting his Psionic power, its purity is immense. It is of the mind, and yet it is of the body. Tie Ta, what the hell did you exchange." Reika spoke in a low tone as she watched the light show.

Player_Tenason Player_Tenason

End of Vol. 1

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