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100% That time when you made me define "Love" / Chapter 1: That time when you made me define "Love."

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That time when you made me define "Love" original

That time when you made me define "Love"

Author: Drumstickkk

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Chapter 1: That time when you made me define "Love."

February 12... I can never forget.

"Look, it's negative seven i amperes, right?" he said while showing you his notebook. You were sitting in-front of me, and... beside him.

I grabbed my cup of coffee. And take a sip, "Aray!" I whispered.

Expresso... so bitter.

"But, you can get the answer immediately from this part, if you multiply this by square root of three you dummy!"

Well, this is our usual scenario.

You invited me to a group study with the guy you like. And, you, and this guy you like quarels about the things like, 'No way, this is the right way to solve it.' And, everytime you guys do it while I'm around, I'm like 'Should I go and stop these fucking love birds from arguing or shall I leave them for a few minutes and grab myself a drink?' Why?

First reason, you look so happy everytime you got an argument with him.

Second reason, it could cause an unnecessary fight between you two.

Third, you like him and, if I were to stop you from arguing with him feels like I'm taking away your moment to talk with the person you like.

I took another sip, "Aray!" I whispered.

I just pretended that I kept on reading, steal a glance at you and listened to you. And, everyone in the café starts to get bothered with the arguement between you and him.

"Fine!" he said, and you just replied, "Aww, okay. I just wanted to teach you the efficient way to solve it." he looked annoyed, and just said "Che!"

His actions, his aura, and that very gesture tells me that he is mad at you.

And I don't get it. Why would someone be mad if they are being taught of something they can use in the future, especially in the course we are taking.

I listened carefully to your explanation while arguing with him. And, I'm like, wow you can do that? I wanted to tell you, 'Thanks to that' because, I also came up with another way to solve. Which is also much easier than your solution.

"Aray!" I whispered.

Just as he was about to leave, you grabbed on his arms. And, he just looked at you, with a glare as cold as ice. "What. Is. It. This time."

I secretly am watching you two behind my book, I couldn't do anything except to watch you. And, your eyes, I can see through. Your eyes was filled with guilt, and fear. "Aray." I whispered.

"W-where are you going?" you asked him with shaky voice. "I'm going to smoke."

"Again?! That's your 6th time!"

"Why would you care??" he answered and just shoved your hands away.

Again, "Aray!" I whispered.

You noticed I was watching you. You looked at me, and shook your head as you slowly bowed your head on the table and cried silently.

"Aray!" I whispered.

I only know you as a study buddy, but, how am I going to comfort you at times like this. I just can't seem to grab for courage to stand up against that guy you like. He neglects your good act, and your intelligence.

Yes, he is the team captain of the Quizzbee team. But, isn't he being too arrogant? He just keeps on telling that he is right, and the only way to solve it is the way he solves it.


I remember you, always going out from this café while I am on my way home, and as far as I can remember is that... you are always carrying a frappe like drink everytime you go out from this café.

I stood up, and you didn't bothered to lift your head up, or grab me.

"Aray!" I whispered.

I went to the cashier, which was also near the smoking area.

"Uhmm, do you have that frappe like drink?" I asked at the counter. "Oh sir, you mean our cappuccino deluxe?" I don't fucking know if that's what you are carrying every time you came out from here but... "Uh... Yes? Give me three?" One for me, for you, and for that asshole you liked.

So, I was about to return to our table and passed by the smoking area. "Hey babe, I'm can I sleep there with you tonight?" wait, what?

"Aray!" I whispered.

And returned to our table, placed our drinks in the table and sat beside you.

I gently tapped your shoulder. "Jonathan?!" you said with glimmering eyes even though tears are still in the edges of your eyes.

But, as soon as you learned it was me, your eyes was filled with sorrow once again.

"Aray!" I whispered.

I grabbed one of the cappuccino deluxe and gave it to you. "Here." I said with a big smile in my face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Your face was suddenly filled with joy. Your eyes glimmered brightly, brighter than how that asshole makes it glimmer just by treating you like shit.

"Oh, you bought three?" I nodded and you grabbed the other frappe. And stood up, and bring it to the guy you like.

You were stepping lively, with a big smile in your face. I just shook my head, smiled and whispered, "Aray!"

That was the very moment that I learned what it's like, for me to love someone. I'm just caught up with academics and with quizbee team. And suddenly, you made me feel this way.

As you and the guy you like was returning from the smoking area. I don't know why I feel a confused and fearful aura from you.

I just didn't felt it, I also saw it in your eyes.

You, and the guy like left me in the café telling me that you have some personal agenda to do.

February 13... Monday.

I wanted to surprise you in the morning, and asked you out to the National Musuem for tomorrow after our exam in Electrical Circuits.

So, I went to the café, "Cappuccino deluxe sir?" Asked the cashier in the counter, I gave a smile and nod.

What face are you going to make if I gave you this Cappuccino deluxe? I hope it would make your day. I just wanted you to be happy,  I wanted you to keep on doing your best.

But, "I'm sorry class, but, your classmate is gone." you committed suicide after the video of you and that asshole making love, went viral... you can't even call it making love.

I was so mad that time. With that asshole, and with myself.

That moment.

You made me define "Love."

It's not just, always making the person you love happy and letting the person you love what they want.

I didn't have the courage to stand up for you, and to tell you that someone loves you, not just me, but also your family.

Thanks, I am 5 years married now, and I hope, you are already peacefully resting for 10 years since that day you felt like no one loved you.

Thanks for that moment, you made me define "Love."

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