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Chapter 6: The Cobalt Forge

From the shadow's a cloak figure appeared in front of her. The figure was a little shorter than what she would be without heels. "Ah first don't tell any guards you saw me and what I did, that would be great. Secondly do you know where the best blacksmith in town is? I need so decent weapon's and such."

"You have no weapon's."

"Course not. My fist have worked out pretty well so far not to mention I came to town… in a very safe mode of transportation that a weapon was unnecessary. However I have a good feeling that this will no longer be the case, and I'll need more to protect myself. I was originally going to do this at a later date… ah… but after what happened I think getting them sooner would be for the best." Nadia replied with a natural tone. "I should probably get some medical supplies to thinking about it." she muttered. 'After all I can't always use magic to heal my wounds.' She thought looking at her blood coated arm.

"I have no reason to help you." the cloaked man replied, Nadia glanced over at him for a moment before letting out a scoff.

"No you sure don't. Hey! Masochist!"

"Y-yes! My Goddess!" the drunk/masochist exclaimed getting to his knees. "I'll do what ever you ask for punishment!"

"Right… tell me where the best blacksmith is in this town is."

"Ah, a good blacksmith. Hmmm… in this town the best one is The Cobalt Forge run by Zeus and his family. They make quality good, some which are magically enchanted. I would highly suggest you go there for anything you are looking for that uses metal as their goods are top quality."

"I see."

"I can take you there."

"No I will not allow a pervert like you in my vicinity any longer than this." Nadia scoffed turning her head away from him.

"H-how cold." The drunk/masochist replied but the pleasure was clear within his voice. Nadia shifted her hands to the hood and pulled it over her head. Before she made her way out of the alleyway.

'Now the only question is where is the store?' Nadia thought her arms crossed as she continued to walk down the alleyway. As she thought to her self she noticed a second set of footsteps following her that were quiet light. "I told you I have no desire for you to be near you any longer you pervert!" Nadia growled as she spun around with a sharp glare. "Oh you aren't the pervert from earlier. I apologize." she gasped covering her mouth slightly but she was smirking a little.

"You have an odd personality getting the enjoyment of just calling me a pervert." The cloaked man from earlier huffed.

"I can't really argue with you that much, even though you don't know me that well. In truth I am a tad bit sadistic though I'm not that masochistic drunkard from earlier in which it gets me off sexually, no but it defiantly pleases me causing or witnessing some kind of harm done to another. Though killing is a little far I might say." Nadia sighed with a wave of her hand. "Normally I keep that side buried, but that masochist pissed me the fuck off, and allowed me to express my anger of things from back home." she added touching the side of her face lightly with a slight smile and slightly closed eyes.

"But enough about my oddity here. What's the reason you are following me?" Nadia asked lowing her hand a looking at the cloaked man who she still couldn't see what they looked like. "Don't tell me your following me cause you like my looks as well. I don't need a stalker… I already got a pervert that's going to bother me when ever I see them." Nadia muttered with a smirk clearly saying it to try and tick him off.

"I happen to be going to the same place as you that's all."

"I see I see. Well lead the way then sir." Nadia sighed holding her hand out in front of her.

Nadia then just walked behind the cloaked man as they made their way to the blacksmith. "So sir is there a reason you are going to the blacksmith. You had a perfectly good sword on you." Nadia asked.


"What? It's kinda weird. I can see your sword its sticking out the bottom of your cloak. So it's odd that you are going to the blacksmith… unless it's not for a sword."

"… I'm here to collect an order."

"I see."

The two of them just continued walk to the blacksmith's in silence, Nadia was thankful it wasn't an award silence between them as they walk it was just a peaceful silence. Which Nadia was please with especially considering everything that has happened in the last hour and a half since she didn't want to put up her 'sales' person persona to get through this walk.

Nadia turned her head up and noticed the the sign which she could read, which said 'The Cobalt Forge' Nadia then picked up her pace going past the cloak man and over to the door. She grabbed the door handle not waiting for the man she was following to catch up she pushed open the door and could smell the distinct smell of a forge, something she had only experience a few time in her original world.

'Wow this is actually pretty cool, walls and shelves, covered in armour and weapons. Just reinstates the fact this is a different world.' Nadia gasped looking around slightly starry-eyed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Welcome to the Cobalt Forge." the man at the desk greeted. Nadia turned her head towards the man.

"Hello." Nadia replied in a polite voice, something that made the man the came with her to look at her in surprise. She just flashed her teeth. "I'm in no immediate rush, however my guide here is a different case. Would you be able to help him out first?" Nadia asked removing her hood wearing a warm smile that she never really uses in her personal life.

"There's no reason for that. Tamaro get out here we got a lovely custom here for you to help out."

Their was clear footsteps coming from behind the shop it was clearly racing towards the front. "Coming father!" a boys voice replied and it wasn't long till the boy appeared from the back his face slightly dirty from doing some blacksmithing work in the back. The boys father then pointed to me and the boy quickly race over to my side. "What are you looking for today miss." the boy Tamaro asked.

"Right there are a few things I'm looking for. A few wooden swords, a long with a sword too, then a set of throwing knives, and lastly a bow with a set of arrow's."

"Ah will you be able to afford all that?"

"Why of course this is something I'm purchasing for my lady after all she gave me a fair amount of money to use." Nadia lied with a smile as if this was all true and she had nothing to hide.

"Alright then let's get those wooden swords first." Tamaro replied quickly turned then lead Nadia to were she need.

Nadia grabbed a few wooden swords that she want and knew she could train with then it was time to choose out a sword. "These swords would work well for a lady." Tamaro told Nadia she looked at the swords and remained a neutral face.

"I'm getting a sword for functionality, not as decoration. These are too flashy to truly be functional in a real fight or even a hunt."

"Oh I see."

"It's alright. But please remember for next time to treat me like any male customer. As I'm looking for things that can kill not some ornament." Nadia replied patting the boy that had a disappointed look on his face on the head as a term of condolence. "Now come on and show me actual swords." Nadia chuckled lightly removing her hand from the confused boys head.

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