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The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce

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Author: Wan LiliTranslator: Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


4.41 (6,294 ratings)

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In her previous lifetime, they had married for five years. He meant everything to her, but she was thrown away like an old shoe.

After her rebirth, she gave him a divorce contract preemptively—
“Divorce after one year, the terms of the contract are as follows: husband and wife shall not share a room or bed. Intimacy forbidden?”
he raised his eyebrow.

Who knew that after she got drunk one day, leaning on the headboard, he rested his deep-set eyes on her. "You broke the contract, Mrs, Li."

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    5 stars for whatever, THIS IS A SEMI-SPOILER/ BIT ACTUALLY A SUMMARY so basically I looked it up, they were married for five years but after five years he abandoned her, she was heart broken, so then she got reborn till the first year and said we're going to get a divorce and you have to follow these rules, which he then rejected,(thus starts the love story which is basically,mosy likely, going to change the next five years, as she's trying to get a divorce and she's more stubborn) this story doesn't sound that bad it's just the summary is pretty badly written , and it's nothing like bringing the nation's husband home. JUST TO CLEAR UP MISUNDERSTANDINGS

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    People are getting "Bringing A Nation's Husband Home" vibe; yet I feel this is pretty much the same as Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han. Anyone else?

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    Original Link, where I got the original summary: https://m.qidian.com/book/1003691462 Original Summary: I took the liberty to fix it up a bit~ Book Status: Completed (So you won't fall in a pit) Married for five years, she loved him as much as her life, but was still abandoned. Once reborn, she sent a divorce contract preemptively: "Divorce after one year, the terms of the contract are as follows: Cannot be in the same room, cannot sleep in the same bed, and no intimate contact!" Someone raised his eyebrow. Who knew that after a drunken day, he'd be leaning on a side of the bed. "You broke the contract, Mrs, Li." Then the author put: [Rebirth + Sweet Pet] Which I'm guessing she gets pampered a lot later on in the story. Hopefully this helps people. Why I Gave it This Rating: I didn't give the translation quality a good score,(because the summary was a mess) I don't know where the translator got the raw (that may have effected the translation/summary?), or if it was translation was bad, but IF the rest of the story is gonna be translated like the summary, I don't have much hope. I gave the rest a great rating, because I don't know whats in store, and people are giving it a really bad rating just of the summary, which I think is unfair to the novel. Plus it is getting good ratings in the original place, so I thought it deserved a better rating. I might give it another review, IF I read it.

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    Okay, so first and foremost I will not recommend this story to anyone. The reasons are: 1. The female lead is very dumb, idiot, stupid in her 2 lifetimes. She already died once because of the villains schemes and was given another chance at life. However, she still acts stupidly by letting the villains do their thing and she does not act accordingly. Like for example, she should have been more wiser now because of those past experiences. There were already a lot of chapters released but she is still very stupid. 2. It was mentioned that she tried learning martial arts but she does not know how to defend herself. Especially when she was attempted of rape or when she was attacked by other paid women. Wow! She keeps acting pitiful to gain symphaty from the readers then acts imbecile again just by telling her that in her previous lifetime blah, blah, blah (maybe she deserves to die so that this story will not happen. I really don't understand why she was still reincarnated) . 3. Her husband is opening up himself to her but she keeps misjudging him. 4. She already know that the villains are trying to kill her but she does not think of the circumstances that she was in danger that she was being targeted. All she said was, someone was after her life. GEEZ! Didn't you die because of that? WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN? 5. She does not want her husband to think bad about her but she does things that make him misinterpret AND DOES NOT TELL HER HUSBAND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HER! Especially when she was cornered or was in danger. BOBO MASYADO!!!!!

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    What rhymes with Grape, Tape, Fate, Rate, Hate, Fap fal fap? You guessed it. If she doesn't say no it's not rape so make sure she can' say a single word!

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    Never judge a book by its cover totally applies here considering how there were lots of negative comments even before this book was release by qidian but give it a try and you'll realise how good it is .The male lead is sinfully gorgeous (😁) and not a dumbass who you always want to strangle for siding and believing unconditionally with the second female white lotus (arrgh imagine the level of frustrations)and thats a huge plus from me and even female lead who had learn her lessons from her past life tears off the faces of white lotus hehe well what more can you ask its a great book so far

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    Burn this book to hell. THIS IS MOST DISGUST AND DISTRACTED NOVEL. Why always so rape and abused. Whats with Chinese author, why can't they come up with normal relationship with decent characters. I wanted killed this rapist, abuse and scum male lead. I hate this weak and useless female MC. She humiliation women by being useless or trash and i feel ashamed with this useless mc. Stop Picked Up Trash Rape and Abused Novel.

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    This novel is kinda interesting.. Well since its face smacking + female protagonist then count me in! 🙋 Hopefully, there's funny moments in this novel..

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    The bunch of r*pists. It has the story development of a b rated drama. I hate the main guy and I hate the guy who forced the high school friend even more. They act all cruel and force their “love” and expect to be loved? B*llsh*t. I give it a bad review.

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    Uhm guys, i think this is somewhat similar to a book i recently read which gets an anime adaptation... Almost the same plot... It's like the knew each other in the past and recently they are now couple due to special circumstances but the guy should not touch/ make love to the lady but one night the lady get drunk and confess to the lad and she is on the heat which develops into a display of fireworks at the middle of the night (you know what i mean)....

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    The latest chapter i've read was 444 So far... It's good, I can tell that is good because I still want to read it even i must use Google translate😅 My rating is decreased because of syno**is, i don't know... Maybe translator-nim want to play a prank with us? 😯 i love the story so far, so can you please help me to get more expectations for your work later translator-nim? 😆 Why i read it? Because it's finished project, reborn, female protagonist. So far the story is: She lives as Mrs Li for 5 long years, longing for love that never comes. She trusted her friends that drive her to hell but still she regards her friend like angel (since she very trusting her friend). And when one and only supports of her who is her husband's grandfather died. She became a dust.. She found that her friend, ugh.. Who is the name again... If i didn't wrong the name is Tang Mengyi (sorry if i wrong, I forgot it) is the reason of her miscarriage, her disfigured, lost favor from her husband's family, and the murdered of grandfather that supports and loves her so much. She died, in her friend hands. And than, she reborn to five years beforehand. At the third day of her marriage at the moment of her first night with her husband. At first, she didn't know that she came back to her past self, and she thinks that she got trapped again by her 'good' friend. And when she says that she wants to divorce, her husband got suspicious that she just want to play hard to get. And she very surprised that she reborn. And than.... Hahahaha, what do you want to know???

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    Think of how much rape a Chinese story can rationalize culturally, and the multiply that number by 99 rapes. That's how our main love interest expresses himself, rape. And our MC doesn't even seem to call him out on it by chapter 80. Not my cup of tea, but there is some good faceslapping.

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    Well...the old cover is kinda weird. And I prefer this new one the most. It’s so beautiful and outstanding...much less the story that I’m looking forward to read. I don’t mind abt Mature Content anyway. Hopefully it’ll update soon💓💓 thanks for this story 🙏 I appreciate your hardworking, dearest translator & author 💓💓💓

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    Spoiler Alert: This novel's basically like a watered down version of Bring the Nation's Husband Home. As in, they're fighting, like, every other chapter. And she gets raped a few times by the male lead. But the misunderstandings don't last nearly as long. Basically: misunderstanding ---> making up ----> another misunderstanding ---> making up ---> repeat Translation quality: 4/5 Nothing much to say. Quite good, but nothing mind blowing, seeing as to the simplistic nature of the novel. Stability of Updates: 5/5 I don't ever see a reason voting down for sake of slow release speed. Everybody has their life outside of this, so any speed is fine. Nevertheless, this novel's chapters are so short so fast update speed it great. Story Development: 2/5 Just okay. Have a feeling the author is a 40-year old closet virgin, as each "*** scene" makes me ROFL. Like lol, doing the deed ain't supposed to hurt if you prepare properly. Reason it's 2/5, not 3/5, is because of the author's flippancy towards romantic plot lines. And the use of rape. I mean one minute the Female Lead is unhappy with the Male Lead, then two chapters later it's as if nothing happened. Also, every time the female lead gets into any sort of trouble, she's never able to get out of it herself. There's always some "coincidental" appearance by some character to be the hero and save her. It's annoying, like what was the point of reviving if you can't even solve your own troubles? Character Design: 1/5 Holy Moly, do I have a lot to say. But to cut the story short, the characters are so... one dimensional. The female lead, despite the male lead telling her how much he loves her, and how Tang Mingying means nothing to him, gets all "YoU CheAtEd!!" and teary. Why is she so weak? She cries at every opportunity like what the hell. It's as if every other chapter I happen upon her crying. And the male lead too. Dude, you get angry way too easily, plus you raped her so... Also, it's never clarified how he falls in love with her. Like the two of them, each chapter they're either being horny or angry at each other. There's no in between. World Background: 1/5 All we know is that this is set in Kingstown or something. That the Li family and the Rong family are of similar statures. That there's a big luxury shopping mall and a university. There's some outskirt places where people are kidnapped and taken to. The end. Oh, and Li Sicheng drives a black Maybach.

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    Terrible plot! Keeps getting worse! There is too much negativity in this story. I give this author below 30% ranking in writing skills & story development. Reason being that this story does not grow or mature but just keeps revolving around ugly midunderstandings & rape plots. Why would you, author have such a fascination & fixation on rape? Are novels/stories not meant to be tools through which morality is advanced & encouraged? Why keep harping on immoral themes? What lessons are you advancing & imparting? Don't you realise even from the comments left, that this is a terrible terrible plot?

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    The misunderstandings in the story has been dragging on for too long. It's really making me loose interest. Dear author/Translator if you continue like this... You will loose your readers.

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    I've been playing with the "drop the story" in my head for a while now. What's with her? She so stupid,full of doubt and insecurities. The character of the female lead irritates or frustrates me. They should just end their marriage and hopefully the male lead will have a new love interest. Seriously though! Petty arguement, they could have talk things out. The storyline is soooooo redundant..

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    Just like everyone else, I was a bit skeptical when I've read the summary, but I tried giving it a chance and oh boy, I didn't expect the story to flow that smoothly. People say it was a bit similar to BNNH or Perfect Secret Love, but you can take my word for this, it might have started similarly but all my frustrations from those two books and what I would have wished to happen to the leads (like clearing all the misunderstandings right off the bat, like I clearly had enough, stop) this book perfectly dealt with them. [Spoiler alert] I cant get enough so I tried reading the raws. I'm currently on Ch 400+ and had been eating dog food left and right (and had been for almost 300 chapters now, just imagine how fast their relationship progressed). AND LET ME TELL YOU ALL, LI SI CHENG IS ONE OF THE MOST DOTING HUSBAND I'VE EVER COME ACROSS IN ALL THE NOVELS IVE READ. Just imagining how he came from super cold to super loving I can't even fathom how faithful he was to Qianci, and how deep his love for her is. BOTTOMLINE IS: Give this book a chance. If you want face slapping and not overdragged misunderstandings, this book might be good for you. Okay that's all, Imma go back to eating dog food again. 😂😂❤❤

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    MC has brain damage. She walks into obvious traps but doesn't even realise it. It's like she never was reborn. Always causing misunderstandings like she means to do it on purpose. She's just really dumb, like 90% of LN/WN MC, I guess.

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    I need a mass release every week !!! This novel is so good *--* I don't care about the romance between Su Qian and Li Sicheng, i just wanna see how her revenge is going be executed. Tang Mengying looks like a lot Shen Meng Qi (Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet), it's easy hate this fox!

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    Author Wan Lili

    Translator Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Editor Nyoi-Bo Studio