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The Alpha's Hidden Lover The Alpha's Hidden Lover original

The Alpha's Hidden Lover

Author: DrAxy66

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Falling 

The night view of New York city from the Presidential Suite where he stayed was spectacular.

His pair of blue irises seemed to stare intently from behind the glass window that separated him from the glittering world beneath his feet.

The tall, big Alpha then looked at his Rolex on his left wrist, it was 8 o'clock in the evening.

It's time for him to go.

A closed meeting of commissioners and board of directors awaited him. The man then grabbed the black coat lying on top of his bed and stared at his reflection in the mirror for a while.

Clyde Aldric, CEO of Falcon Group.

Just one more… One more step before he was officially named the number one man in his family's billion dollars company.

All he had to do was to go down the meeting room and sign the paper that would make him the biggest shareholder of one of the richest companies in the world.

Clyde took a deep breath, then smoothed the black suit that looked so elegant on his body before his steps gracefully led out of the Presidential Suite.

Two grim faces in front of his room bowed and greeted him upon the door's opening, like a giant fortress their looming shadows armored the Alpha from behind.

Passing through the hallway covered in luxurious carpet Clyde walked with his face looking sharp,  his sky blue eyes sharply stared forward.

He showed no excitement or whatsoever though he knew he's one step closer to becoming the next head of the Aldric Family. But his ascension tonight didn't erase the fact that he's one step closer to hell.

The higher the mountain he climbed, the higher the risk to lose his life.

Clyde was just thinking about who he should remove from the top brass once he cemented his new position when one of the doors suddenly busted open and someone collapsed in front of him.


Strands of golden hair fluttered as his big arms reflexively caught a limp body. A pungent scent entered the Alpha's sense of smell, and at once he realized that it was pheromone.

"P... Please…Help… Help me..…"

Clyde's blue eyes widened as he saw the beautiful face staring at him helplessly. Droplets of tears fell from the corner of his teary honey-like eyes, his red lips quivering as he pleaded him for help.

The Alpha immediately turned his gaze sharply towards the door and found a middle-aged man with a reddish face and a disgusting pot belly hanging from his waist standing in quiver,  shocked to the bone when he caught his piercing cold glare.

Clyde lifted the blond in his arms with ease and glared at the old man who still stood rooted in his place looking horrified. His unexpected presence made him shudder in fear.

"M...Mr. Clyde…!"

The Alpha made a gesture to his two bodyguards and left the place. He walked back to his room, ignoring the screams of the old man as he was getting dragged somewhere.

"Ngggh… It.. Burns… H-Help....…"

A weak moan escaped the lips of the blond man he was carrying. His left hand gripped Clyde's shoulder tightly while the other tried to pull the hem of his blazer to cover his bottom half that looked wet.

Clyde then laid him gently on his bed, his instinct as a dignified Alpha was to let the person stay in his room and called a doctor. But as he was about to leave, a pair of hands suddenly grabbed his neck and pulled him down.

"…It hurts… Nggh…Help me…"

The man gasped as the blonde's soft voice whispered beside his ear in a pitiful tone. The warmth of his breath brushed against the skin on his neck, making him shudder, as if something inside of him jolted to wake.

"I'll call a doctor, seems like you're drugged," Clyde said while trying to calm him, but his smooth arms were still holding him down. Still, deep down inside, he knew that staying there wouldn't do any good for him.

'This is too dangerous!'

He tried hard to free himself without hurting the golden haired man while trying to breath the intoxicating dense pheromone. But all of Clyde's efforts were in vain when he heard faint sobs coming from below him as the pair of arms around his neck tightening their embrace.

"Please… Help me…"

The plea that came out of the tiny lips was like untying the strings that bound Clyde's self-control and made his heart pound. Clyde tried to use a bit force to let go of the arms that trapped him, but his mind slowly got hazy.

The sweats dripping off his white neck, his damp hair… These shouldn't be the reason Clyde lost his reason.

These couldn't be reality.

Someone… did this to him…

This was unacceptable!

Clyde was so angry that someone turned him into a beast, something that had never happened to him throughout his life. High class Omegas ran after him and none of their pheromones had ever caught him like this.

He struggled to fight the blond's tight embrace but he lost.

Clyde lost for the first time.

He lost to his lust when he crushed the lips below him in a deep kiss.

Clyde moved his hands freely, tracing the curves of the beauty beneath him.

"H… Hah!" The blond gasped as Clyde rolled his shirt up and exposed his chest perfectly.

Wasting no time, he kissed and sucked the supple skin on the neck and collarbone, slowly watching the blond's face getting redder and redder. He didn't forget to leave a blue-purple trail as a sign of his dominance.

Clyde was immersed in pleasure like ecstasy once he buried himself deep inside the man's body, feeling the warmth as he watched the beauty that turned him into a wild animal in a matter of seconds.

The erotic sighs that escaped the lips of the beautiful blond he slept with that night could never leave his mind.

The sweet smell got his head mixed up, he didn't even realize that this was the first time someone managed to 'poison' the air he breathed, making him lose control and succumb to his lust.

No, this can't be happening.

Not when the man he held that night was the famous model and ambassador for his sister's fashion brand.

…And a Beta on top of that.

DrAxy66 DrAxy66

Enjoy it while it lasts~

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