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Chapter 118: A Bizzare Action

One after another in a row, stacks of spirits plants and fruits were glittering on top of a long table emitting out Heavenly Qi.

With eyes beaming and abnormal breathing on every second, Patriarch Fu was examining each in detail and noting the names on a scroll.

Further distance behind, Hou was swimming in a lake while the girls were relaxing near the shore with their legs soaked into the water.

Every minute, Patriarch Fu let out a weird shout while his heart palpitated so loud and fast that even Hou and the girls heard his heartbeat.

Suddenly, something caught from the corner of Patriarch Fu's eyes at one of the stacks.

With a slight swing on his hand, Patriarch Fu created a gust of wind toward the stack sending all the spirit plants and fruits in the air and reached his hand toward one of them.

A tiny, green triangular crystal fruit fell on his palm.

Patriarch Fu picked the fruit with his other hand and placed it in front of his disbelieving eyes. After examining it for short moments, he realised it was real. His body trembled almost dropping the fruit from his hand while tears poured down from his eyes.

Patriarch Fu took a long deep breath before letting out a loud, excited shout reverberating throughout the entire Liu Clan.

"Old Patriarch!"

His loud voice numbed Hou and the girls who blocked their ears with their index fingers and began to shake their hands.

Once the pain eased on their eardrums, the girls shot an angry stare toward Patriarch Fu while Hou caught a metre long fish and threw at Patriarch Fu.

The long fish landed on the Patriarch Fu's head with a strong force and fell to the ground leaving a stinky smell on his hair.

Patriarch Fu turned toward them and showed a wide smile with drools hanging on his mouth. Just as he prepared to explain for his outburst, suddenly, a shattering, sonic boom echoed from somewhere within Liu Clan.

Before the echo could resonate for the second time, a half-naked old man appeared in front of Patriarch Fu with strong wind gales leaving behind his trails.

"Old Patriarch, please, inspect this," said Patriarch Fu as he bowed and presented the fruit from his palm.

Old Patriarch Ning didn't peek at the fruit instead, with a dark expression on his face, he raised his fist to punch a strike. Because he thought someone was attacking the Clan and Patriarch Fu called for his help.

Earlier he had noticed all the elders and grand elders activating the defensive arrays around the Clan. Hence, without even taking time to pick all his clothes, he rushed from the bathing pool wearing only a tiny cover on his lower body.

However, Old Patriarch Ning discovered no intense battle nor an enemy rather Patriarch Fu standing with a smug smile and drools on his mouth.

Just as his fist reached near on Patriarch Fu's face, a shaking palm with a tiny, green triangular fruit came in Old Patriarch Ning's sight.

Instantly, as if a lightning bolt struck on his body, Old Patriarch Ning trembled and became frozen like a statue halting his fist at the tip of Patriarch Fu's nose.

When Hou watched their bizarre action, he felt like puking and declaring he had no relation to them. He hurried toward the shore and picked his clothes before saying, "girls, if you see anyone acting like these perverted old men, run and hide far away from their reach."

Only then, Old Patriarch Ning woke up, but he ignored the remarks instead he snatched the fruit from Patriarch Fu's hand and hid it in his hands as if too scared that someone would discover and steal it. However, he giggled and peeked from a tiny gap between his hands occasionally.

Patriarch Fu didn't know what he should do, so he gave a soft cough to remove the awkwardness and shifted his sight toward Hou.

Still, with the smug smile hung on his face, Patriarch Fu said, "Hou, you don't mind if we keep a few spirit fruits and plants for our clan. right?"

"Yes, yes, our precious boy, Hou. If you give them to us, everyone will benefit and progress their cultivation Realm further in our Clan and would owe you a huge favour. Furthermore, I'll grant you anything you want from our Clan Vault," said Old Patriarch Ning once he recognised Hou and realised he was the owner of the fruit. He paused for a second and added, "even if you want to become next Patriarch of the clan."

In response, Hou started to walk far away from them and stopped when he found, he couldn't see their faces. Then he replied, "No need for anything nor would I want to become a perverted Patriarch like you geezers. Keep those spirit plants and fruits if you like them, however, leave enough for the rewards."

Both Patriarch Fu and Old Patriarch Ning wore a relieved expression while pretending not to hear any of his insults.

"But, where did you get this Millennium Beech tree fruit?" asked Old Patriarch Ning pointing toward the fruit in his hand. Even Patriarch Fu wanted to pose the question. If they discovered the Millennium Beech Tree location and obtained its fruits, Liu Clan would rise and become the strongest Clan in the entire Ice Empire.

After all, the Millennium Beech tree fruit gave the consumer a lightning resistant body for a week. For anyone who needs to experience the Heavenly lightning tribulation for a breakthrough, this fruit was the most essential and life-saving item. However, the downside was one could only eat once in the lifetime.

Old Patriarch Ning had searched this fruit for years but found only fake ones. Hence, he had remained at the Peak Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm all these years since he didn't want to face the Heavenly lightning tribulation like previous Patriarchs.

With an expectant look, they waited for Hou's reply.

However, Hou glanced toward Ouyang Lanyu who immediately blurted, "we wiped out the infamous Hornet Beast Bandits and looted their dens. There--."

Lily hurried and appeared beside Ouyang Lanyu before covering her mouth shut from speaking any further. She glanced toward Hou and found Hou's gaze as if sending icy daggers with his eyes toward them.

Hou shook his head and said with an innocent smile plastered on his face, "Some kindhearted people gave me all of those spirit plants and fruits after I helped them find their kidnapped sons and daughters." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Not even a slight hint of shame nor lies appeared on his face.

However, both Patriarch Fu and Old Patriarch Ning didn't believe his words as they detected a disbelieved and shocked expression on Long Anqi's face. With disappointed, they glanced at each other and pitied their luck.

Just as Hou prepared to continue with his lies, suddenly, a few grand elders arrived.

Old Patriarch Ning heaved a sigh in relief finding he didn't have to listen his lies and ran toward the grand elders, leaving behind a few words, "Hou, rest well for today, we'll continue with the talk some other day."

Before the grand elders even could ask anything, Old Patriarch Ning spoke adding his suppressive aura in his tone, "lockdown the Clan, no one leaves nor enters. If anyone breaks, kill him or her without hesitation." Then, he disappeared into thin air.

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