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Chapter 63: A Damsel in Distress

A week passed, Shi Lei still didn't return.

Cheng Shuang began to worry about Shi Lei's safety while staying vigilant around Hou.

Even though Hou stopped himself concerning about her, she still didn't feel safe around him.

As for Hou, he would leave an hour every day and come back with a spirit beast.

He would cook and eat the spirit beast alone but didn't ask or offer it to her.

She also didn't dare to ask him and could only watch him eat.

They remained in silence and barely made any eye contact.

When Hou realized Shi Lei was gone for a week and had not returned back, he decided not to wait anymore.

He stood up and headed toward the exit while saying in a causal tone.

"Follow me."

Cheng Shuang slowly followed him with fear and a reluctant expression.

After a day, they reached the edge of same small green mountain.

When Hou looked at the tired and panting Cheng Shuang, he decided to rest and search for anything that would help her recover faster.

If not, he planned to leave her since she was dragging him down.

He quickly took her into the dense bushes and told her to rest.

However, he shot a cold glare at her before leaving her alone.

Cheng Shuang sat down at once on the ground and didn't dare think about escaping from him.

Afterwards, he strolled around the area to find some herbs while pondering how to find them as he had no knowledge about them.

After a few hours, he returned with a few spirit plants and fruits.

All these spirit plants and fruits emitted a dense Heavenly Qi and glittered like shining crystals.

Though he doubted whether any of these will heal her injuries.

Even so he still decided to let her eat them.

He quickly placed them in front Cheng Shuang and stared at her.

After she saw him returning and found a few spirit plants and fruits in front her, it startled and surprised her.

She thought at least he has some soft spots for her in his heart and checked the spirit plants and fruits.

However, she froze before a dread and horrified expression appeared on her face.

She recognized all these spirit plants and fruits as she read about them from some books.

All of these were categized as the deadliest poisonous spirit plants and fruits.

It was usually either used for an alchemy pill or feeding poisonous spirit beasts.

Seeing his expectant eyes, she asked with a stuttering voice.

"Little brother, do you know these spirit plants and fruits? Also do you want me to eat them?"

When he noticed her expression, he realized these weren't any healing spirit plants or fruits.

But, he ignored her words and just glared at her with cold eyes while trying to hide his embarrassment for not knowing them.

Cheng Shuang shuddered and stepped backward a few steps.

After that Hou started to ponder when a sudden idea came into his mind.

He showed his creepy smile and at once left again.

Meanwhile, Cheng Shuang only felt relieved when she found him leaving and not forcing her to eat these spirit plants and fruits.

Somewhere around a waterfall.

Hou hide under a rock while scanning around the area, waiting for spirit beasts to appear at the waterfall.

As he was getting bored after finding no presence of spirit beasts, a figure appeared with hurried footsteps.

Quickly he caught the figure in his sight, it was the lady who entered before them.

The lady had a few bruises and messy clothes.

With an anxious expression, she entered the water.

After a while, 2 figures also appeared at the spot.

Those 2 figures were both male youths around 20s.

They both reached Early Stage Earth Origin Realm.

One had blue hair, and blue eyes and wore a white cloak.

While the other had a brown hair and black eyes and wore a navy green cloak.

Both had a lecherous and arrogant expression on their faces.

They quickly started to scan around the area before looking toward Hou's hiding spot.

When Hou saw them, he had a strange expression as he didn't saw them entering the ruin with them.

But, he thought, since they entered few days ago, some might have entered after them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

So, he only sighed in pain as he might not get all the resource if people keep entering here.

Slowly, Hou came out of the rock and showed a mocking smile at them.

Before they spoke anything, Hou picked up a big stone and threw into the water.

With a big splash, the water shattered around the area.

In a flash, a figure of a lady appeared in front them.

Both of the youths surrounded the lady and laughed out loud showing their drooling mouth.

The lady ignored them and stared at Hou with a shocked expression.

However, her expression quickly changed into delight and relieve.

Hurriedly, she spoke in a sweet voice.

"Young master, please help me with taking care of these scoundrels. And, I'll tell you what's really at the peak of this mountain."

Her words piqued Hou's curiosity as he also wanted to find what that White Yeti was guarding up there.

He slightly nodded his head in approval before shifting his sight at the youths.

Both youths just watched the lady ask Hou for help before letting out a hysterical laughter.

"Ha Ha Ha."

Since they already detected the kid was only at Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm.

The white-cloaked youth glared at Hou and shouted in a loud voice.

"Kid get lost before I get really mad."

While the navy green-cloaked youth peeked at Hou's body and spoke in a playful tone.

"Little boy, if you stay any longer here, I might make you my dessert."

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