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Chapter 56: A Giant Bear

The miserable Zhao Ruge was running as fast as he could for an hour.

Finally, he realized, he ran toward the different from his guard and found no one within his range.

He stopped and scanned around his surrounding.

When he found Hou was not chasing after him, he relaxed and sat on the ground, with a relieved expression.

Even after he rested for an hour, he still didn't find Hou.

He thought Hou wasn't even pursuing him and reunited with his guard, Meng.

Just as he stood up, a giant black bear came in his sight.

It was the Early Stage Earth Origin Grade, spirit beast.

With murderous eyes, the giant black bear glared at him and dashed on him.

In an instant, It appeared in front him and pouch at him with its claw.

Zhao Ruge at once turned both arms into a golden knuckle to block the claw.

The claw head-on crashed on his golden knuckles.

A powerful shock wave swept outwards in all direction.

The impact caused both Zhao Ruge and the bear to take a back step.

Zhao Ruge's both feet buried on the ground in an inch deep while the bear just stumbled a step before it charged at him again.

Meanwhile, a pair of eyes observed the sight from the top of a tree, with a cunning stare.

With a bitter expression, Zhao Ruge evaded the bear before running away.

The giant bear roared out loud in a rage before chasing after him.

Just as Zhao Ruge reached a meter distance away from the bear.

Suddenly, a weapon Qi formed by fire Qi pierced on his right leg.

He fell on the ground but, he at once moved from the spot.

A claw landed on that spot, leaving claw marks on the ground.

Zhao Ruge with a vicious glare scanned around the surrounding before he shouted out loud.

"Little brat, I know you are here."

"Stop hiding and get out."

Instead of a reply, another weapon Qi appeared right in front of his face.

When Zhao Ruge tried to dodge, a claw caught his left leg before the weapon Qi bruised pass his face while chopping his ears.

He roared in pain while tears poured from his eyes.

But, he forced himself as another claw came in his sight aiming at his head.

In an instant, he blocked using his both hands and waited for the impact.

Suddenly, a deadly crisis came from behind his back.

When he tried to turn his head, a heavy kick pushed him toward the bear.

Both Zhao Ruge and the bear crashed and stumbled on the ground.

Just as Zhao Ruge pondered why the deadly crisis came but did no damage.

Many large cracks appeared under his feet.

Before he could react, both he and the bear fell into a deep pit.

Soon, enraged roars unceasingly came one after another.

Afterwards, a huge battle happened between a beast and a man.

Later only panting and the exhausted noises of a man rang out of the pit.

When they fell, Hou appeared next to the pit and stared down the pit.

All this time, Hou never left his trails and stayed a close distance with him.

When he discovered Zhao Ruge taking a rest, he laughed out loud.

After he pondered a scheme for Zhao Ruge.

As he stepped toward Zhao Ruge, he sighted a giant bear few distances away from them.

He stopped his step as a sudden idea came.

At once, he dug the ground to create a huge deep pit and covered them with branches and grasses.

After he rushed toward the giant bear.

When he came within the bear's range, he rushed at the bear and smacked hard on its head while hiding behind its back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

At first, the hit confused the bear and didn't care much.

But, the constant taunting hits came on its head.

Before long, with a rage eyes, it scanned everywhere and moved the other spot.

Just like that, Hou hit the bear while guiding it toward Zhao Ruge.

Finally, he lured the giant bear near Zhao Ruge and hide at the top of the tree.

While the giant bear rushed at Zhao Ruge as if he finally found the culprit.

Hou looked at the pit and laugh out loud like a crazy person.

When Zhao Ruge listened his voice, he realized everything happening was just his plot.

With a helpless expression, he shouted in a pleading tone.

"Little brat, please get me from here."

"If you do, I'll kneel before you and never appear in front you."

Instead of replying, Hou flowed his fire Qi and formed weapon Qi one by one.

Once he reached his max 10 weapon Qi, he launched at the pit with no hesitation.

Soon, begging and crying voices rang out of the pit.

But, Hou ignored it and ran to grab big rocks before throwing them into the pit.

After an hour, silence remained at the pit.

Finally, Hou launched a few weapons Qi into the pit.

Only a bang sound rang.

With a satisfied expression, Hou smiled before staring ahead at the woods.

Afterwards, he left from the spot and headed back to regroup with Lily.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Shi Lie, Cheng Shuang and the red-cloaked mid-aged women viewed the whole thing unfold before their eyes.

The sight shocked and bewildered them.

As they watched everything from beginning to the end; digging the pit, attracting the bear, trapping them into the pit, and killing them without hesitation.

The way how Hou handled everything, it came as a surprise as they need help from someone as ruthless as him.

With a happy expression, both Cheng Shuang and Shi Lie dashed after him.

When Hou noticed them finally approaching him, he showed his weird smile at them.

After he studied each of them while pondering something.

When Cheng Shuang saw him stop, with a bright smile, she at once stood in front him and spoke in a cute tone.

"Hello little brother, we heading toward the trial ground filled with rare resources."

"You'll miss the chance if you are late. Do you want to join us?"

TriggeredTurtle TriggeredTurtle

I still have not finish editing all the chapters.

But, I'll start writing and do the updates :P

Too bad, I don't follow the turtle like my name.

By the way, we have now another proofreader LilyStarsMoonTears.

Thanks for reading and supporting this novel.

P.s If you have time, please read from cha 1 till 27.

And let me know, if there is any mistake on them.

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