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Chapter 97: A Long-Haired Old Woman

Ouyang Patriarch Min could not believe seeing the 5 old men standing behind Hou and opposing him right now.

For a moment, Ouyang Patriarch Min became lost and stood in a daze as he still remembered drinking and chatting with them a year ago when he announced an engagement between Ouyang Lanyu and Xiang Chu.

Since he was a teen boy, he had known and grew up with those old men. During his entire life, he had never mistreated them and always regarded them as his friends.

When he saw them defending his enemy and ready to fight against him, he felt a pain in his heart with their sudden change. He could not comprehend their reason for betraying him.

Hence, Ouyang Patriarch Min spoke in a hoarse voice.


Those 5 old men stayed silent with a slight guilt as they caught his pained expression on his face.

However, once they recalled the reason for their action, all the guilt vanished within their hearts.

The tattered-clothed old man shook his head and mocked as he slowly walked toward Ouyang Patriarch Min.

"Brother Min, you would never understand our situation."

"We did not hail from a thousand years old Sect nor Clan like you. Thus, we had to compromise and lose on each turn while staying vigilant against the stronger, only we understand our hardship and bitter experience to reach our current realm in this cultivation world."

"We do not want our descendants to suffer the same experience as us. So, we decided if we ever stumble an opportunity to change the fate for our descendants, we would complete any tasks, even if we had to fight each other."

Ouyang Patriarch Min stood rooted on the ground as those words entered like a loud thunder within in his mind. He knew those old men suffered and struggled so much during all these years but they never spoke nor complained about it in front of him.

He closed his eyes to contemplate before sighing as he knew a betrayal for the rare resources was common in the cultivation world.

However, he became confused and baffled so he asked to clear his doubt.

"What did you obtain from that brat that you would break our old friendship and fight against my clan?"

The tattered-clothed old man showed a mysterious smile while flashing his decayed teeth.

"A cultivation place that even Sky Sword Sect would desire to covet for themselves."

Instantly, Ouyang Patriarch Min realised which place he was talking about as only one qualified and unclaimed cultivation place remained in the entire Ice Empire, the ancient ruin.

Even he had formulated a plan to covet that place with Black Wind Sect after the wedding between Ouyang Lanyu and Xiang Chu. He also acquired an entire map of the ancient ruin with Xiang Chu's help.

Even though, Ouyang Patriarch Min wanted to ask a question how Hou gave them the ancient ruin to them, he dismissed the notion for asking instead, glanced toward the exit as he spotted many people leaking their aura and surrounding his people.

Ouyang Patriarch Min frowned and shot a cold glare toward the 5 old men.

"My old pals, do you think with these number you could block us?"

The tattered-clothed old man shifted his sight toward Hou and waited for an order.

Hou gave a light punch with his left hand in the air, scaring disciple Che who jumped from his seat.

While Hou's loud voice reverberated within the area.

"Perverted Bai Li, how long do you plan to hide there?"

As his voice echoed for the 2nd time, around 20 figures flashed from the different spot within the sea of people and appeared beside the 5 old men.

With a complex emotion, Bai Li stood within that group and glanced at a long white-haired old woman with her dazzling smile beside him.

When Bai Li learned Ouyang Lanyu's background and the real situation, he immediately returned to his Sect as he knew he could not change Hou's decision.

Once Bai Li reached his Sect, he begged his old Sect Master for help to solve the current situation since she was his only hope.

After all, Ouyang Clan and Black Wind Sect would learn the groom's identity as his disciple and wage a war against his Sect without a question since stealing someone's daughter or wife meant humiliating and provoking them in the entire Ice Empire.

Hence, Bai Li did not flinch nor bother with his dignity and accepted to sleep with his old Sect Master for her help. Furthermore, he thought as fulfilling his old Sect Master only wish before her death since she fell in love with him when he had joined the Sect, 50 years ago.

At that time, Bai Li was a young lad and had only begun his cultivation journey. He had thought his old Sect Master saw his hidden talent and wanted to groom him as she showered him with a lot of rare cultivation resources.

However, things became complicated and went out of control once Bai Li entered Heavenly Origin Realm and regarded as the numbered one genius in his Sect.

His old Sect Master declared to marry him in front of the entire Sect elders and disciples.

Lucky, all the grand elders and elders protested and stopped the old Sect Master.

As for Bai Li, he wanted to leave the sect but remembering with all the rare resources he obtained from her to reach his current realm, he stayed to show his gratitude and loyalty toward the Sect.

Though, Bai Li never met with his old Sect Master ever since that day.

So, when Bai Li asked Old Sect Master for her help, she placed a condition as she learned from her past mistake. She also understood he would complete her any demands because he finally appeared in front of her with a helpless expression.

After a passionate week with his old Sect Master, Bai Li, his old Sect Master, current sect master, and grand elders came to the rocky mountain.

As Bai Li looked behind him and glimpsed at his trembling disciple Che, the rest people with his group inwardly cursed and gloated at him with their poker faces.

They wondered whether Bai Li too always liked their old Sect Master since he didn't marry anyone and using his disciple as an excuse to reunite with her.

Ouyang Patriarch Min's complexion turned serious when he got a quick look at their appearance. He gripped his trembling fist as he spotted the long white-haired old woman.

He asked in a chilly voice.

"Mad old hag, why is the Five Dragon Sect also involving in Ouyang Clan's affairs?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Do you plan to break the Supreme Sects Gathering Summit agreement?"

The long white-haired old woman formed a charming smile on her face and chuckled.

"Hehe, Little Min, do you still hate me for chopping your both arms?"

"As for the reason of our presence, we came here to attend the wedding."

The long white-haired old woman stretched her arms and placed around Bai Li's shoulder before continuing her words.

"Today my man's disciple is holding his wedding here, so we won't let anyone or anything stop from happening."

"Also, this would not count as us breaking the agreements since we are only protecting ourselves."

Meanwhile, everyone shuddered when he or she saw her charming smile like a young maiden, however, as they heard her words, a bead of sweat appeared behind their back while a few men's D**k shank feeling goosebumps imagining a scene between the old woman and Bai Li.

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