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Chapter 108: A Mid-aged Man

Somewhere at the Forbidden Blood Zone.

A massive boat was swaying and drifting toward a random direction on the sea with wind waves.

Inside the boat, a group of shadows were standing in front of a mid-aged man who was sleeping on an old bamboo bed.

A week ago, these shadows had arrived and found the mid-aged man sleeping. So, they didn't disturb the mid-aged man and waited for him to wake up himself.

However, the mid-aged man seemed on a deep slumber and showed no sign of waking up.

Even so, those shadows never showed displeased expressions and waited for the mid-aged man.

A day later, massive tentacles appeared from the deep sea and approached the boat. Suddenly, the mid-aged man opened his eyes releasing his oppressive aura toward those tentacles.

Those tentacles halted their movements and backed away into the deep sea as if nothing happened.

The mid-aged man showed a gentle smile on his face and stood up from the bed. He ignored the shadows and began to exercise his body.

One among the shadows frowned and stepped toward the mid-aged man, but the other shadows grabbed his arm and shook their heads motioning not to interrupt the mid-aged man.

After all, they understood the mid-aged man's personality. Even though he showed a gentle smile and seemed harmless, he hid beneath that smile his dreadful evil nature which shook the entire Ice Empire in fear for all these years. Even the Sky Sword Sect remained vigilant against him and monitored his every action.

With helpless, those shadows waited for the mid-aged man to finish his exercise.

Finally, the mid-aged man stopped and spoke to them.

"Why have you all come this time?"

"Tang Ling, we have almost eliminated the Sky Sword Sect's spies all around the Ice Empire," One shadow replied in a hoarse voice.

"We need your opinion on whether we should enter the Imperial Palace City and removed the rest."

Startled! Tang Ling looked to a direction and laughed out loud hysterically.

Ha ha ha!

His laughter reverberated throughout the surrounding area, rippling all the water from the sea and stopping the wind waves for a second.

"Did the Sky Sword Sect notice anything?" Tang Ling asked after stopping his laughter.

"Yes, the Sky Sword Sect should have noticed something amiss and investigating it right now. However, the kid flawlessly executed his task," That shadow responded to Tang Ling while admiring the kid for his plan.

"Even if they discovered and traced to the kid, they wouldn't do anything to him since the kid has too many supporters in the entire Empire."

Tang Lin nodded his head and became pleased with the kid for achieving a good result in such a short time. He had expected the kid to complete the task within ten years.

He pondered for a while and spoke.

"No need to send helpers and just let the kid complete it himself. Even if he failed, someone would clear those spies for him."

Those shadows appeared confused and peeked at each other with questioning gazes. They thought about the kid's background and suspected his clan for the helper, but that seemed impossible since those spies hid among the strongest Clan in the Imperial Palace City. Thus, they dispelled that guess.

With no clue even after thinking for a while, they shook their heads. So, they glanced toward Tang Lin and waited for his answer.

However, Tang Lin said nothing further instead he grabbed a wine gourd from his sleeves and began drinking it.

"When will the kid come here?" Tang Lin asked after gulping a few mouthfuls of wine.

Those shadows shuddered and glanced at each other with nervous expressions in hesitation.

When Tang Lin discovered their expression, he became puzzled as well as curious about their next replies.

With an anticipated look in his face, Tang Lin focused his ear waiting for the reply.

However, he became shocked and baffled as he heard one shadow speaking in a shuttering voice.

"The kid said you should either appear in person if you want to meet him or pay enough money for his travel expenses."

Tang Lin forced a smile on his face as he controlled his rage since after so many years, someone dared to speak about him in such an arrogant tone. He felt the kid didn't know his identity, so he decided to let it pass for this time.

Yet Tang Lin discovered those shadows still trembling slightly and seemed like they wanted to speak something.

"Is there more?", Tang Lin asked sensing a bad premonition.

One shadow braced himself and spoke in a low voice.

"The kid looted all the rare resources of our Heart Organisation's branches saying those were his rewards for his hard work. So, we had to close those branches for a while before we delivered the resources from the main headquarter to those branches."

"Is that all?", Tang Lin spoke as he heaved a sigh in relief. He had only created the organisation because of boredom. As long as the organisation doesn't perish, he wouldn't interfere nor care about the happening around the organisation.

Those shadows seemed reluctant to reveal anything but knew they had to since it concerned to Tang Lin.

"The kid has stolen all the rare resources from the Misty Garden and even declared as the owner of the Misty Garden after trashing the previous owner. Madam Beth asked whether she should stay there anymore."

Instantly, Tang Lin released his suppressive aura crushing the wooden floor underneath his feet as he listened to the words. Although those rare resources meant nothing valuable to him, the Misty Garden represented something to him, his youth days and sweet memories with his lovers. Furthermore, he had given the word to Madam Beth that he would always protect the Misty Garden.

With bloodshot eyes, he glared those shadows and said in a cold tone.

"Sovereign Ling, why didn't you stop him and explain whose property it was?"

Sovereign Ling trembled hearing his question, but she ignored him and limped toward the deck. She placed her fingers on the handrail and let out a soft chuckle.

"Tang Lin."

"Three years ago, I begged you not to accept Hou in our Organisation, but you didn't listen to me. Now you ask me a question. Do you think I didn't try to stop him and explain everything about you?"

Sovereign Ling glared toward Tang Lin showing no fear in her eyes though her hands kept trembling.

"Do you know what he did after learning about you?"

Perplexed! Tang Lin and the other shadows glanced at her and waited for her words.

Sovereign Ling showed a weird smile toward Tang Lin and added.

"Hou said if he killed you, would he become a saint for killing the numbered one notorious person? At that time, he had only looted the resources, but after learning about you, he took the Misty Garden as his home and said he needs to remove all your aura from there."

Tang Lin stood frozen on the floor feeling that his name has rusted along the passage of the time. Now even a little mutt showed such a gut and wished to kill him.

Angered! Tang Lin took a step and leapt in the air.

However, he quickly descended and sat on his chair like nothing happen as he remembered something.

Meanwhile, the other shadows' jaws dropped as they listened to Sovereign Ling and watched Tang Lin's reaction with their wide eyes and mouth. They didn't understand nor asked for Tang Lin's reaction, though they understood the kid would suffer later.

Yet for some reason, they pitied Tang Lin. After all, the kid dazzled them with his wicked plots and achievements.

Meanwhile, at the Misty Garden.

A teen boy was sitting on a lotus-position under a big tree and meditating. He looked around a 13-14years old but appeared weird with long grown-up clothes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Each second, a loud heartthrob rang from the youth's body throughout the place.

Even from a far distance, people heard the sound, but no one dared to check as there placed a big sign on the ground with big letters; Do not enter or Die.

The boy's body changed into bright red for several hours before it turned back to normal.

The boy opened his eyes and formed a wide grin on his mouth.

"Finally, ready for a breakthrough to Sky Origin Realm."

He stood up and walked toward a small pond to clean himself.

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