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Chapter 78: A Purple Fire Sphere

A month passed.  

Inside the ancient ruins. 

The sky had no sign of endless flames, instead rather, a clear orange sky.  

At the trial ground's location, a massive suppressive aura shrouded around everything in the area.  

The huge bony head looked so eerie making everyone's heart to palpitate in fear.  

Hence, no one dared to take a step within the area.  

Under the bridge, instead of flames, it was only an empty, boundless deep pit.  

Deep within the pit, a flaming figure floated in the air.  

White flames covered the entire figure and enormous red wings attached on its back while a tiny suction was closing gradually.  

After the tiny suction closed, a blue fire came out of its mouth and glowed a few times.  

Before long, different colored fires within the eyes came out and merged with the blue fire.  

Afterwards, all the fires rotated in a tyrannical speed and slowly enlarged in a sphere.  

Once the sphere reached the same height as the figure, the fires stopped rotating and enlarging.  

The blue fire slowly released pure Heavenly Qi within the sphere.  

When the Heavenly Qi filled completely, a speck of dust flew out of the eyes and entered the sphere.  

It shined a little before changing into a flickering purple fire.  

Afterwards, the purple fire madly absorbed the Heavenly Qi into the sphere.  

As time passed, little by little, it grew bigger and brighter.  

While every time the Heavenly Qi emptied, the blue fire would release purer Heavenly Qi and refill the sphere.  

The process kept on going for a whole month.  

Later, the purple fire grew as big as the sphere.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Afterwards, all the colored fires return inside the eyes and hid within it.  

Suddenly, the purple fire flickered in a mysterious radiance before a heartbeat rang within the sphere.  

The figure let out an ear-splitting shriek in excitement.  

However, the shriek was so loud.  

It resonated with a domineering aura in the entire Lowest Realm Plane scaring and alarming all the powerful people and the spirit beast.  

Afterwards, the figure grabbed the sphere in both hands before launching itself above at the extreme speed.  

In a flash, the figure appeared in front the huge bony head before piercing a small hole and entering inside it.  

Meanwhile, somewhere at the inner part of the Forbidden Blood Zone.  

A gigantic shadow opened its eyes and gazed toward a direction in confusion.  

It slowly murmured in a hoarse voice.  

"So, there is still an ancient monster living in this Realm Plane."  

The gigantic shadow shrank its body and appeared like a teen boy.  

Afterwards, the boy walked in the direction.  

In the meantime, at the peak of the mountain in the Forbidden Sky Land Zone.  

An old man peered toward a direction, with a grave expression on his face.  

Behind him, 2 mid-aged men stood in silence while trying to calm their hearts.  

After a while, the old man shifted his sight toward them and glanced at their expression.  

He knew the loud shriek shook their courage and left a huge shadow in their heart.  

However, he couldn't help them at all.  

Since even he, as the High Stage Supreme Mortal Realm, experienced fear with just sensing a faint aura within the shriek.  

Even though he didn't know what it was, now it has awoken, he needed to create a new plan since it might affect their current situation.  

Hence, he instructed those mid-aged men with a grim expression.  

"Order Sword Yang to standby and ceased all the plans for now. Also send Princess Cui Ci back to Imperial Palace along with Elder Ba."  

"Meanwhile, form a group and search for the origin of that shriek. However, do not confront if you ever spot it."  

Somewhere in the Forbidden Sea Zone.  

A group of shadows stood behind a mid-aged man and waited for him to speak with a solemn expression.  

While the mid-aged man gazed at a direction, with a mysterious smile.  

He tilted his head toward the shadows and spoke in a teasing voice.  

"If you find whatever it was that let the earlier shriek out, you could easily wipe out the Sky Sword Sect with it´s help."  

"Do you still want my help?"  

A skinny shadow replied in a sinister voice.  

"Tang Lin, stop your useless jokes."  

"We have already completed your condition. Now you need to fulfil your commitments."  

"As for that thing, we have no time nor wish to invite trouble for us."  

Afterwards, all the shadows disappeared into thin air.  

Once they left, the mid-age man let out a hysterical laughter before sneering at them.  

"Even if you don't wish for it, eventually you must face it since that shriek came from the Dragon Lair Zone."  

Meanwhile, at the Green Forest Northern Zone.  

Wong Shi and an old man with a blue cloak gazed toward the same direction.  

They both remained silent for a second before speaking at the same time in an apprehensive tone.  

"Do you think it will affect us?"  

"Should we prepare and isolate ourselves?"  

They glanced into each other's eyes and detected fear and helpless.  

However, they knew both questions were only their wishful thinking.  

If something happened in the Dragon Lair Zone, most of the students from the academy would immediately leave for their home.  

Even if the situation became dire and hopeless.  

They both sighed in helplessness.  

In the meantime, inside the sacred ground at the Imperial Palace.  

Four hazy figures sat and peer toward the ancient ruins' direction.  

One hazy figure frowned and spoke in a heavy voice.  

"Should we go check it?"  

The other two hazy figures instantly stood and walked a step.  

However, the last hazy figure shook its head and said in a loud and clear voice.  

"Stop, don't leave your post."  

"The formation did not signal us to take any action."  

"If the formation didn't detect its presence, either that thing had always been here or descended from the Higher Realm Plane."  

"If it had always been hiding and living here, then we have no rights to interfere and break the balance."  

"And if it had descended from the Higher Realm Plane, then that thing is extremely powerful and dangerous since it avoided the detection from the formation."  

"We should not provoke nor agitated it as long as it doesn't come after the legacy."  

Those hazy figures listened and realized, it was the correct judgement and decision. So, they sat back in their seats.  

Meanwhile, at Red Mist City inside the secret garden of the Jia Clan. 

A shadow glanced toward the ancient ruin's direction and pondered over something. 

After recalling and mixing some pieces, the shadow showed a bizarre smile and closed its eyes.  



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