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Chapter 93: A Suitable Husband II

Ouyang Lanyu's voice echoed around the area and startled everyone.

For a moment, only silence remained at the rocky mountain's peak.

Hou stared at the fuming Ouyang Lanyu in amazement while rubbing his cheeks.

Meanwhile, the old man, the masked lady and the youth halted their steps in shock and bewildered.

As for the rest, they glanced toward her in curiosity and confusion.

In an instant, Hou grabbed Ouyang Lanyu and appeared in front of the old man.

Hou showed his mocking smile and prepared to speak. However, the old man dashed and grabbed on his both knees before begging him.

"Young master Hou, please don't make such an absurd decision."

"I am already an inch at my end. If I marry at this age, it would ruin my whole reputation and honour. Furthermore, the humiliations and insults of the entire Empire would kill me."

"So, please choose someone else instead of this old cow?"

With a speechless expression, Hou glanced at both the old man and Ouyang Lanyu.

In a swift motion, Hou escaped from the old man and gave a round kick to both the old man and Ouyang Lanyu, sending them up in the air.

Both Ouyang Lanyu and the old man flipped in the mid-air and landed on the ground.

Hou pointed his finger at the youth before mocking them in a loud voice.

"You both blind idiots, I cannot cure your stupidity nor delusions."

"Here I was talking about him."

"But you both babbled non-sense and interrupted me from speaking."

"Did you guys fell in love with each other at the 1st sight?"

Hou touched on the youth's smooth handsome face and continued.

"Hey, big sis, how did you not spot his handsome face instead saw that ugly old geezer?"

"Are you a person who prefers old men?"

When Ouyang Lanyu and the old man heard his words, they finally calmed down and realised their mistake.

Both their faces became as red as an apple and didn't dare to peek at each other.

Ouyang Lanyu shook her head denying and responded to him while backing away from the old man.

"Impossible, I am not that kind of person."

Meanwhile, the old man was in his own world with a satisfied smug face thinking whether his charisma still working.

However, he came back to reality when a kick landed on his smug face.

Without even looking, the old man identified who kicked at him because loud curses rang beside his ears.

"Old lecherous geezer, did you leave your modesty at your home and came here?"

"How could you lust after your own disciple's wife?"

"Stop showing your ugly lewd face in front of me or I might puke watching you."

Hou gave a final kick at the old man and returned to his seat.

As for the white-haired old man, the matured woman, Cheng Shuang, and the workers, they became frightened and horrified watching the sight.

Because, they recognized the old man, Bai Li, one of the strongest elder of the Five Dragon Sect, well reputed as a fearless man within the entire Ice Empire.

However, seeing him cowering and becoming a docile person in front of Hou, without a need to guess, they concluded Hou hailed from a big Clan or Sect.

They got scared out of their lives and wanted to leave the place as soon as possible when they recalled how they eyed and wanted to covet those rare resources.

As for the youth with the old man, he slowly walked toward Hou with a hesitant expression.

Once he reached a mere distance away from Hou, he forced a smile and spoke in a polite tone.

"Young master, I too cannot marry the lady. Could you please choose someone better than me?"

Instantly, Hou appeared in front and circled around him examining his body from head to toe.

He asked the youth in a sceptical tone.

"Are you gay?"

"Do you want me to find you a husband?"

The youth froze and his complexion became rigid as he stared at Hou in disbelief.

He sprinted and hid behind Bai Li, just like a scared rabbit,

Once the youth felt safe and relieved, he replied to Hou.

"No, I am not a gay nor do I want to marry anyone."

Hearing the reply, Hou became annoyed and cast a cold glare with his eyes toward the youth.

Though he didn't see the youth, he spotted a bit movement behind Bai Li.

A slight creepy smile formed on Hou's face before he shouted in a loud voice.

"What the heck, I planned and travelled so far just to grab a beautiful wife for you. Yet you don't appreciate my goodwill instead you dared to reject her."

"If you don't agree to marry her, I would gather a few teens boys to wed you with them."

"So, which one would you prefer?"

Once his shout died, 3 voices resounded in unison.

"Young master, please don't force me to marry her."

"Little brother Hou, please spare me, I would anything for you if you don't force me to marry someone."

"Young master, this old man agrees with your proposal on behalf of my disciple, Chen."

Hou gave a meaningful nod to Bai Li while ignoring the ugly expressions of disciple Chen and Ouyang Lanyu.

Afterwards, Hou glanced toward the white-haired old man, the matured woman and Cheng Shuang.

When he discovered them trembling with horrified expressions on their faces, he shook his head before sitting back to his seat.

He glimpsed at Ying Yue and asked her in a casual tone.

"How many days would take you to hire workers to build a wedding hall here within a month?"

Ying Yue blinked her bewitching eyes toward Hou and responded in confusion.

"With a high pay, I could gather all of them here within a week and begin the construction. As the duration, it would complete within 3 weeks." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou grabbed a cup and added, "ok, use all of those rare resources as the payment."

" Also, gather all the experts around 100 Sky Origin Realm, 50 Heavenly Origin Realm, 10 Sovereign Mortal Realm from the entire Ice Empire."

"If those rare resources are insufficient, meet with fatty Hai in the ancient ruin and let him pay all the expenses."

Though his words startled and baffled everyone, they didn't dare to ask nor Hou explained to them.

Only, Lily knew, but she remained quiet.

Meanwhile, the disciple Chen sighed and murmured in dejection.

"Master, you said beauty is also another reason for the downfall of a cultivator."

"Once I marry her, would I encounter a disaster in the future?"

Bai Li froze listening to his disciple's words and inwardly cursed for speaking such words.

Only he understood the disaster his disciple dodged.

Though marriage between same sex was common in the cultivation world, Bai Li knew his disciple never leaned toward it.

If he had not agreed with Hou's proposal on his behalf, he and his disciple would never raise their head in their Sect.

After all, he had trashed his Sect Master's son for declaring his love towards his disciple and announced either his disciple would marry a girl or stay single the whole life, just like him.

Hence, He swore never to preach his disciple after his marriage.

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