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Chapter 105: Aftermath II

At the 20th floor in the 20 stories high building, inside a room.

Hou was lying on a huge bed stretching his limbs and staring toward a hole in the roof as Lily was massaging on his body after she had placed a long sword and a book on a wooden shelf.

Slowly, his eyes began to close and fell sleep feeling ease and relax on his body.

Beside the window, Ying Yue and Long Anqi were sitting on a roundtable drinking wine to forget the bloody sight of the earlier battle.

A distance away from the bed, Fatty Hai and the masked lady were standing in silence waiting for Hou.

With a dejected expression, Ouyang Lanyu was hiding on a corner and wondering whether her misfortunate fate would ever change and find happiness in her lifetime.

A few hours later, Hou opened his eyes sniffing an aroma. He took a long whiff of that aroma and became hungry as his stomach created some noises.

With a flustered face, he scanned the room and discovered Long Anqi munching a bite of the delicious dishes filled on the table. He sprinted and appeared beside Long Anqi pushing her a bit from her spot toward the corner.

Not even considering his surrounding, he moved his hands picking the untouched dishes and eating them in a hurry as if afraid that Long Anqi would finish those dishes. The way how he ate looked too dirty that Ying Yue left her spot before the leftovers would fall from his mouth on her body.

Long Anqi pouted her mouth seeing him stealing and eating her food, however, she didn't quarrel instead she hurried to eat and competed with him.

Before long, they emptied all the dishes on the table and rested against each other's back rubbing their tummies with a contented expression.

Finally, Hou noticed people inside the room so he stood up with some difficulties and dragged his body toward the bed. He grabbed a small, soft pillow and placed it on Lily's lap as he lied his head.

He glanced toward Fatty Hai and the masked lady though he didn't understand their reason for being here. Therefore, he probed their thoughts.

"What do you guys plan to do after today?"

"Young Master Hou, I planned to follow your instruction and remained here to take care of this small town." Fatty Hai immediately responded as he had answers ready in his head.

While the masked lady hesitated and spoke in a nervous voice.

"I wish to return my clan and entered a closed-cultivation for a few years."

Hou scanned her expression and disapproved her decision, "No way, you need to stay and rear the spirit beasts in the stable. If you wish, I could build a new home here for your Clan."

The masked lady nodded in a helpless and seemed ready to cry since her plan failed to escape from his grasp.

Even though Hou caught her misty eyes, he didn't bother nor pity her. After all, where could he find a person with a great patience and perseverance as her who spent her entire 2 years waiting for him at the trial ground's entrance?

He shifted his sight toward Fatty Hai and ordered.

"Visit the Aurora City and meet Fatty Bo from the Blood Fang Auction House. Buy all the cubs of the rare spirit beasts and pass them to her. Also, pass her 1/4 of earning income money from this town on each year."

Hou pointed them toward the exit hinting them to leave the room without letting them an opportunity to speak.

Fatty Hai and the masked lady bowed at him and left the place, inwardly cursing him and his ancestors.

Hou peeked toward the corner and smirked at Ouyang Lanyu who was looking at him in somewhat fear as he moved near the wooden shelves.

He took out the book and almost flipped the pages, suddenly, a hand appeared from the shelves and stopped him.

Startled, he dropped the book and flashed back steps while watching a figure materialized in front of the shelves.

The figure turned into a hooded-cloaked person and removed her hood revealing her face.

"Aunt Ling," both Ying Yue and Hou shouted in unison recognizing her and relaxed their bodies knowing no danger.

Aunt Ling gave a slight nod and picked the book before infusing her Qi into the book.

A black smoke floated out of the book as her Qi broke all the weird traps placed hidden in it.

Aunt Ling flipped the pages and found no more traps. So, she threw it toward Hou.

Hou caught the book and gave a thankful look toward Aunt Ling as he understood her reason for stopping him earlier. He slowly approached toward Ouyang Lanyu and stood in front of her.

He placed the book right above her head and spoke with a cunning smile plastered on his face.

"This book is one of the best blacksmith skill manuals found in the Ice Empire. A legacy left behind from the Emperor Ancient Ruin."

"Do you want to learn it?"

Startled and puzzled! Ouyang Lanyu glanced at his face and asked in confusion.

"Why do you want me to learn it?"

Hou grabbed her hand and pulled toward the bed before throwing her to the bed. Then, he removed his upper clothes appearing half-naked and spoke in a cold voice.

"You have already heard you have a rare special Spirit Physique Body earlier. Do you know the details?"

Ouyang Lanyu shook her head and moved back toward the edge of the bed, in frightened seeing his bizarre action.

Just as she prepared to ask him, Hou continued.

"The Ancient books said someone with the Spirit Physique Body would possess the natural talent for Blacksmith and reach the highest Blacksmith Rank without obstacle, forging any weapon with a spirit considered as the Unparalleled Grade weapon."

He pointed toward the long sword at the wooden shelves.

"As for Blacksmith Hong Shun's reason, he wanted to smelt you and form a spirit with your body for that sword. However, he would have failed and instead create a fake spirit weapon because a weapon needs to awaken the spirit itself."

As if ready to undress, Hou grabbed his pants and chuckled.

"Now you have 2 choices, either become my blacksmith or let me gain your Spirit Physique Body. With my innate hidden skill, I only need to consummate with you, though you would lose your cultivation and die."

"So, consider and decide!"

Hou waited for the answer with patience while looking at her shocked expression and her action of covering her body with her hands.

After a long hour, Ouyang Lanyu seemed to have decided. She stood and came in front him before kneeling on the ground.

With a forced smile and a weak voice, she said.

"Hereafter, I, Ouyang Lanyu swear an eternity oath to become and remain as Young Master Hou's personal Blacksmith."

A happy smile appeared on Hou's face. He planted a kiss on her cheek and jumped in joy knowing he won't have to bother with an armour nor a weapon in the future.

However, he gave her a warning.

"Lanyu, never lose your chastity. If you do, you would die."

Meanwhile, Aunt Ling and Lily stood speechless rooted on the spot. They both cursed at him for his shameless lies in their hearts.

If someone asked where Hou obtained that ancient book, then Aunt Ling would raise her hand. But, if someone asked to compare his words with that ancient book, Aunt Ling would raise her hand again, however, for a complaint.

The part about losing chastity and dying afterwards was a total fake instead it was after giving a birth to a child, she would only lose her cultivation and become a mortal person.

As for Lily, she mocked him a lot within her minds during the whole time; When did you unlock such hidden innate skill? How come you are still a virgin? Why would you avoid Ying Yue's seduction?

Meanwhile, Long Anqi and Ying Yue were shocked at hearing his revelation of his innate skill. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ying Yue wondered what might have happened to her if she had forced him last week while Long Anqi needed to know whether Hou planned to use that skill on their journey. If so, she would beg him not to use such an evil skill on anyone. Hence, they both gave a quick shot of Lily and Aunt Ling. When they discovered their expression, they heaved a sigh in relief knowing Hou was only bluffing.

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